Thursday, March 17, 2011

Season 4 is dubbed The Season of the Witch

It will loosely follow book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, Dead to the World. Shhhh, I know you already know that or why would you be here, but I'm playing catch up after all. Much was spilled at the Paley Panel from a couple of weeks ago, I'll try to condense it all. Sookie is still pissed at Bill, who we last saw flying towards That bratty Queen of Louisiana, in what Stephen Moyer has said is a bite off. I think Queenie got the loosing end of that. He released Jessica but Deborah said she doesnt think it takes and she is still in his corner. Speaking of Jessica, remember that doll on the floor in the finale? Well Alan Ball said what we suspected, it's ominous and it has a passenger, (hee, sounds like Dexter's "dark passenger", but that's another show). So we'll see how that effects their living together in the new place, can't be too good right?
We see from the teaser clip that Eric is wandering down the road and as in the book, he's got amnesia. Notice production laid off the pale make-up to make Eric more human looking, which will make him more believable as a naive sweetie (we'll see how believable that will be with the hotness of Askars). Sookie comes upon him (not that way!) and gets him safe. Alexander fills in some of this in the interview below, he messed with the wrong people, remember the theme this season, witches.

Ball said in several interviews (seems like the cast and he did hundreds) that Sookie will not be with Bill. Joe Manganiello (Alcide) said that Debbie Pelt is still on the prowl so that makes me think that at most he and Sooks are going to be doing more googoo eyes, that Debbie is dangerous!
Arlene will have the baby blues, as in Rosemary's baby. Poor Terry, how much will he be able to help since he's only been around his armadillo. Maybe he can practice diapering with his pet, Rene's baby survived Holly's exorwhatever so the kid might have a hard shell. Chris Bauer said that Andy has a hankering for some V, can you imagine Andy Bellefleur on V? Portia, his lawyer sister in the books, who we havent seen or heard of till now, will show up next season. I wonder if she'll snuggle up to Bill? Ryan Kwanten said that Jason will  be a full fledged popo, another plot that will surely be fun. You can see in the second Waiting Sucks video that Sam wasn't lonely too long, and is hooking up with a pretty shifter. I wonder what disaster that will bring, if it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. Poor Sammy. We'll find out where the bullet he shot at Tommy landed, most likely in his butt. You cant keep Scrappy Doo down, he's fiesty. Rutina was the most tight lipped, saying we'll be surprised where Tara has been and that she finds some happiness. Sorry but Tara is another one doomed as far as love goes, though Franklin was crazy in love with her, crazy being the operative word.

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