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Life Matters in Retrospect

Jane Bodehouse brought the girls to Terry's funeral, I'd expect nothing less from her. Good to see Maxine/Dale Raoul and her biting humor again as well.

Recaps in bites, go to the links to read the whole pieces.
Starting off with the best from Brian Juergens- Forty Beheadings and a Funeral.
Billith has the soldiers lead him to the white room from his visions. Meanwhile, a blood-spattered Sarah Newlin prays as she climbs the exterior stairs to the top of the silo, where she starts hauling on a giant wheel. Good Lord is this ridiculous… But sure enough, the ceiling of the white room begins to open… and there is Billith, letting all the vamps in the room feed on him (and Barlow – because when you drink someone’s blood, you’re drinking the blood of every other person whose blood that person has drunk. Practice safe blood drinking!). Well, everyone except for Steve Newlin (Michael McMillan), who looks like odd man out at the orgy. Eric grabs Steve by the throat, calls him a turncoat, and pushes him into the sunlight… and Steve looks up, sees blonde-nimbused Sarah on the roof (she squeals, “Die, f*ckers!”), and cries, “I love you… Jason Stackhouse!” On the other side of the “Open Your Heart” peepshow glass, Jason peeps in horror and covers his ears. Steve explodes. It’s really gross… and by that I again mean pretty awesome. I loved actor Michael McMillan in the role, but holy crap that character sucked by the end…
Is the old Southern Gent Bill back? Will he ever bring Puffy out again?
Whole synopsis from HBO- To save Warlow, Sookie bites her wrist and feeds him her blood. Bill, impatient to save vampirekind, attempts to leave with him but Sookie demands he find Eric instead. After all, Eric has more Warlow blood than Warlow himself. When he threatens to kill Sookie if Warlow won't get them out, she blasts him out with her hand light.
Warlow asks Sookie if she was prepared to be his last night, having come with Bill. She assures him that she'll keep her promise and heads back to Bon Temps for Terry's funeral.
Eric makes a daytime visit to vamp camp and goes on a rampage of death and destruction. His first major victim is Dr. Overlark-whose "manhood" Eric rips off before leaving the "doctor" to bleed out. He moves on to male Gen Pop and frees them all.
Bill arrives at vamp camp in search of Eric. Crazed vampires run amok through the facility, torturing the guards and scientists in kind. Meanwhile, Eric frees female Gen Pop and discovers Jason, weak and covered in bites. In exchange for helping him find Pam and the others, Eric heals Jason, promising that he's "in for a real treat."
Kristin tweeted a pic of one of Eric's stunt dummies, and of Michael McMillian's farewell set cake. 

About last night's music recap  Astute rock fans will recognize that song as one written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney for the Rolling Stones. Released as an early single by the Stones in England in 1963, the song served as a B-side to the Stones’ cover of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” in the U.S. the following year. The Beatles released their own version on 1963′s With The Beatles, with Ringo Starr on lead vocals. more at link.
Puffy getting deflated, look at that face! LULZZZZZZZZ.
Vulture's Recap- "Thank you, Big John," the widow Bellefleur hugged the Merlotte's short-order cook at her husband's funeral. "That was the shit." And so too, was "Life Matters," aTrue Blood episode for the ages. This series has always been a study in contrasts, mixing horror, drama, and comedy like a fast food chemist combines sugar, fat, and salt. (The results in both cases can range from wholly satisfying to straight-up disgusting.) But "Life Matters" took its contrasting elements and really tested the limits of what an average True Blood viewer might put up with.First of all, yes, it definitely gave us the thrilling, intensely satisfying climax to the vampire camp plotline, but it also asked us to patiently observe the understated, plot-free pathos of a small town mourning a third-tier character. Depending on your affection for the Bon Temps microcosm True Blood had gotten away from over the past few seasons, "Life Matters" was bound to be divisive. (If you were among those questioning why Terry's death had gotten so much play this season, there's a chance this episode made you quit this series entirely). But look. I realize there's a fine line between raving about an episode of True Blood and having mental problems, but I don't care: From concept to execution, "Life Matters" was very likely True Blood's finest episode to date.
LATimes' recap-  In a series of flashbacks, friends and family recall how Terry returned from the war a broken man and slowly put his life back together. When it’s time for restaurateur Sam Merlotte to speak, he recounts the time Terry caught a catfish but didn’t have the heart to let it die.“Every life matters,” Terry once said to Sam. “Throw it back.”
Telepathic Sookie describes how Terry was instantly attracted to future wife Arlene 
“He loved you since the second you walked into his life,” says a tearful Sookie, who’s comforted by hunky werewolf buddy Alcide. 
Meanwhile, a horrific scene unfolds at Vamp Camp, where Eric literally rips the guards to shreds, then opens the prison doors.
TVLine's- DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME- Just outside of Vamp Camp, Sarah – blathering Bible quotations every step of the way – scales the Sun Parlor of Doom and exposes Jessica, Tara, Willa and Co. to the light. But aha! She’s too late. Bill has already made his way to Vamp Camp, finished what Eric started with the torture doc (by stomping on his head) and realized that he doesn’t need Eric at all, he can use his own Warlow-saturated blood to feed and thus save everyone. The only fanger not spared? Steve. Thrust into the glare by Eric, Sarah’s former husband looks up at her and yells, “I love you… Jason Stackhouse!” Classic.

Vulture spoke to McMillz! 
Steve's last words were, "I love you, Jason Stackhouse."If this were Lost, Jason would be Steve's constant. And it's not only Steve's final proclamation for his one true love, but it's also a giant fuck-you to his ex-wife. It was a line I actually pitched to [showrunner] Brian Buckner. One of the things I missed most this season was that Ryan Kwanten and I hadn't had any scenes together, so when they called and said I was going to be killed off, I asked, "Am I going to have any more scenes with Ryan?" And Bucky said, "No, but he's going to be at the camp and he'll be watching from the observation room when you die." And so I said, "Then I want my final words to be, 'I love you, Jason Stackhouse.'" "Will that make you feel better?" "Absolutely." And he wrote it into the script. [Laughs.]
What was it like shooting your True Death scene and getting burnt to a crisp?
I actually had a stunt double, Tim Eulich, so I didn't have to do that stuff. I had to imagine catching on fire and dropping to the floor as a pile of goo. What they do is take images of the stunt double burning, and overlay them on me, and then the last image of Steve as a charred corpse before he explodes into goo is the stunt double. It looks like an extremely overcooked soufflé. It's like very crispy and crunchy on the outside, and hot goo on the inside. Crispy vampire soufflé.
Did you see this coming for Steve? How much advance warning did you get?
Steve was really digging himself into a hole this season. Steve Newlin is the Jabba the Hutt of the True Blood universe. He has a very important place in the mythology, but he's not going to help Luke Skywalker blow up the Death Star, you know?
Who was Steve's maker? He didn't know her name ...
I'd love to answer the question, but the truth is, I don't know! And I'm not sure if the show is ever going to answer it or not. At one point, we were going to find out last season, and it was written out in the script, but they scratched it out.

EW has another McMillz interview- 
If you got to choose between Eric forcing Steve to burn in the sun, or Eric doing to Steve what he did to Dr. Overlark, what would you have picked?I would like to die with genitals intact, I think. And it’s a fitting end for Steve too. Meeting the sun was, of course, the only way he should have gone. That was his whole thing in season 2 [with the Fellowship of the Sun], so it was a nice twist of irony at the end.
And Steve’s last line — “I love you, Jason Stackhouse!” — was your idea.
That line was a real gift from [showrunner] Brian Buckner. In that conversation where he told me that they were gonna be killing me off, I had asked if I was gonna get a chance to work with Ryan Kwanten again. We hadn’t worked together all season, and that was really my only disappointment from this year, because I just love working with Ryan and I always love the Jason-Steve stuff, and I felt that they had left that door open for more. In my mind, Jason was always Steve’s true paramour. So when he told me that we weren’t [going to work together], but Jason would be present for Steve’s execution, I asked him if my last line could be, “I love you, Jason Stackhouse,” and he said yes — if it would make me feel better. He wrote it into the script, and that was super kind of him.
Did Alexander Skarsgard do anything special for you?
He gave me a very personal sendoff in the gag reel, which nobody but cast and crew saw. It was somewhat inappropriate and somewhat hilarious, but beyond that I really can’t describe it too much. [Laughs]
I’m thinking there might have been skin involved then.
There was a little skin involved. Yes.
Baltimore Sun has a recap with lots of photos HERE.

looks like an old Drakken Noir Commercial.

Huffington Post wonders where Eric has gone and more at link- 
Revenge of the Sub-Plot: I thought Sookie was dressed to become a vamp last week, but that lace number was for the funeral. You've heard me snark on Terry, but I'll be gosh-darned if Arlene didn't throw a good funeral. The flashbacks were far from gratuitous -- they were beautiful. Can we talk about Chris Bauer as Andy Bellefleur? He has always been good for a mid-episode laugh, but when he flashed to calling his cousin out of PTSD-land in the woods with a Raging Bitch IPA joke and brings Sam along for a catfish hunt? He kills me. Sign this man up! There's something about the gurgle in his voice, how he says sweet things but sounds like he's angry -- there's something so human about him. After all of this time, I realized that Andy, Lafayette, and every scene at Merlotte's hasn't been for naught -- it's what makes the show so very magically real. I will never be able to fry anything again without thinking of Lafayette putting some back into it. We all complained about the Terry plot. But it was taken back tonight. It was the perfect mix of nostalgia running alongside the vamp action. We weren't saying goodbye to just Terry -- we were wishing Bon Temps as we know it farewell. For now, at least.
Thanks to HBO, Darling Sookie, IHFS for photos and GIFs 
Interview with Anna CampWhen did you get wind that you were coming back to the show?
They tried to get me back for Season Five. But just for a little bit. But I was shooting The Good Wife at the time and couldn't get away. This past season, some things started happening with The Mindy Project and that character wasn't quite going the way they said it was going to go and I got sorta released – I asked to be released from that contract. I think True Blood got wind of that and they called me up right away and said "do you want to come back?" And I said "heck yeah I'll come back. I'd love to."
If you had to equate Sarah to a modern, real life person – who do you think she's most like?
You know, I know the writers were doing a dash of Palin. I grew up in the South and I did know some people that believed the reason everything happened is because God was willing it to be that way. So I don't know if it's anybody particular that I could name off the top of my head, but there are people, truly, that think everything is a sign from God. Whether it's raining out or they get a good parking spot – she's that type of person.

Eric Scenes

Why is Warlow busting throught the window and is that him being blown out the house by a faeblast? 

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