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Fangovering and Howling at the Moon

Joe Manganiello is on the Tonight Show Wednesday 7/09, Janina was there to say hi to her friends, Amir and Joe.
Kristin tweeted that she is in the new US Weekly
“I did [watch] because I’m very fond of him,” Charlaine Harris told of Joe. “He’s a lovely guy, inwardly and outwardly, and I was very surprised, because, of course, that isn’t how my books end, but then, I didn’t really expect them to go out the way my books did. They haven’t really followed them significantly, which is fine, but it just leaves me wondering who else will bite the dust before the series is over.”

Speaking exclusively to SciFiNow, True Blood Season 7 star Kristin Bauer van Straten says that there’s no reason for the story to end when it comes to her character, the arch vampire queen Pam – mistress of the withering put-down.
“I probably would [be up for a spin-off],” Bauer van Straten told us, “especially right now because I love Pam so much.
“I can’t see why True Blood can’t make a movie, when you look back on the shows that did. I just think if we had the right script, then we and the fans would be interested. It all starts with the writing.”
A movie would be the perfect way to cap off the show, as for Bauer van Straten who’s spent five years putting the vamp into vampire, it’s hard to let go.
“I can’t believe I won’t be putting on those corsets and high heels next January,” she admits. “I love this character so much, I could never get bored of her or hanging out with [Eric Northman star Alex] Skarsgård. Every series has to end at some point, unless it’s The Simpsons.

Stephen Moyer will be on Live with Kelly and Michael (ABC's morning show) Friday, July 18 at 9am EST.
Ej and Stephen talk about: Stephen’s kids, the origin of his stage name, what his birth name originally was, he tells a great sweet story about a mentor of his and when he found out about his passing, why he had the nickname “Dick” as a youth, Deborah Ann Woll joins us to talk about the Bill and Jessica relationship and much more!!
From Carrie's Twitter-This is how we feel about ending..
Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
Kristin Bauer was with us. Her show on HBO, True Blood’ is back for the seventh and final season during which fans may or may not get answers to all their questions.
Kristin's Q&A is here

Which is your favorite Pam outfit?
Kristin Bauer van Straten says:
There's so many! Audrey Fischer is a genius. I think amazingly, the yellow jumpsuit popped into my mind. The least Pam outfit for all seven years popped into my head first! The corset, a signature Pam look, a nod back to her 1905 past to when she was made into a vampire. Anything with a black leather corset!

RIP Maxine, Dale Raoul you were great when you had the chance to be, like with Tommy or as Tommy playing Maxine, lol.

           I'll miss you too Alcide.

Ep. 74: Preview
Next week we finally see Jamie Luner, I'm sure she dies right after, it's the theme,
We need to do a Dead pool, who will Sookie get killed next? Nicole? Bill? Jason?
                      Bye Y'all, wolfie, Maxine and we hardly knew ye Silvie.

Jess's blog is all maudlin, just like us-
I’ve been kind of numb for weeks now. Some days are easier than others, you know? Then in the blink of an eye everything changes and there’s this pain that won’t go away. It’s different from the dull pain of being numb, or the physical pain of being shot -- God, does that hurt -- but even that type of pain can still be stuffed under the surface. Instead, this pain, this grief, is raw and sharp and so intense that it’s impossible for me to ignore.
Watching Alcide’s murder, and Sookie’s reaction, was unreal. For a moment everything froze. And just as quickly the shock was gone, sound returned, and all I could hear was the ringing of Sookie’s cry. It’s as if I could see the grief gripping and tugging at her heart. I can only imagine what that type of love and loss must feel like. I’m not saying I don’t know what it’s like to experience loss, but this wasn’t the same as losing my grandparents or even Tara, for that matter. The hurt in Sookie’s eyes looked different. I guess the closest I’ve come to understanding her pain was having to say goodbye to Hoyt, but even that doesn’t come close. I could tell Alcide really loved her.
Sookie was the first person to show me real kindness after being made vampire -- sort of like a big sister. I could always go to her when I thought Bill was being unreasonable, or if I wanted to do something I didn’t want him to know about, and she would cover for me. The moment I looked into her eyes after Alcide was killed, I wanted to be there for her. I wanted to carry this pain for her, because I could see it was too much to bear. If only for a brief moment, I could be the big sister.

                                           Joe in Sabotage with Ahnold.

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