Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Week of Blood Loss

Ike Applebaum?
Michael McMillian  wrote True Blood Ongoing #5, which hits stands 9/19! Epilogue to "Where Were You?" Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, is back as an ongoing series! With creative collaboration from TRUE BLOOD creator/writer/producer Ball, this series features writers Annie Nocenti (Daredevil, Green Arrow) and Michael McMillian. Now that the “Where Were You?” arc has concluded, we take a look at the sorrid past of the villain who plagued Bon Temps during that time, along with guest artist Federica Manfredi (Star Trek).
You can buy the comics at the HBO store links on the right hand side of this page.
Pics From FXUK
The amazing original vampire classic Nosferatu is getting a new print courtesy of Changethethought artist and founder Christopher Cox. It’s pretty great, so we figured we’d give you a heads up. You can follow @ChangeThought for the sale announcement and head to their site to pick it up. It goes on sale at a random time tomorrow. From Bloody Disgusting
Denis OHare at the Hare and Tortoise Run/Walk. Donate at the link.
EWWWW! From TVGuideFifty Shades of Lame: TV's Unsexiest Sex Scenes
True Blood Bill's blind devotion to the literally dripping-in-blood vampire god/fallacy Lilith comes to its apex when he drinks her blood and has graphic, hallucinatory sex with Salome, during which his partner shape-shifts into both sweet, innocent Sookie and the blood-soaked curves of Lilith. All we could think about was that dry-cleaning bill.
The Story of Luke-Luke, 25, is autistic and has lived a sheltered life with his grandparents. But his world is turned upside down when his grandmother dies and he is forced to live with his dysfunctional relatives who have no patience for him or his senile grandfather, who they quickly force into a nursing home. Luke is left with his grandfather’s final semi-coherent words: “Get a job. Find a girl. Live your own life. Be a man!” For the first time in his life, Luke has a mission. He is about to embark on a quest. Kristin Bauer's film will be shown at the San Diego Film Festival Sept. 29th.

No surprise but Carrie is confirmed to be back on "The Good Wife", saw her on Person of Interest last night. From TVLineThis is indeed very Good news: True Blood‘s Carrie Preston is headed back to The Good Wife. The actress will reprise her (shoulda-been-Emmy-nominated) role as hilariously kooky attorney Elsbeth Tascioni for multiple episodes later this fall, TVLine has confirmed. It’s unclear if Elsbeth will once again be brought in to lend a helping hand to Lockhart Gardner. During her first stint in Season 3, she helped Alicia fend off the Department of the Treasury. She returned later in the season to represent Will against bribery charges.
From the Food Network Rutina news!- FRIGHTS AND BRAGGING RIGHTS AT ‘STAKE’ IN SECOND SEASON OF HALLOWEEN WARS Season Premiere Sunday, October 7th at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network
Halloween Wars returns to Food Network for a spine-tingling second season on Sunday, October 7th at 9pm ET/PT. Five teams, consisting of a pumpkin carving artist, a cake decorator and a candy craftsman, battle it out over the course of this four episode competition series to create the ultimate Halloween themed display that features the most amazing and heart-pounding creations that are sure to scare the pants off of viewers. One team is eliminated each week by the judging panel, made up of renowned cake decorator Shinmin Li and award winning special effects, make-up artist and horror actor/director Tom Savini, with the last team standing winning $50,000. Hosted by Justin Willman (Cupcake Wars), each episode also features a rotating guest judge, including Shawnee Smith (Saw, Anger Management), Rutina Wesley (True Blood), Chaske Spencer (Twilight saga) and Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries).
                                                          Denis in Morocco-
From -After five seasons, True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse has found the love of her twisted life, and it's not Bill or Eric or even Alcide. No, it's that G-rated vampire from Sesame Street, the Count. Finally, someone who is willing to count all the plot lines happening in this show.
This unholy pop culture tryst comes from Hillary White, who won us over with her paintings of pop characters in fine art settings. "True Muppet" is part of the show "More Than You Imagined: Art Inspired by Premium Cable," currently at Williamsburg, Brooklyn's Bottleneck Gallery and can be yours for $300.

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