Saturday, March 30, 2013

Billith Rising

Holy Hell! Bill doesn't have Lillith's yeep but a growl (ooh), pulling out electrical wiring, so he is still able to think. Disco inferno, burn baby burn Billith. Sookie falls in puddles of blood, starting off in dumdum mode like last season?  Is that Warlow all hairy with a witchie poo hat (ha!)? Niall driving while all faed up? Alcide punching my Sammy? Who is Lafayette aiming that shotgun at, they look bloody. Is that Lillith saying "the tyrant is rising, it is the beginning of the end"?  Is Jason hallucinating Niall like he did his parents? Oh I just have no words, what is going AWN? Season 6, here it comes.
Oh HAI! I just flew in from Fairyville, need a lift?
ThanksTeacuphuman on tumblr, so funny, crazy stripping face.
I will not dance for tips only at Merlotte's!
Remember his last words in Season 5, RUN!
Going Down!
The Inhuman Torch, Flame On!  Source for more.
Dont make me tape your ass to the toilet! More stills at Skarsgardfans.
Eric, vampire actor fooling stupid humans since 1077AD, remember this one below?
Why these hookahs always get me involved?
This is the HBO Spring Promo shown before Game of Thrones. A couple of new scenes that Skarsgardfans has grabbed. If we keep seeing Jason and Niall alone, I have to wonder if only he can see him, if he is hallucinating or ?? Looks like he brings him home. More stills
This pic has me wondering because it looks like the same clothing she is wearing in last season's finale, minus blood and guts all over it and her.
Ryan and his 2 younger brothers-Happy Easter! Miss my family, have a beautiful day with yours and eat all the chocolate you can!
Ryan posted this tweet-Hope everyone's having an amazing Friday! Follow me on all my crazy adventures.
We posted stills from the filming of "The Right Kind of Wrong" a while back, here Ryan and the cast talk about the romcom.
I think I missed this interview Zack Snyder, Jim Sturgess and Ryan Kwanten interview each other and answer questions from viewers about their movie, Legend Of The Guardians. He tells about a fan writing a 5 page letter asking for sperm to have a baby, see, this is why actors have bodyguards.

Selected Shorts on Tour: Seattle

Funny Food Fictions: Selected Shorts tours to Seattle for a live performance of great classic and new -- and super-funny -- short stories set in the kitchen... Denis O'Hare (American Horror Story, True Blood), Sonia Manzano(Sesame Street), and Kirsten Vangsness(Criminal Minds) perform wild and wacky tales by the master of dark humor, Roald Dahl, andNew Yorker fiction writer David Schickler. One more actor to be announced.
Seattle Theatre Group at Moore Theatre
911 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101, (206) 682-1414

                                  Denis in Dallas tonite doing Selected Shorts.
Is this just freakin great? Found from   tweets.

Jurnee Smollett Bell talked to THR about how she got her True Blood role for S6-
Much of what will happen during season six of the HBO vampire drama has been kept under wraps, but Smollett-Bell, 26, does tell The Hollywood Reporter that she will play a new character named Nicole, who she says is a “young activist” in town to “help with the cause.”
"There’s a lot of animals, there’s some biting, there’s some blood,” she adds. With the help of her husband, musician Josiah Bell, she taped her audition in the basement of her in-laws’ home. With the show's dark and sometimes-creepy feel, we can't imagine a more appropriate setting to shoot an audition. But Smollett-Bell says it wasn't as appropriate as it seems.“You can hear the running water, the water heater coming on, my nephew’s upstairs, he’s a baby so he was crying, you can hear the chairs being dragged,” she says with a laugh. “So not professional.”
The tape was enough to get her the part as a series regular. Smollett-Bell will make her first appearance in the second episode of season six.
The HBO drama is infamous for its sexy scenes and has never been afraid to show plenty of nudity, but Smollett-Bell says that didn't affect her decision to join the show.
"One thing they do well is it’s not gratuitous and it’s not exploitive. It’s not just for the sake of it," she says. "I think through the arc of my character, you’ll see what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate, but it’s all coming back to the plot of my character."

From McMillz-Rediscovered my all time favorite (and only) celebrity endorsed photo by Thanks, D

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