Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I just mentioned Spellbound in the post from the 29th below and now I see S4 E8 is titled Spellbound, oh boyee!
From Bookies Love True Blood's Facebook page-

Casting call for 4.8 "Spellbound", written by Alan Ball
[VIRGIL] 35 years old, a harshly handsome blue collar Caucasian man with a cold and ruthless streak, Virgil is seen in a flashback to the 1930s...GUEST STAR  
[REPORTER] Female, a local TV news reporter, she is delighted when Bill shows up to interrupt her conversation with Maxine. Charmed by Bill, she's more than willing to give Bill a public forum...1 speech & 5 lines, 3 scenes' 
[RITA] In her 40s, an attractive maternal woman...1 line, 1 scene.
I'm wondering who the scene from the 30's will be centered on and if it will take place in the U.S.?

Wetpaint has a good interview with Kristin Bauer, only part 1 is up. She talks about how Pam wouldn't mind sharing Sookie with Eric, lol, and she definitely comes into contact with witches. I guess if you havent read the books the witch part might be spoilery. You can read all of Part 1 at

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