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True Blood Cast News Post Armageddon

Question: Who is Denis O’Hare playing in Banshee? —Hayley
Ausiello: The American Horror Story vet plays Robert Philips, an FBI agent who is sent to investigate Agent Racine’s disappearance. As of now he’s booked for one episode, but I have to imagine there will be more. It’s Denis O’Hare, for chrissakes!
Denis tweeting from New Orleans while taking a break from filming AHS with Sarah Paulson.
                         from Friday's 9/05 Stand Up to Cancer telethon.
                                                   Filming The Good Wife in NY
From Ryan's twitter- Enjoyed every bloody second of working with Rutger Hauer.
Chris Bauer (shaved his hair off) performing in Mamet's play "Race" More photos.
Kristin tweeted her pic hanging w/Nelsan and McMillz at DragonCon

                                        Carrie back on the set of The Good Wife.
Joe on Hollywood Game Night, 8/28, if you missed it the first time.
                                       New American Horror story poster with Denis

Larry King gives me the heebiejeebies,
3 Wild and Crazy Former Vamps Reminisce About True Blood, Vulture talked to Denis O'Hare, James Frain, and McMillz. 
Have you kept up with the show since your characters died?
Denis O'Hare (Russell Edgington): Yes, of course! Of course. I was catching up last night. It's a very weird magical world it creates. It feels like a version of reality that's really warped.
Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin): Aside from being a part of it, I think I would have watched the show regardless. As a matter of fact, when you called, I was just catching up on last week's episode. I have about five minutes left. Now you're going to spoil it for me!
Don't worry, no spoilers here. Did you ever feel like you left the show too soon?

M.M.: I've been teased that I've been killed and resurrected more than any other character on the show! I've been very lucky. But if there were those discussions, I wasn't privy to them. That would have been happening in the writers' room.
James Frain (Franklin Mott): I would have loved to stay. At the time, I didn't know what the plan was or wasn't, or what they hoped for. But either the timing didn't work out, or the schedules didn't work out, so it was kind of an unfortunate moment. But I felt like they tied it up really well, because what can you do with someone who is this nuts? Is he going to become boring? The fact that he was pursuing Tara so relentlessly is what gave the character his arc. So it made sense and I think it worked as a story. MORE

                             Anna on Live with Kelly and Michael this week, it was a repeat.
Kristin Bauer van Straten has booked a return trip to Once Upon a Time.
EW has learned exclusively that the True Blood alum will reprise her dastardly role as villain Maleficent during the second half of Once’s upcoming season.
Could this mean that Maleficent will be season 4’s other big villain after the Frozenstoryline? It’s unclear as of now, but Bauer will be back as a recurring guest star for a big arc, so here’s hoping this means the show will dive more into her past, as well as Aurora’s history.
The last we saw of Maleficent, she was locked away in a cave under the clock tower, stuck in dragon form until she was slain by Emma in the season 1 finale. She then came back in nightmarish zombie form at the end of season 2.

Right there on the front of our New Zealand Heroes Issue is the quintessential Kiwi hero herself, Anna Paquin. This issue of Remix is being released nationwide the exact same day as the hugely popular television series True Blood airs its final episode, which Paquin has been the lead role in for the last seven seasons. Read our exclusive interview and see Anna like never before on page 96.
                                             Jess's last Blog which has her wedding album.
Having this blog as a record of my early memories in Bon Temps -- it means the world to me. I’ve got one last thing to share before I sign off for good. Pictures from my wedding! Can you believe it? Hoyt and I are married! It all happened so fast but I’m glad we took the leap. It just feels right to be on this journey with him.
You’ve all felt like my family, and even though you couldn’t be there to share the big day with me, I know you were all there in spirit.
By the way, my favorite picture is Hoyt sitting in Bill’s chair looking very “stately.” Perhaps he has a new calling -- mayor? I may be overreaching, but I wouldn’t mind being first lady of Bon Temps…
Forever yours,
Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

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