Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back From the Undead

This is how I looked and felt all week, minus the Fae bliss.
Back among the living and non-living, Sandy was the biggest bitch to bitch in bitchville. Hope you all made it through and are in one piece, I don't think any of us expected this storm to be so tragically epic. It was like a N'oreaster wrapped in a hurricane with a tsunami twist and it was a knockout to us city folk like no other. I only found out the absurdity of a postponed halloween when I went to a store with power and asked if the candy was half off. I was thrown when the guy said. "no because Halloween is Monday"! As if you can change the day of the New year, Xmas or Valentine's day, the world is bizarro right now peoples of earth.
Lack of electricity had one positive, I was re-reading the SVM books to pass the dark night away by candlelight. I'd forgotten so much of their plots because of watching the show. I suggest to any of you fans to grab them off your shelves and do the same, there are some goodies that the show just ignored that would have been better than any Authority crap and a happy wedding for king Russell as a bonus. I'm only up to book 8, after I catch up on everything I missed this week (like TWD, Dexter, AHS, Supernatural etc.) I'll get back to reading, because it's fundaMENTAL and all that.

I watch these movies and always laugh but now I have no doubt this is high comedy, see our Dieter? Michael Sheen is great in everything (Underworld's sexy Julien), he doesnt even have to wink in this one.
We had the pic on the right up last week but Celebuzz has it enlarged and a new one too, Holy Children of the Cornrow Batman!
DailyChilli has a nice long interview with Mr. Skarsgard, all at the link-
DC: What are you working on?
AS: We wrapped True Blood season five end of June early July, then I went to Vancouver for two months. I shot a film called Hidden. It's a post-apocalyptic film about a family in a bomb shelter. We wrapped just a couple of days ago.
DC: How was the experience filming Hidden?
AS: Pretty intense because the movie is based on a bomb shelter. It was pretty claustrophobic and I was low on energy. I was on this diet because I had to lose weight—my character was kind of skinny. For a couple of months I ate small salads and a bit of protein to lose weight. It was difficult. It was tough. I was tired and exhausted and it was very intense, but a great experience and I really enjoyed working on it. It's not a fun character to play, but I'm very happy I did it.

DC: Tell us about the character.
AS: It's about a family—a husband, a wife, their 10-year-old daughter—they're hiding in a bomb shelter, or actually a fallout shelter, that they found and have been down there almost a year. I don't want to reveal too much, but there's something—or someone—looking for them. So they're trying to hide and trying to survive.
DC: What other movies are next?
AS: I shot three films last year that are on the festival circuit now, or at least two of them are—Henry James' novel, What Maisie Knew, with Julianne Moore. We were in Toronto for the film festival and I shot another one called Disconnect. One calledThe East, about a group of eco-anarchist; they're editing it. All three will be out next year.
A behind the scenes pic from the Encounter commercial short film.
Win a lunch with Kristin Bauer and Mariana Klaveno at CharityBuzz-
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Favorite Female TV or Movie Vampire: Deborah Ann Woll – True Blood Source
From THR-TORONTO – True Blood’s Sam Trammell has joined the Canadian theatrical thriller Deadweight from director Leah Walker. Trammell plays a young partner in a prestigious law firm, with Laura Harris(Defying Gravity), Josh Close and Lina Roessler rounding out the ensemble cast. Deadweight, produced by Neophyte Productions, in association with Buck Productions, is shooting in Sudbury, Ontario. has a new interview with Scrappy Doo, Marshall Allman and Ginger,Tara Buck, read the interview at the link.
An ancient and powerful nomadic wolf pack comes to Bon Temps to conduct its annual "Great Hunt," a ritualistic culling of an entire town over the course of a weekend. Can Sookie and Alcide convince the werewolves and vampires to work together and save the town? #6
With Bon Temps facing eradication by an ancient and powerful wolf pack, the town's best hope lies with Sookie and Alcide convincing the werewolves and vampires to set aside their differences and work together. But first, Sookie must survive her initial encounter with the Ghost Wolves. #7 all available at the HBO store, use links to the right.

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