Sunday, February 10, 2013

My True Bloody Funny Valentine

I already told y'all 2 Valentine's Days ago that I would keep using this pic, short of a call from Kwanten's lawyers I will next year too (if I'm still do this blog). If anyone doesn't see the perfection of this Cupid, then I suggest copious amounts of liquor and a few of Ryan's movies and Jason scenes on a loop till you do. Ah, memories!
Remember these oldies and Taliasamara's vid?
Denis O'Hare will be doing 4 performances of his play, An Iliad' at Arts Emerson in Boston 4/28 and 28 and 5/4 and 5/5 

We know who Steve will try to make his Valentine's Day date, yep, Jason. 
                                                       For more of Andy's V-cards go HERE

No dancing in the end zone? Ryan might not but Jason's got moves.

Meekus Valentine's Day Big Adventure?

Sam Trammell at the opening party for LA ART Show 2013.

 10 Valentine’s Day Horror Movies to Slay Your Loved One!

From Darlin' Sookie, more HERE

Artist Jessica Harris knows how to give all her heart

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