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Fangovering the Final Season of True Blood Week 9

Saw on twitter that the finale will be 70 minutes long, hope most of it isnt Beel wanting to die.
latest promo, they really gave Rev Daniels a big role this season.

Lauren is still tweeting, from the last table reads.
so happy for Nelsan.
This remarkable oil painting was a prized possession among the vast collection of artwork and antiques at Russell Edgington's Mississippi mansion.
Russell Edgington was both loved and reviled by True Blood fans. Russell's outward Southern charm would all-too-often be eclipsed by his ruthless agenda for revenge on those that he felt had wronged him -- so, pretty much everyone.
This royal 72" x 53" framed oil on canvas portrait of the King of Mississippi and his long time lover, Talbot Angelis, will surely make a fabulous addition to your apartment, house... or mansion! If I had 2 nickels to rub together I'd buy this.

TVLine picks Best/Worst True Blood Villains and of course-
There's a reason Russell was pulled out of his cement grave and brought back for Season 5: Not only is he the best, most well-rounded villain True Blood has ever seen, but I'd put him in a top-10 villain list of any show in recent memory. Much of the credit goes to actor Denis O'Hare, who perfected the character's balance of humor and heartlessness.
 Lauren Bowles tweeted this pic, she must be on a ladder.update: I asked her and she said he crouched down for her, like a sweet Viking would.
                                  Anna with Bridgette Ellis the makeup person for TB.
I’ve only got a minute, but I wanted to write something down so I will always remember how I feel in this exact moment. I’m laying here, in Hoyt’s bed, and he’s sleeping next me, doing that cute little lip-curl-thing he does when he’s dreaming. It’s almost like nothing’s changed. Like we are back in love and never missed a beat. But at the same time, everything feels so different...
Hoyt’s touch is stronger; he’s more confident. When he looks at me, it’s more intense, like he’s looking deeper inside me than he’s ever looked. But he’s still gentle and tender and his same ol’ sweet self. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but it really does feel like Hoyt had to leave just so he could come back again.
And it’s not only Hoyt – there’s a whole list of things that are starting to feel exactly like they happened just the way they were meant to happen. Like meeting James in that camp, and his kindness towards me. He was meant to bring me out of that dark place I was in. We were meant to be with each other just long enough so he and Lafayette could find each other.
Even Jason and I, finding the other in our safe little bubble and then coming back to Earth? Turns out he’s always been just what I needed – a good friend.
And Bill. He released me tonight. When he did, all his power – that whole ‘ties of our blood’ thing – it’s just not there. I’ve got this empty feeling in my gut – or at least I did at first – but now even that seems to be filling in. I feel a new power coming from inside of me – a strength that is mine and mine alone. Like I’m not a baby vamp anymore and that I really can stand on my own two feet.
Is this what fate is? Feeling like everything in your life was meant to be and you really have no control? Or is fate just an idea that lets you accept the things in your life you can’t change, and appreciate the things you can? If the latter is true, then there is still one thing left for me to accept. I don’t know if I can – but I owe it to Bill to try.

Chris Bauer tweeted a behind the scenes pic .
Be sure to tune-in and watch on in support of
                                 Behind the scene pics from Jon Komp Shin's twitter.
Denis doing his good works for Broadway Sleeps Out 8/17.

NEW! True Blood After Show Season 7 Epsiode 9 by truebloodaftershow
They actually do a good aftershow, no stumbling, fumbling around like other ones I've seen.
whenever you feel down True Blood Sims will bring a smile.
wish we got to see more Lala in E9 but I think we do in the finale.
Lauren Bowles was on a roll posting pics from the set on her twitter.

Another Tara Buck interview at TVLine, better late than never for this actress to get some well-deserved press, read it all at the link-
TVLINE | When you first read the script and saw that this was finally going to happen, what was your initial reaction?I felt good! This is a victory for Team Ginger! There was some teasing along the way from the writers that [sex with Eric] might be in Ginger’s future, but I wasn’t really sure if or how it would actually happen. Before I actually saw the script, Alex [Skarsgard] said to me, “Have you read the script? They finally wrote it! We finally do it.” I was like, “We do?” And he was just laughing. I made him give me a play-by-play of what happens, so I had a little heads-up. The writers are so funny and so creative that nothing quite compares to actually reading the script. There were so many wonderful details; they really covered all the bases.
TVLINE | But even with it being so short, I know those scenes always take longer than you’d think to film. How long did you two work on this?
We shot for a while. I feel like it was a full day, but I’d say we shot for … a good long while. I was physically exhausted by the time we were done. My dismount is extremely physical, as you witnessed. That was some core strength you saw there. I was sore the next day and exhausted that evening.
TVLINE | Looking back at your seven seasons on True Blood, do you have a favorite Ginger moment?
I have a few. I always loved Ginger riding the coffin, and I used to say that was my favorite — but now, I look back to the moment when we see Ginger’s house for the very first time; and Eric shows up and she realizes they’re not going to have sex, and she’s devastated. He makes her a promise, and I’m sure it was not conceived at the time that it would actually happen, but we all had so much fun with it. I think the fans really took up that rally cry and made it happen. I owe that scene 100 percent to the fans.

Vulture talked to Alexander about The Giver and some True Blood-
What was it like being the baby whisperer on the set of The Giver?

In a way, it was difficult, but not because of the babies, who were adorable. Emotionally getting to that place, knowing what I had to do, it was difficult but it was also kind of what I found fascinating about the character, what drew me to the project. Obviously working with Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep was pretty exciting as well, but in terms of the character, I thought it was really interesting to play someone who does what he does in the film — horrible things, but without being a bad guy. If you don't know what you're doing, what is the morality? Where does that come from? If you don't understand the concept of death, is what he is doing wrong? Of course it is, in a way, but at the same time, he doesn't know — he thinks they're going to a better place. He doesn't know what "Elsewhere" is, what that means. It was also a challenge to play someone who embodies "Sameness," as Father does in the movie. He's a perfect citizen, in a way. But you also have to, as an actor, find something to not make him a robot. You just want to find a little spark, somewhere in the story beneath that, where there is a connection, where you kind of understand him. So when I first read the script, I thought, "Wow, to play someone who does what he does, but to try to find some sort of empathy from the audience..."
Because he seems like a caring, loving guy, but he doesn't even know what love is.
Exactly! And how, under different circumstances, he would have been a fantastic dad. I think his instinct is to kind of take care of baby Gabriel and all the other babies at the Nurturing Center, but he doesn't understand the concepts of love or what real feelings are. Being so sedated just takes the edge off, of everything. But I do feel like towards the end of it, you do see a little something, at least. Much more at the link above
Anna Camp's IG- #trueblood 2 episodes left!!! Looks like #noomi is shocked to be #TheCURE
FYJM has an interview with Joe Manganiello.
From a interview with Alexander, mostly about The Giver at the link-
Let’s talk about True Blood. That dream sequence between Eric and Jason got people very excited. Can you tease anything about their romantic-sexual futures as the final episodes approach? The people need to know.
I can’t say much about the plot, but that was a very memorable scene. Ryan [Kwanten] is so funny. It was a very tough night for me — I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s a hilarious guy. But we knew that scene was coming. We shot that scene where he drinks my blood in season six. There wasn’t a real plan to follow through, but then when we shot it, it was strangely sensual, and Ryan and I just looked at each other after shooting that scene last year like, “We’re definitely going to see that dream sequence.” Sure enough, a couple months later we got the script, and there it was.
What was your reaction when you saw how the series ends?
I’ve been really happy with this whole season. To me, that’s Eric at his best, when he’s got one clear objective: revenge. When he’s that focused and determined, it’s so much fun to play that and hopefully watch as well. The fact that I’ve gotten to work with Kristin Bauer [van Straten] so much this season — I always miss her when we shoot seasons and we don’t get to work that much. It’s been great finishing this series side by side with Kristin. I really liked how we leave Eric at the end of this show. I’m very happy with it. Hopefully fans will be as well.

I hope "side by side" means they are together at the end, in a good way not deaddead.

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