Friday, March 25, 2011


Just got in, so let's see what's up with the True Blood news-
O'Hare says Edgington will return
Kylie Williams,

Denis O'Hare says there's a very good chance his True Blood character Russell Edgington will eventually escape after being buried alive in cement.
After all he is a 2800-year-old vampire king.
Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, was buried in cement in the final episode of the third series and the burning question for fans is will he return?
"I think there's a very, very good possibility that he's going to to get out. I just can't tell you when," laughs O'Hare, who will be in Australia in April for the pop-culture expo Supanova in Melbourne and Brisbane.
"He's been around for a very long time so he's not very good at gauging how long things are lasting. He may be enjoying himself down there, gathering his thoughts and making his plans. He will definitely bust out of there."
O'Hare hopes he will be back, too, because he had so much fun on the show.
"I really did have a riot. I was a fan of the show before I started so I was nervous about being part of it because I didn't know how I would do and I didn't want to mess it up," he says.
"But once I got there everyone was so easy to work with and so welcoming and I actually ended up becoming fairly good friends with several of the cast members."
The close bond formed by the True Blood cast isn't that common in Hollywood either, O'Hare says.
"True Blood is a special group of people. It really is a really intense group and not everyone lives in California, which makes a difference."

You can always check for episode titles, cast names for season 4. Hopefully, soon we'll have some info on the episodes that are titled this far.

Also Bookies Love True Blood on Facebook has updated casting calls, join in on the discussions. We like to speculate who is who and if there are connections to book characters.

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