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May Be the Last Time

E7, May Be the Last Time   Director Simon Jayes, Writer Craig Chester
Sookie looks for a miracle; Eric and Pam close in on Sarah; Adilyn and Wade find refuge (?) with Violet. UPDATE Eric, Pam  and Mr. Gus close in on Sarah in Dallas. Adilyn  and Wade find a temporary haven, and unexpected hospitality. Refusing to accept the inevitable, a desperate Sookie turns to unexpected resources (Niall?) in search of a miracle. Bill recalls the inexorable forces that led him to his marriage 170 years earlier. A familiar face (Dr Ludwig) resurfaces in Bon Temps. Sam  faces a quandary. (castings, spoilers )
Photos from HBO, IHFS and me.

Gotta say though I am so over Bill's old timey flashbacks, this time they looked better. They used a filter and a very good wig for ol Billy, he looked like his Ultraviolet younger self, almost.. Recaparama time, whole articles at the links.-
From Brian at the Backlot, topping again and he ain't a happy campblooder.
Arlene is alone and wasted – Kyle appears as Roy Orbison sings about dreams and he dances with her. She tells him that she has Hep V and they can’t bang, and he replies, “Then let’s just dance.” Oh! That was almost cute.
Violet wakes up, throws Wade – in his boxers – across the room, and handcuffs Adilyn to the bed. Ugh. Jess will arrive to save the day in 3…2…
Eric wakes up Pam and they think they’ve been left behind, but Gus Jr. is waiting for them, and they pull up on Sarah’s hiding spot just as she’s being haunted by the ghost of her dead gay vampire husband (Michael McMillian), her dead guru, and the unconvincing severed head of the Governor. There’s a skirmish between Christianity and Buddhism, but then Eric, Pam and The Fast and the Furious: Texas Yakuza show up. Sarah says, “I choose myself.”
Sookie and Bill do it in front of the fireplace in a scene that is probably meant to be moving but is really just kind of gross.
Notably Dead: Amber Mills of Grain,
Notably Absent: James, Nicole, Willa, Ginger, Tara, Rev. Daniels
Sarah Newlin chooses herself, and I reserve the same right: I’m choosing to take a walk around the block and enjoy the sunshine rather than spend any more time discussing one of the worst hours of television I’ve seen in years. And I used to watch Under the Dome!!!
I give it one WTF, for Riley Smith’s billiard skills:
Zap2ItThe goal of "True Blood's" seventh and final season was to get (maybe) fated loves Bill and Sookie back together again, and it only took until episode 7, fittingly titled "May Be The Last Time," to make that happen.
After exhausting seemingly every other option -- including bringing back Dr. Ludwig (Marcia de Rousse) and Niall Brigant (Rutger Hauer) -- Sookie finally settled for just spending the remaining time Bill has left with him. That, of course, means make out sessions in the doorway and sex on the floor like the good old days.
But is there a future for Bill? At the rate at which the Hep-V is spreading in his body, it seems unlikely that Sarah's blood will be used as a cure for him in time. With Sookie and Bill already back together with three more episodes until the finale, it seems less and less likely that he'll make it out of "True Blood" alive.
One thing we'd be happy to see die the true death is these circa-1800s Bill flashbacks. They've been going on for far too long, and taking way too long to get to the point. We can only handle bad Stephen Moyer wigs for so long, and it's crossed the breaking point.

Turned out he wasn't Violet searching, that's stretched out one more week, he was part of Sarah Newlin's ghosts of xmas pasts, including Steve Newlin and headless yogi.
TVline's recap-As I Get Laid Dying
CASE OF THE EXES | Speaking of Numi, the former Mrs. Newlin had herself a full-on mental breakdown this week, which reunited her with the most important men in her life — including gay ex-husband Steve and headless ex-lover Governor Burrell. It also gave Jason an excuse to recreate his iconic football look from Season 2. (I call it “iconic” because it’s one of the first results when you Google “Ryan Kwanten,” which I have done. Many, many times.) It wasn’t all fun and games, though, as the men of Numi’s past were merely appearing to warn her about her impending death… but that’s really her problem, not ours.
Oh Hai Puffy Chests R Us now with added HepV.
                        Remember when not everyone and their mother knew about Fort Bellfleur?
The calls are coming from inside the house.
So Violent takes the underage hormones to the Adams Family house.
no comment.
EW's much longer recap at the link. Hoyt returns, with a +1: To quote Arlene upon seeing Hoyt's microbiologist girlfriend Brigette, "s--------t." Arlene phones Jason and interrupts him vacuuming in his boxers to tell him Hoyt's in town and doesn't know him. Brigette looks like Crystal, Jason's werepanther ex (and Parrack's girlfriend in RL, at first I thiught it wa sher than remembered the casting)—maybe that's why he can't take his eyes off of her. Or, maybe he's just so afraid of history repeating itself re: Jessica, he can't NOT look at her. Either way, you kinda wanted to slap Jason because he should be thinking about Jessica since they just slept together. (Does this mean they won't end up together? Or is it just that Jason Stackhouse is always going to look, and the maturity is that he won't touch?)
Brigitte seems a bit too interested in Jason at Bellefleur's, but by the time they all get to the morgue so Hoyt can see the body ("God, what I wouldn't give for one more guilt trip"—ha), her focus is back on Hoyt. She asks Jason to talk to him, since he knew Maxine. Jason lies and tells Hoyt that Maxine wasn't one of the vigilantes that night she died and that they had captured the vampire who did this to her. That's incredibly kind of Jason, but also, would Hoyt really buy that his mother, of all people, wouldn't have taken up arms with Vince? Still, the guys hug, and you wonder if that's it: Will Hoyt leave, or will he stick around? His girlfriend being a microbiologist seems fortuitous...(dont forget episode synopses says he gets memories!)

Did we learn nothing from Bill facing down from that tree? Not a good look.
Will he or won't he end Amber, even though Pam likes her? Seems like self control goes out the window when Eric thinks of Sarah. Bye Amber. Why didn't Mr Gus have scientists all over that cured blood?
that he is Gus and you ain't bad either.
NYTime's ArtsBeat-For the second week in a row, an episode opened with Eric’s story, which is where most of the action is at the moment. The vampire Amber was being questioned about her sister Sarah’s whereabouts when Eric lost control and turned her into a blood puddle. Gus Jr. of the Yakonomo Corporation wasn’t amused but it was a temporary setback, as Yakonomo used a Japanese spy satellite to track Sarah to the abandoned Light of Day Institute (which she used to run with her late husband, Reverend Steve). We last saw an increasingly addled Sarah hallucinating as Eric, Pam and the yakuza arrived at the compound.
Along the way, Gus and Eric struck a deal — essentially, Eric and Pam’s survival in return for Eric’s agreeing to be the vampire spokesman for the hep V antidote that will be synthesized from Sarah. “Why do you need us?” Eric asked, and viewers probably had the same question — there seem to be plenty of other photogenic vampires around — but apparently we’re supposed to be pleasantly surprised that Gus Jr., with his black hat and comical Texas accent (“an-TIE-dote”), is a straight shooter who keeps his promises.

Vampire ennui look.
                                            You will drink her milkshake up, in the yard.
Some point's from Hypable- They did a 50 Shades of recap - Hoyt arrives in town for his mother’s funeral, and Jason has a hard time seeing his old friend now that he has no recollection of their former friendship.
- In flashbacks, Bill’s ailing father begs him to marry a particular woman named Caroline so that when he passes, the family will have enough land to continue making money.
- We noticed a theme in this episode: The characters want to stick with the people that they love. Arlene put it on display when she explained that that’s why she hasn’t wanted to move out of Bon Temps. Sam said a similar thing on last week’s episode when Nicole wanted to move out. And of course, Sookie has had this feeling for a while now.
Will Nu Blood come to fruition and save the day? Will Bill survive and wed Sookie so they can finally live out their happily ever after? It all depends on whether or not Eric can capture (not kill) Sarah, and right now that looks highly likely.

Years later when I'm a vampire stuck between worlds I'll dig that up. It being whatever drunk Lettie or drunk dad buried out there, or Tara hid.  Not even flashback Tara, just a lil girl in the Thorntons' old house watching Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging up her yard, goofy, they must be way high to not ask first in the south. Did anyone else think Sookie was very disrespectful with Niall? Oh and another excuse for a Bill F?B, this time thru Niall, which Sookie also seems to blow off, kinda cold. 
Didnt like the calling Dr. Ludwig a dwarf, since she said she feared nothing as her demon book character would say, then she rushes off at the mention of Niall's name.
Ok, we get it, Sookie likes hanging around and running though cemetaries day or night.
the other side of the cemetary
Eonline's short rundown from KristinTrue Blood: So who's shocked at how that ended? Definitely not us. In her guilt over having infected Bill with Hep-V, Sookie showed up at his house in a little white dress and told him she'd stay with him to the end. She was soon rid of the little white dress, and they were doin' it on the floor.
Elsewhere in the episode, Adilyn and Wade were also doin' it while their parents searched for them like crazy. Unfortunately, their chosen spot for their sexcapades was Violet's sex dungeon, so she naturally took them as sex slaves. Luckily, Jessica and Adilyn are still blood-connected, so hopefully help is on the way. Plus, Hoyt's back! He showed up at Bellefleur's with his girlfriend, Bridget, before meeting with an "Officer Stackhouse" about his mother's death. Watching Jason pretend yet again—though this time in person—that he and Hoyt don't know each other was super sad, and it got even sadder when all Jason could focus on was how hot Bridget was.
Meanwhile, after she told them that Sarah was the cure but refused to give up her location, Eric staked Amber. He, Pam, and the Yakuza tracked Sarah down using satellites, while Sarah hung out at the Light of Day Institute, being haunted by the ghosts of lovers past.
What have you done Violent? Who will off her I wonder, Jess or Jase? She seems like the type to make a big deal out of hari-kari type of death with honor exit. She also has the Vampire Ennui look and wait, one more dans le meme stye, Tubill.

                   Tub boy should be in every episode so whether he is or not tonight, he is here.
Sookie and Jess have the same clothes on as last ep, so Dr. Ludwig must get there before the kids go missing. Bill might be making that face from an injection she gives him or it's Sookie waking him up. Anyway, I wanted the Doc to have some formula to save Puffy, so she'd be back again.
The Hollywood Reporter talked to Carrie, click to read it all- 
Arlene doesn't have the greatest luck with romance. Is she concerned about starting something with Keith?
I think that’s part of what she's feeling when he shows up at the bar after she talks with Sam. She hasn't ever been able to have a relationship that worked out. She thought that Terry was it, and he was just too damaged and too hurt and gave in to his own pain—we all have the potential to give in to our own pain if it gets too great.
But at the same time, Arlene is a survivor. She's certainly someone who people now turn to for advice for how to get through these tough times, because she's living to tell. I think she becomes someone to look up to, an example of someone who can overcome even the greatest of obstacles.
Where is their relationship headed this season?
She's so relieved that there's somebody there for her, that just wants to be there. It's really the start of their relationship. You feel a sense of real relief from Arlene that she’s got somebody to lean on. I think you're going to get the sense in this episode that this relationship is definitely has roots, and that those roots are only going to get deeper.
Will her time as a prisoner in Fangtasia affect them?
Not in any obvious way—it's more in a PTSD kind of way. I think all of the characters are really shaken up and feeling displaced and looking for a touchstone, looking for comfort from others. In a way, it's very much about relationships in the end.
TVFanatic biteLafayette put aside his differences with his aunt to help her find some peace, but they were interrupted before they could find out just what Tara was trying to show them. We left them digging holes like a couple of meth heads Jesse Pinkman would know.
Dr. Ludwig made her first appearance since True Blood Season 4 where we saw her trying to help Pam get over her decomposing curse, but my favorite face from the past had to be Steve Newlin. He hilariously tormented Sarah's hallucinations, but her paranoia will prove real once Eric and the 2 Fast 2 Furious crew catch up with her.
I'm a bit paranoid as well at the prospect of Japanese satellites being able to find me too.
I guess I should take a page out of Sookie's book, who handled the news that Niall is always watching her rather well, all things considered.
Lastly, we were force fed another series of Bill flashbacks. We learned that his marriage was arranged. Lucky for him the woman they chose wasn't as "comely" as he had anticipated. The nature of their relationship is interesting, though, when coupled with Niall telling Sookie how he didn't think Bill was right for her. 
Sookie chose to be with Bill to the end regardless. 
Perhaps a baby is in her future, a baby from Bill. Perhaps in his weakened state, with the virus changing his body, procreation could occur with a human. With just three episodes to go, we won't have long to wait and see

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