Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pop Goes the Hiatus, Again.

                                                     Age of Aquarius, Vamp Style.
Here we go again, the long break between seasons begins, the almost full year of hiatus support starts now. Lots of catching up to do on my part, putting more spoilery bites here.
From TVLineA decision about the future of the vampire drama — specifically whether Season 7 will be the show’s last — will likely be decided in the coming weeks, according to showrunner Brian Buckner. “That conversation is happening, but we don’t have an answer yet,” the EP tells TVLine. “I’m being told that I will know – which doesn’t mean that I will tell everybody. But I will know when the writers resume in the room [next month] whether or not we’re wrapping it up or not.”

We know Askars had a great 37th birthday, the guy knows how to live. Some pap pics

Birthday Greeting made by Tiffuli, love the song so...

36 of the BESTEST Eric moments at Buzzfeed.

In this new romantic comedy, The Right Kind of Wrong, Leo Palamino is a failed-writer-turned-dishwasher made famous for his many flaws and shortcomings in a blog called “Why You Suck,” a huge Internet success written by his ex-wife. Then Leo meets Colette, the girl of his dreams… on the day she is marrying the perfect man. And so, the ultimate underdog story begins as Leo, a fearless dreamer, risks all to show Colette and the whole wide world all that is right with a man famous for being wrong. directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik, starring Ryan Kwanten, Sara Canning, Catherine O'Hara, Will Sasso, Kristen Hager, Ryan McPartlin, Raoul Bhaneja, release date October 11, 2013 (Canada).
In this handout from SeaWorld San Diego, "True Blood" costars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer hold a two-month-old Magellanic penguin chick at SeaWorld San Diego's Penguin Encounter. Source: Handout/Getty Images North America via Zimbio
The Hollywood Reporter has news on Stephen playing Captain Vonn Trapp
The British actor will appear opposite Carrie Underwoodin the Dec. 5 live holiday production, NBC announced Friday.
Moyer will portray decorated World War I hero Capt. Georg Von Trapp, the single father of seven children. Living in Austria on the cusp of World War II, the militaristic but warm-hearted Von Trapp engages a young governess, Maria (Underwood), w
hom he hires to take care of his children.
Ryan Kwanten attends Timberland History, Heritage and Fall 2013 Collection Dinner  Source: Jerod Harris/Getty Images North America More of his deliciousness HERE
Joe Manganiello says while he loves playing a werewolf on HBO’s “True Blood,” the classically trained actor tells The Post’s Alexa, out tomorrow, “Sometimes all I’m being asked to do is rip my shirt off and growl.” From Sept. 20 to Oct. 12, he’ll star in the Yale Repertory production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” He added, “I’m excited to get back into these intense theater roles and get wild, get raw. Running shirtless in the woods pays the bills, but it’s only a sliver of what I do. I don’t want it to become what I do, or who I am.”  Source

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