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Fangovering True Blood Week Six of the Final Season

The HBO preview takes a long time to open, so replacing with the YT.
16 seconds, 16!
Sleep Out Broadway.  Why I'm Sleeping Out- Homelessness is a sign of the failure of the promise of America. And homelessness amongst our youngest citizens is an especially tragic failure. As a society, we must restore this promise. I promise to do what I can. Give whatever you ca Denis' goal is only $5000, True Blood fans can do this.

Kristin talks to AfterEllen about the end of TB- AE: What do you think you’re going to miss most about it?
KB: I’m gonna miss the set. That’s really my favorite thing about acting. I’m a carnie and I really love living on this set with this dysfunctional but chosen family. And these particular people are just exceptional to me, and I know them so well. They accept me, warts and all, and choices and all, and viewpoints and all. And we not only accept each other, we like and support each other, so I’ve had a lot of feelings about family, and what that means as an adult with the family you choose. Because sometimes our DNA family, we kind of get each other, if we’re lucky, and we accept each other to a certain degree but there’s a lot of water under the bridge. But this family, my most objectionable trait—which would be my bluntness—they pay me for! They find my bluntness funny! They actually enjoy me. So that unconditional love and acceptance that you can usually only get from your dog, I actually got on this set.

KB: For me as an actress, I feel that Pam has gotten a huge evolution from the beginning, as far as us getting to know her. Because she really was tough as nails, and by season three we started to see how incredibly vulnerable she was in regard to Eric. I’ve always said: everybody has one person. The toughest people that we know, the most unlikeable assholes we know, have a spouse. And Eric is her one person. And as we’ve gotten to see her flashbacks and her making, we found out more why that was. But going into Season 7, Pam chose Eric again above all else. And now that he’s ill with Hep-V it’s probably her most vulnerable season. Because she actually could lose him. And as an actor, that’s been a huge gift to play dire circumstances. And it’s also been so linear and clean for me and for Pam over the years. You know, she’s stayed very consistent and we’ve just gotten to know her better and better. But this season, because of the circumstances, she has to dig deep into a strength we haven’t seen, and also a vulnerability that we’ll see even more.
Joe in Men's Health Greece Some of these pics look like someone photoshopped his face, not in a good way either.

Since they met up at Comic Con, Anna and Stephen have tweeted with Kurt Sutter of SOA (my other show) and might be on the SOA finale later this year.
Interview with Natalie Hall, Amber Crabtree's actress-
Q) The cast has become so close after filming together for so many years already. Did the chemistry come naturally when you began working with the cast or did you take some time to bond?
A) It’s interesting with the show because it is such a big cast that everyone sort of lives in their own different world. I didn’t work with Anna Paquin, Nelsan Ellis or some of the other characters. I worked with Alexander, Kristen and Anna Camp. I can’t tell you how nice they were, so down to earth and so professional. They were so lovely to work with. Alexander was great and they were very, very kind. I can’t tell you how easy they were to work with and how lovely. Kristen was so cool and so chill. I think she is so awesome. It was was probably one of the most open, kind sets I have ever been on.
Q) Was there anyone you didn’t get to film with that you hoped to have scenes with?
A) Anna Paquin would have been great to film with because she is so talented and she is the lead of the show. Honestly, all the actors are so great on the show that I would have been happy working with any of them. I am really thankful that it was Alexander, Kristen and Anna Camp. I think they are all such talents and they take it very seriously. You can tell they love their jobs. They enjoy it. I’m really thankful that I got to work with them.MORE

Clowning around.
The actress applauds what a great season it's been for her as an actor, given the range of emotions that have gone into her scenes. Fans are also on board – they erupted in cheers when Bauer mentioned the Eric and Pam backstory.
Obviously, Bauer's first choice is to remain a vampire, but if she had to be another supe, she would shape shift. The animal lover mentioned how fun it would be to fly – although not as a fly (Sam can speak to that).
Bauer developed Pam's signature accent to service her dialogue… as she explained, "You have to lower your voice to say something like 'Republic*nt.' "
At an X-Box panel, Bauer explained why vamps make such excellent gamers: "Vamp speed works with our thumbs. Plus, we stay up all night and the whole world is asleep, so if you’re not feeding, you’re gaming – with vamp speed." Her choice for the best True Blood video game character? "Who could beat Eric? I think Pam is very fierce, but she’s not quite as fierce as Eric."
Bauer snapped a shot of the True Blood-themed dessert

                     Damn, Denis is pimping those shades at the Sundance Labs

HuffPo interview with Adina Porter, our cracra Lettie Mae-
The sun is setting on the fictional Louisiana town of Bon Temps as True Bloodgnashes through its final season, and Lettie Mae is definitely back home and killing it as one of TV's most awful moms. "I think that's why I'm there, that family dynamic," Porter slyly remarks. "There's that expression, 'If it's not one thing, it's your mother.'"
Porter reveals at the time of our interview that neither she nor Wesley had watched their final scene from season six when Lettie Mae offers her own blood. "It's not what I'd call a pleasant memory," she says, "but it was pleasant to take whatever grief you have and use it, and leave it there, and be able to walk away from it, and know that it's in a safe place, being used constructively."

When asked to describe her character's evolution through the years, she hints at Lettie Mae's ultimate trajectory. "If you've got that DNA," she suggests, "you've either got to fight really, really hard or you're going to come out the way the DNA was arranged. From beginning to end? Maybe sometimes it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks."
As to any more details she could provide about upcoming episodes, Porter replies, "It's like a quilt. I know my square, but I don't really know all the other ones. When I do ADR work, I'm like, 'Whoa, that's what we did?' I'm always a little shocked when I see what was actually done with the raw footage that I shot. I'm very much enjoying going along with the ride with everybody else."

You'd scarcely recognize Porter in her Newsroom role if you're expecting someone similar to Lettie Mae. She's polished, professional and quite becoming, and I talked to her about image and beauty in the entertainment world. As a woman of color, she feels "incredibly lucky to be an actor at this period in history. I'm able to work in this business, and look put-together, sexy even, with natural hair. We just lost Ruby Dee; she would not have been able to wear an Afro on television. There would have been no way. I know how lucky I am that I happen to be in the business as times change." Longer at the link.

Lauren Bowles talks to PopSugar about the season

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