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I was hooked on season one's husky Viking, he looked like he could pillage anything, anyone, anywhere. Vampire Bill's sideburns will always be missed as well, just look at them. Ok, now after Valentine's Day craziness I have to catch up on news of the True Blood variety.

Joe on The Talking Dead. Hopefully this wont be removed too soon.
Sunday, February 17th's Talking Dead, after show for The Walking Dead, has guest Joe Manganiello on the couch. Chat here before, after or during AMC's Talking Dead. We may use your question on-air. Click here to see the official rules on submitting questions.
Also, the same night, Carrie is back on The Good Wife, DVR away!
If you ever wondered what Elsbeth Tascioni is like under pressure, you may wanna check out  tonight.
If and only if you feel like checking it out, Elsbeth is gonna be getting her flirt on with  on  tonight.
Presenters Justine Ezarik (iJustine) and Ryan Kwanten spek onstage at the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards at Hollywood Palladium. Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America. via Zimbio!
The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards presented by Coca-Cola will be streamed live to audiences worldwide from the historic Hollywood Palladium on Sunday, February 17, 2013, right in the heart of Hollywood’s awards season.True Blood's Ryan Kwanten poses with his fellow presenter, iJustine via TVGuide.

New poster for Skarsgard's movie What Maisie Knew, from Indiewire-
With source material from legendary author Henry James, and a cast that includes Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgard and Steve Coogan, there are a lot of things to look forward to in the forthcoming "What Maisie Knew." After doing a brief festival run last year that included stops in Toronto and Tokyo, the film is coming to theaters and we've got the exclusive poster below.Adapted by Carroll Cartwright and Nancy Doyne, and co-directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel, the film tells of parents -- an aging rock star (Moore) and a contemporary art dealer (Coogan) -- who are locked in a custody battle for their six year old daughter Maisie. In the midst of all this, they each take on new lovers -- ex-nanny Margo (Joanna Vanderham) and bartender Lincoln (Skarsgard) -- further disrupting the world of young Maisie, who ultimately has to fend for herself.
Brought to you by the producers of "The Kids Are All Right," this looks like another contemporary take on modern relationships between parents and children. "What Maisie Knew" opens May 2013 via Millenium Entertainment.
Much longer interview at Huffpo with Carrie Preston, here's a bite-
Carrie Preston thought she had blown her chances of returning to "The Good Wife."Preston got the job playing Elsbeth Tascioni during the CBS drama's first season, then Season 2 came and went and she never got heard from producers.
"I was back at work at 'True Blood' and then they did a whole season and didn't invite me back," Preston told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "I thought, 'OK, I guess that was a one off.' I just thought that was that." Then, in Season 3, her agents got the call. "The Good Wife" wanted her back and for multiple episodes. "I just was so excited. When you're an actor, you get a little paranoid that maybe you did something wrong, that they didn't want you back -- we're very neurotic sometimes," she said with a laugh. "I was relieved when I did get the call and just held my breath going, 'Oh gosh, I hope I can do this part justice,' because on the page it's just so delicious. Thankfully, it worked. They continued to invite me back and I feel very blessed about that."
Preston makes her eighth appearance on "The Good Wife" on Sunday, Feb. 17 in "Red Team/Blue Team." On this outing as Elsbeth Tascioni, Preston got to share the majority of her scenes with Alan Cumming and new guest star Kyle MacLachlan. Preston opened up about how she makes the quirky character tick, what's ahead on "The Good Wife" and life with new talent behind the scenes of "True Blood."
You're still on "True Blood," too. Do you get recognized for different shows depending on which coast you're on?
Yes, I do. Although, It's not coastal per se, but I play this little game with myself when someone comes up and says, "Oh, I love you on the show." I play a little game and I say, "'Good Wife'?" And they'll go, "Yeah, 'Good Wife.' What else would I be talking about?" Or I'll say, "'True Blood'?" "Totally, 'True Blood.' What else?" And then sometimes people will say both, but there's definitely types there. Sometimes I'm wrong, but a lot of times I'm right. [Laughs.]
What can you tell me about the next season of "True Blood"? Probably nothing, but I have to ask.
I know you do. We have a new showrunner because Alan Ball is not running the show anymore. Mark Hudis, who is one of our writers, is our new showrunner. We also have a couple of new writers, so it's interesting. It still has the flavor of "True Blood," as it always will, but it does have something -- a little spring in its step in an interesting way, I think. Everybody is finding the new chemistry between all of that and all those players. And of course, with "True Blood," there's always still a million new characters that are being introduced. I don't know how they keep that many balls in the air and continue to juggle, but they do.
Will you be popping up anywhere else anytime soon?
I did a couple of episodes of "Person of Interest." I play [Michael Emerson's character's] love interest, the love of his life. It was a very easy role to get into! [Editor's note: Emerson is Preston's real-life husband.] I have one more in the can that will air later in the season. It was fun. They were so accommodating of my schedule because they had to shoot everything I was in before I went back to work on "True Blood." They shot scenes from an episode they hadn't even finish writing yet because it's going to be one of the later episodes. We had to shoot these scenes and I think it invigorated everybody to think that far ahead and start fleshing things out before they were maybe fully ready to. It was really fun.

One more interview w/Carrie from EW, all about The Good Wife and Person of Interest.
Any other projects you’re working on right now?
I have a recurring role on Person of Interest, which is my husband’s [Michael Emerson] show. I play the love of his life. It was really fun to do that. A couple of the episodes have aired already this season. And [I come back] in one of the last couple of episodes of the season. I think the fans are going to have something to look forward to there, because there’s some interesting things that are revealed. MORE
Lisa Desimini, the talented artist who designs the Sookie Stackhouse covers, offers prints of the cover art for sale on her website. Since Lisa is a working artist, these prints are not free, which Lisa says has surprised some visitors to her site. A signed archival print (14x20) is $160, and a 10x14 print is $110.
 Please visit to see all the wonderful things Lisa has done and to look at these beautiful prints.

Craveonline has pages of the ongoing comic #9 HERE, as always we appreciate you using the HBO store links on this page to order or pre-order.
True Blood is a popular television series which features vampires and werewolves and nudity. IDW Publishing has a comic book series which makes use of the major characters from that popular television series, although we highly doubt it includes the nudity.
However, in this preview of True Blood #9, the nudity is heavily implied, although not in a particularly prurient sense. It seems that when you shoot a werewolf, it goes back to being a naked human. So check out this Michael McMillian-scripted tale from a story he created with current Catwomanscribe Annie Nocenti, featuring art from Michael Gaydos and Beni Lobel. Apparently, vampires and werewolves are working together! Mass hysteria!
Eddie Borgo’s Dinner at the McKittrick Hotel and the New Museum Celebrates the “NYC 1993” Exhibition photo from Vogue
                                       photo from @5thvillage's instagram

EW has the SXSW schedule info and linkThe SXSW Film Festival announced Wednesday that Zal Batmanglij’s  film The East will close the Festival on Saturday, March 16. Batmanglij co-wrote the script with Brit Marling. Starring Marling, Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, Ellen Page, and Patricia Clarkson, the film follows a private intelligence operative trying to infiltrate a group of anarchists who are planning attacks on major corporations. But the operative’s loyalty to her mission wavers when she falls for the leader of the group.Check out the complete schedule here..

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