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Jumping the Weekend True Blood Style

The Disconnect Panel Discussion is up on Itunes as a free download. Thanks Jody.
Richard Roeper gave Disconnect a great review at Roger Ebert's site, in entirety at the link. 
Even when the dramatic stakes are raised to the point of pounding music accompanying super-slow motion, potentially tragic violence
, "Disconnect" struck a chord with me in a way few films have in recent years.
I believed the lives of these people. I believed they'd do the drastic things they do in the face of crisis. I ached for them when things went terribly wrong and rooted for them when there were glimmers of hope.
You should see this movie. Please.
We get three distinct story lines, with some overlap between two of the main threads.
Cindy (Paula Patton) and Derek (Alexander Skarsgard) are as handsome a couple as you'll ever see, but they're in mourning over the loss of their baby, and their already troubled marriage is further tested when their identities are stolen on the Internet — most likely because Cindy spends most of her day online, in particular chatting with a man who claims to be a widower and seems interested in meeting her in person. More

Collider has another interview with Alexander, here's a bit-
How did you get into the headspace for this character?

SKARSGARD: For Derek, I saw the internet theft almost as a blessing in disguise. Up until that point, he has no control. He’s conflicted. He was a warrior and a hero, and now he’s a paper-pushing grunt. There’s so much guilt there and so much pride. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it. He can’t do that. So, the moment of taking control is when this horrible thing happens. Not that they have a lot, but they get the money they have, stolen from them. That’s when he comes back. That’s the moment where he takes control again. He’s suddenly a marine again, on a mission. There’s a spark there. Something happens that Cindy can see, in his eyes. For the first time, in a long time, he’s actually alive.
Does it help, when you’re doing material that’s this dark and intense, that you like your scene partner?
SKARSGARD: That was very important. Even in the first meeting I had with Henry, we talked a lot about it, and Paula wasn’t even cast yet. It was important to feel the love between Derek and Cindy. Even though they’re so disconnected from each other and they’re so miserable together, you have to root for them. You have to feel that there is, deep down, so much love between them, so that when they go on this road trip, you want the audience to be like, “Yeah, they’re finally looking at each other. They’re finally touching each other. This could work out.” Otherwise, what’s the point. You want to feel that there was something lost, not that it’s never been there. 
Which scene were you most worried about shooting and pulling off? 
SKARSGARD: My character is dealing with PTSD, and there’s a scene that was very pivotal, with [Paula and I] in the car, outside of Schumacher’s (Michael Nyqvist) house. They’re clearly not connecting, up until this point, but when they’re on this road trip, something happens. Derek, for the first time in almost a decade, he’s doing recon. He’s on a mission. He’s finally doing something. He’s not a paper-pushing grunt anymore. And something beautiful happens in that scene when Cindy sees that. Derek talks about an incident back in Iraq and Cindy just looks at him because he’s talking about it. What I loved about the scene was that it really had no point. It’s not a good story. There was no punchline. It was just this moment in time, when he was out there with his boys, doing absolutely nothing, and for some reason, he felt that, in this moment, with Cindy. There’s a moment where they, for the first time, really see each other. It could come across as an insignificant scene, but to me, it was one of the most important ones. MORE

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Ryan is at Coachella this weekend.
                                             Ryan Kwanten out at the Lakers game. More photos at Socialite's Life
Someone found Pam's crimping tools!  Janina Gavankar and Jim Parrack attend the premiere of HBO's "VEEP" Season 2 at Paramount Studios, Source: David Livingston/Getty Images 
Granpa Stackhouse was there too, Gary Cole at the Veep Premiere.
Lauren Bowles attended her sister's (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) premiere as well. Source
Our musculoso Fae Warrior, Lars Slind, has posted pics from the set, thanks to Eric and Sookie Lovers for the pics.
There's Audrey Fisher at the helm in Fairyland
Actor Joe Manganiello attends the 3rd Annual Coach Evening to benefit Children's Defense Fund at Bad Robot. Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images. More at Zimbio
 ‏@Ryan_Kwanten #ThrowbackThursday to my encounter with @DwyaneWade.

From this I'd say she isn't on True Blood, so either Luna dies or leaves town with her daughter.

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