Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finale Time Is Here Again

I'll save my progeny and then get the hell outta Dodge in style. 
Eric knows not only how to make an entrance, but one hella dramatical exit as well. 
Finale info, y mas in one place

Meredith's Pros and Cons-
Pro: However, this flashback of Terry and Arlene on the night Mickey was born is very cute. Maybe if they only had this flashback and Sookie's flashback, I would have been more open to spending my Sunday night watching the FUNERAL THAT WOULD NEVER DIE.Pro: And now we will spend the rest of this episode watching vampires dance around in the sun. I have no idea what the fuck is happening to this series. There is nothing left to do but dance with them. This. Is. True Blood.
Con: Oh no no no no no no Eric's going to kill Steve. Please, please don't kill Steve. Please don't.
Pro: Steve's last moments on Earth are spent proclaiming his love to Jason Stackhouse. There are worse ways to die.

Jane Bodehouse, Patricia Bethune posted this on her FB page. Joe's elbow is copping a feel. "Fun on the set ..Patricia Bethune with Dale Raoul and Joe Manganiello - Man Scent!"

CBLA made me crack up with this line-."ironically, Burning Man was on Steve’s bucket list."
FYI peeps, the original casting calls for James/Wes and Violet calls for them to appear in season 7. Damn. how did Billnotpuffyanymore feed that many vamps enough blood to walk this long in daylight? OOPS! I said I wouldnt question anything this season, ok wait... ouch! I slapped myself silly for slipping again.
WSJ's recap bitesAs vampires frolic, Eric destroys the tainted TruBlood. Jessica remembers that they left Bill behind and goes to get him. He’s resisting the Lillith spooks as she goes to him. New fling James suggests they feed him, give him back a little of the special blood that he gave them. It worked and the vampires, who now count Jason among them, at least in part, go off to party– except for Pam and Eric. “Don’t you dare leave me,” she says, just before Eric shoots into the sky.
Fangover: Steve Newlin Sees the Light; Eric Northman Is a Vampire Superhero; A Fond Farewell for Terry Bellefleur (more at link).
The penultimate episode of this season of 'True Blood' is overflowing with sweat, blood and tears. "Life Matters" juxtaposes Terry Bellefleur's emotional funeral with a violent escape from Vamp Camp. It's all about goodbyes this week, both tear-jerking (RIP, Terry) and stomach-churning (holy castration, Eric!). New York Magazine raves, "From concept to execution, 'Life Matters' was very likely True Blood's finest episode to date."
Ha, ha and double ha
From times when Pam was the only one Eric cared about, and Nelsan had a storyline he acted the shit out of.

another version of Eric Scenes.

Things Eric says to Jason before he gives him a taste. "Jason Stackhouse, looking good my friend.""Now the last time I saw you, you were spouting some pretty hateful ideas. How well do you know your way around this place?" "Yeah? Help me remember, have I ever healed you before? Hm. Well then you are in for a treat. Now when you dream of me, dream of nice things."(Eric to Jason). Quotes from TB Wiki
Dont you forget about me, nonononono! 
Thanks to HBO, Darling SookieIHFS, Sikanapele, CBLA, Peachiex for pics and gifs. 

All I could find was that Kristin tweeted it, but I cant verify, it's funny tho. Source 

Ep. 70 Clip: A Pleasant Surprise
  Pic From Ryan's Twitter.
"True Blood" star Sam Trammell is set to play Shailene Woodley's father in Fox's "The Fault in Our Stars," TheWrap has learned.
Josh Boone ("Stuck In Love") is directing the adaptation of John Green's bestselling novel.
Story follows two cancer-stricken teens who strike up a romantic relationship as they face an uncertain future. More at the link

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