Sunday, March 3, 2013

A New Week's Hiatus Support Meeting

Caroline Correa is the beauty in the commercial who tweeted these pics- This is how he rolls. Coffee break anyone?  on set for special project One more of the trio Joe, Zac Posen and Carolina Correa for  special project!
sydneyyyep True Blood camera team !! WoOOoOo. These were on a few tumblrs from Instagram, is that Sookie in Bill's house?
TVFanatic has an interview with Carrie, it's all at the link. Her character Elisabeth is getting romantic with Kyle McLaughlin's Josh, girl has it rough. More photos at CBS.
TVF: And you’re already back working on True Blood, right?
CP: We are well into shooting. I think the fourth episode just started yesterday. We’re well into it and it’s True Blood so it’s bigger than ever and I think the fans are going to be pleased.
TVF: Is there anything they haven’t done to Arlene yet? She has been through the wringer!
CP: I guess they haven’t had any of her reactions with the werewolves. She has no idea that those things exist in the world but I would love to see her see Sam shift into a dog or something. That would freak her out so bad!

Casting calls are updated with the original casting calls, and actors (so far) playing them.
From TVLine more on Wes-Question: I’ve been having major True Blood withdrawals! Any news for the upcoming season? Victoria 
Ausiello: Triangle alert! Around the midpoint of Season 6, the show will introduce Wes, a sexy and deep-thinking vampire who’s smart, compassionate and (not sure how I feel about this next part) can play the freakin’ guitar. Picture the love child of Jim Morrison and Gary Clark. Now picture him coming between Jason and Jessica.
Good article asking the same thing we have here, Why Haven't We Seen KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM Yet? WHHHHHYYYYYYYY? Seems like it's stuck in legal limbo.
Some lucky fans posted photos from ECCC March 2nd, 3rd. More
True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis will appear at the Denver Comic Con 2013. The event will take place from May 31 to June 2 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Photo- HBO's Post 2013 Golden Globe Awards Party  Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America
Gotta love AskarsSwedishMeatballs on Tumblr, Skarsgard's upcoming films listed. 
New What Maisie Knew trailer, wow, she loves him!

From the Great British Film Reception the week pre-Oscars.

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