Friday, March 18, 2011

Some More Bitsies From Paleyfest

There was so much information released during and right after the Paleyfest that I doubt I'd ever be able to get it all here, I'm going to try anyway. The video interviews are still popping up online.
Alan Ball also said that there will be witches, vamps, shapeshifters, a NEW werewolf, some new humans and a child during season 4. He made a decision to NOT kill King Russell (my favorite character of last season) and I'm so happy for that. I would want to see him return sooner than later but I can see it being a great part of the season finale, Denis O'Hare knows how to not only make an entrance (on a white horse) but also a great exit (back to you Tiffany). There will be lots of fallout with his appearance on the news and the AVL will be cleaning up his mess (not talking about Talbot's bloody remains) and trying to calm silly humans. I know the Fellowship of the Sun will be in their glory, Russell gave them much to work with in their condemnation of vamps, hope we see more of Steve Newlin. They talked about Sookie learning more about her Fae powers when she returns from Fairyland, Anna also said she gets to use her microwave fingers in the first half of the season and be more independent. There were some hints about Bill having a new position, I'm wondering if he becomes a king, a sheriff or on that mysterious cloaked in shadow panel of bigwigs of the AVL. I can't see him working well with Nan though so maybe that's a stretch.

Some more videos from the event, TV Junkie has some good ones at their youtube page,

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