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Dead Meat on a Merry Go Round

Some recaps bits and links- TVLine's,  LUCKY STIFF-  At Sookie’s request, Barlow agrees to help Billith save all our contract fangers from the Sun Parlor of Doom, provided that a) Billith doesn’t kill him afterward, and b) she consents to become his vampire bride. And, while the half fairy is fine with the first demand, the second one, she grapples with — mightily. She reaches out to Jason (via a tearful voice-mail message), tells Sam that she imagined a future for them (at just about the worst moment possible — more on that later) and finally visits her parents’ gravesite, having concluded that she’d “rather walk the earth as a corpse” than be laid to rest next to them. (Ouch.) But, when the bride-to-be gets all dolled up — it’s a nice day for a black wedding! — and takes Billith to fairy land, Barlow appears to be (but c’mon, can’t actually be) dead! Maybe he’s just a bloody napper? MORE
Nicole and Sam? Blech!  Sarah is another ruined character so she MUST DIE! 
Review from Zap2it.
Unfortunately for the show’s obvious greater ambitions, it’s Sookie’s story—the story that is most focused on having its character be taken seriously— that ends up suffering the most. Sookie has always been a problematic character in that she is irretrievably controlled by the men in her life, and just when it seemed she might be able to crawl out of that trap she is sucked into it yet again via the war between Warlow and Bill. Bill wants to use Warlow to help him prevent his vision of all his friends meeting the sun, but Warlow will only go along with this plan if Sookie agrees to become his fairy vampire bride. Sookie starts out on the right path, talking a good game to both men about not wanting to be controlled by them, but instead of leaving Bon Temps for good and not looking in her rearview mirror, she immediately searches for salvation in the arms of yet another man, Sam.
This is where the show starts laying down narrative stakes its own past can’t really support. Sookie and Sam’s connection hasn’t been a whisper of a thing since who knows when, and even when it was something the show cared about it was never more than a passing thought as Sookie moved on to every other supernatural man in her path. If the show played her plea to Sam as the ridiculous comedy it is, it might work, but this is something we—and Sam—are definitely meant to take as a serious proposition, and it simply doesn’t track. Sookie then basically gives in to the fact she is destined to be Warlow’s fairy vampire bride for eternity, essentially eulogizing herself at her parents’ headstones and dressing for her own funeral. It’s intended to be a deathly serious rumination on Sookie’s realization that her life is about to end, but Sookie has been so cavalierly tossed around as a character for so long it simply doesn’t have the gravitas necessary to be successful. If the show of the past treated Sookie with the care this episode attempted to, though, this sequence really could have been something.
The Bestest is Brian's from the BackLot-
Back at the Concentration Vamp, Tara (Rutina Wesley) tells Willa (Emilia Blaire Clarke) to back away from Jason (Ryan Kwanten) , or Nameless Paulina Porizkova Vamp will get all up in her bids. Sure enough, Paulina tells Jason that he is her bloodbag for life – and she means that, because she’s “Medieval Times Catholic.” As someone who just went to Medieval Times for the first time just this past month, I can vouch: THEIR GARLIC BREAD IS ETERNALLY AMAZING.Sookie (Anna Paquin) returns to Barlow (Rob Kazinsky) – the super-powerful, dimension-jumping vampire faerie who has survived 6000 years – and ties him up again with a fake vine from the Party City luau collection. She gives him more blood and he asks her to marry him again, because he’s been waiting forever for her. She asks him to do a favor for her or all her friends are gonna die but he cries, ‘I DON’T WANNA WAIT!” … for your liiiiiives to be over? Too late. Eric overhears and locates Barlow with his Undead Douchebag sensors.
Jess (Deborah Ann Woll): “It was a good lay, good lay! It was a good lay, good lay.”
James (Luke Grimes): Uh-huh.
EW's- Sookie returned to the cemetery and to Warlow. She tied him up, fed him from her wrist, and then asked him how he’d feel about doing a favor, a “biggie,” for Bill. Warlow wasn’t exactly interested, seeing as how Bill wants to kill him. Sookie said she’d make that part of the deal -- that Warlow lives. Warlow wants his own condition then: If he helps Bill save Sookie’s vampire friends, she agrees to be his. He’s loved her for nearly 6,000 years (no, Warlow, you haven’t), and he wants to start his eternity with her now. Sookie said she’d need some time to think about it and came back into our dimension talking to herself about how all men are incapable of just wanting to date her. Eric was lurking behind a tree and began feeling around for the entrance to Warlow’s side.

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Eric scenes.

Ep. 69 Preview
ScreenCrush-Across town, Arlene argues with Terry’s family about the military nature of his funeral, while Andy urges her to respect Terry’s final wishes and keep the life insurance money. Meanwhile, Sookie visits her parents’ graves and decides to accept Warlow’s proposal as a final spurn to the family who treated her so poorly. Elsewhere in Vamp Camp, TruBlood representative Miss Suzuki demands to see the Governor, stumbling upon the hepatitis V bottling room, for which Sarah desperately chases her down and stabs her to death with her own shoe.
Robert Kazinsky ‏@RobertKazinsky
Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Is Eric going to have dreams about me shaving him now?
Another review I look forward to weekly is Meredith's over at io9-
Two important things happened on Sunday's True Blood. First, everybody told Bill he sucks (he does suck. You SUCK, BILL). And second, the most epic girl fight in the history of shows about vampires who mash their naughty bits took place. To the Pro/Con mobile!
Okay, so was anyone else completely elated but also simultaneously bored out of their skulls by this episode? The fight was amazing, the weird Eric man-boy taunting was great, and so was the constant drinking. But the rest of the episode could have just been eight cast-members running around with their hands in the air screaming "True Blood!" Because it all seemed like just more filler.
Con: Meanwhile, back at the murderous werewolf pack, this girl character (who is not important enough for me to Google her name) is all pissed, because Alcide won't MURDER INNOCENT MOMS. When did this guy's girlfriend become some kind of weirdo murderer? When did werewolves get so stupid? Don't they have lives and trailers they need to protect? You can't just run around murdering everything, guys — at some point that will catch up with you. No matter how many naked woods threesomes you create along the way.
Pro: Sam can smell when his new girl is pregnant. So can Alcide. Because of course they can.
Pro: Does this mean Alcide is cool again? Out of nowhere, he's acting like a normal werewolf person, so that's nice? I don't know. I do love how everyone just forgot the he and his kin murdered the shit out of all those kids. More
The Fangover: Sookie's Date with Destiny; Eric Dumps Bill; Sarah Newlin Steps It Up
"Destiny's too much of a bitch to keep fightin'," Sookie Stackhouse announces this week, and she's hardly the only character at a crossroads. Supes and humans alike debate their fates, leaving several characters feeling just like the episode's title: "Dead Meat." Sookie ultimately decides to accept Warlow's proposal and become "a walking corpse." In this week's Inside the Episode, Executive Producer Brian Buckner explains that Sookie is "looking for a lifeline." She futilely seeks guidance from Bill, Jason and Sam, but she can't find "hope to stay human," says director Michael Lehmann. more

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