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Filming Begins Anew.

The photo above is from when Stephen directed last season's Somebody That I Used to Know, he's directing the premiere of season 6 as well. Maybe if Bill bites it (turnaroundisfairplay), Moyer might embark full time on a behind the scenes career, he and Anna already have their own Indie production company, CASM Films. Whatever happens during season 6, Moyer is headed for more success in movies and TV in any role.
From DAW's Facebook page- Deborah is SOOO excited to start back on TRUE BLOOD next week for SEASON 6!!!!! WOOHOO!!! first ep written by Raelle Tucker and directed by Stephen Moyer!!! Let the fun begin!!! -- wm

 First day of shooting tomorrow!!! HERE WE GO!!! S6 is going to be the best ever! 
 Just another day at the TB costume shop making bloody magic!
 First day back shooting on  tom for season 6! Better go get bitchy & beauty sleep on.
Good interview with Robert Patrick at Collider, such a well known actor, hope he has more to do on True Blood this season as Jackson Herveaux. His latest movie Gangster Squad, which looks great from the trailers, opens January 11.
                                                         From Warner Bros. Twitter
Robert Patrick arrives at Warner Bros. Pictures' "Gangster Squad" premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America via Zimbio

Reel Film News' Brandon Troy sits down actor/writer Denis O'Hare about his play, AN ILIAD, at the Studio Theatre in DC. You can buy tix for this production HERE
Joe Manganiello won an OK Award, oh boyee, for Category 5: Fictional Boyfriend of the Year (TV or Movie). Below is a fan video, all his sex scenes included.

From Taste of Country-The HBO vampire drama ‘True Blood’ first aired in September 2008, but the theme song was released to country radio in 2005. ‘Bad Things’ was the second single from a newcomer’s self-titled debut album. Do you remember hearing it on air?Probably not, since the song by then Epic Records recording artist Jace Everett received very little airplay. The song was re-released in 2009, after being picked up by HBO and it became a hit in Norway. Everett’s career was far from over however. He’s had success as a songwriter, including Josh Turner‘s ‘Your Man.’ So if you ever need to win a bar bet that ties Scotty McCreery to Sookie Stackhouse (actress Anna Paquin), start singing, “I don’t know who think you are but before the night is through / I wanna do bad things to you.”
Actually that may not be such a great idea.

SpoilerTV -Episode 6.02 of True Blood will be called "Here Comes the Sun". Latest Casting Calls HERE, wheeeeee onto Season Six!

Alexander Skarsgard is expected to attend the Opening Night Film – Disconnect
The 28th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (January 24-February 3), presented by, will open the 2013 Festival with the U.S. Premiere of LD Entertainment’s Disconnect, directed by Henry-Alex Rubin and starring Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Frank Grillo, Paula Patton, Michael Nyqvist, Andrea Riseborough, Alexander Skarsgård and Max Thieriot. Opening night will take place at the Arlington Theatre on Thursday, January 24, 2013, with director and cast expected to attend.
                                       Photo courtesy of Skarsgardfans, Ms Henderson took it herself!
Via DeadlineDirector Henry-Alex Rubin’s Disconnect will open the 28th Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Written by Andrew Stern, the movie starring Jason Bateman and Hope Davis explores the way digital technologies that are intended to bring people closer together can increase the emotional distance between them. Rubin and members of the cast which also includes Frank Grillo, Paula Patton, Michael Nyqvist, Andrea Riseborough, Alexander Skarsgård and Max Thieriot are expected to attend the opening night event January 24th at the Arlington Theatre.
From USA Today- Espionage, eco-terror and a love story collide in a new film premiering at Sundance. Is there morality in terrorism?
The anarchist members of The East, a new film by The Sound of My Voice creative partners Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, would argue yes. In the thriller, a young, headstrong operative, Sarah Moss (Marling), is hired by an elite agency to infiltrate an eco-environmental domestic terrorist group "wreaking havoc on corporations as acts of revenge," says Ellen Page, who plays Izzy, an angry, damaged member of the collective.
Led marginally by Benji (Alexander Skarsgard), the group operates democratically and lives, eats and sleeps together deep in the woods. Benji becomes "fascinated by Sarah," says Skarsgard, as he begins to school her on their simple philosophy: "Benji believes in eye for an eye," Skarsgard says. "He attacks."
Inspired by an era when "the Internet has put power back in the hands of individuals," says Marling, The East sources a host of movements, from Freegans (who attempt to live off the grid by scrounging for food) and the Occupy movement to more radical groups like Anonymous and the Weather Underground. More  Ellen Page Online has lots of movie info HERE.
                     From Fox Searchligh Pictures, they also said a trailer is coming.
Congratulations to Janina- Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 
Best Music Video-“Waiting For Godot” Directed by Caitlin Pashalek
People's Choice Award winner- Favourite (Premium) Cable TV Show: True Blood. List here

Review of the Banshee Premiere Episode from Seat42F
The town on Banshee has plenty of problems for Hood to solve. It is practically run by the ruthless Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen, Hitman), who owns a slaughterhouse, and is from an Amish family. He will be good to you if you do what he wants, and he does have affection for his father, who still lives by the old ways. But he’s not trustworthy, is a control-hungry, perverse S.O.B., and he certainly doesn’t have the public’s best interests at heart.
This sets up a typical hero story. Hood will try to clean out the corruption, while also dodging his past, which threatens to come back to haunt him. He has to deal with his new police department, especially senior office Brock (Matt Servitto, The Sopranos), who had expected to take over, and Hood has also awakened old feelings in Carrie, whose daughter, Deva (Ryann Shane, Lights Out), is probably his. So there’s a lot pulling the lead character in many directions, but we’re sure he will handle it all and do the right thing. He has to, right? MORE
From THR- The buzzed-about pulp thriller series Banshee, debuting Jan. 11, originally was developed byAlan Ball for HBO, home to his True Blood.
But the network passed on the small-town drama, and its sluttier sister, Cinemax -- beginning to experiment with its own prestige-minded original programming -- picked it up. "I never felt like, 'Skinemax, that's a step down,' " says Ball. "If [the executives] are looking to redefine it, that's great. When we were at HBO, we were dialing back on the pulp nature. At Cinemax, we went to our original pitch again: high-octane entertainment, violent and clever, yet complex. It also allows us to treat the sexuality in the show in a very frank and adult manner. We don't have to hold back."

Page 30 has an article on Sam Trammell

I love Common on Hell on Wheels but he can't draw, Joe is good at this, too bad Pyramid isnt on any more.


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