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Fire in the Hole

That splat must be whoever Vince (aka Putin) shot, who could it be? Not one of the our gang, and not, thankfully,  Violet (I love her). Tonite we see Sarah Newlin, sorry but the blush is off the rose for that cold hearted murderer for me, and the beautiful Gabriella Wright as Sylvie the Frenchie, (supposedly hooks up with Eric but we shall see). Sarah is the one doing yoga, meh.
E3: "Fire in the Hole" July 6th, Written by Brian Buckner, Lee Rose is directing.Sookie (Anna Paquin) hatches a dangerous plan to take down the H-Vamps, even as Vince (Brett Rickaby) and his armed vigilantes pose an equally serious threat. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) gets high with James (Nathan Parsons); Jason (Ryan Kwanten) eyes a family future with Violet (Karolina Wydra); Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) is forced to find a new place to stay; Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) sheds her past. Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) offers Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) a compelling reason to return to Louisiana – and be the vampire he used to be.” More in castings and these spoiler posts. HBO photos, My caps, Gifs from IHFS and PopculturePlayground.

The exclusive EW video from last month is now on youtube.

Ep. 73: Preview
Starting the Recaparama with TVLine's, same deal for years, read in full at links-
Desperate to save her friends — and Sam’s pregnant girlfriend — from the basement of Fangtasia, Sookie hatched one of her classic half-baked plans to lure the Hep-V vampires into the open. Bill followed along, mostly to take part in the maiming, but also to spend time with his ex, who’s apparently been having massive doubts about her love for Alcide. “Maybe you’ll grow to love him more,” Bill said, a sentence not even he believed.
Now here’s the craziest part: Sookie’s plan actually kind of worked! Then, without (enough) warning, a bullet pelted Alcide in the forehead, sending his giant naked body tumbling to the ground. Given the opportunity to bring him back as a vampire, Sookie declined, sealing Alcide’s fate forever.
AS HE LAY DYING | Is semi-irrelevant nostalgia a side effect of Hep-V? It must be, because Eric spent the entire hour reflecting on Sylvie, a delightful French gal he used to bang back in the late ’80s. It was right around the introduction of Tru Blood, and Eric’s refusal to go along with the Authority’s plan cost him the life of his sweet, sweet Sylvie. (He was actually forced to choose between saving Sylvie or Pam, and I’ll give you one guess which choice he made).

He did love Sylvie though. That Gus, get the fuck off the bus. Are y'all laughing about another fucking Authority? Where's Russell to end this?
                                  Doesn't this just make things easier to swallow?
Chicago Now's--“Fire in the Hole” fell into an all too familiar pattern of True Blood episodes; for fifty minutes barely anything happened, and then the last ten minutes came along and flipped the story for the rest of the season.
True Blood certainly isn’t wasting any time narrowing down its characters. One of the chief complaints of the latter seasons has been the overabundance of characters and plotlines crowding the narratives. Well the writers aren’t letting that complaint get lodged at its final season. And to prevent that they have implemented a new rule: a (somewhat) major character dies every other episode.
So rest in peace Alcide, though your storylines bored me to tears I shall miss your misadventures in remaining clothed.
Pam played that well, revenge stirs a Viking to action!
MTV's BItes- Maxine Fortenberry’s death definitely didn’t make up for Alcide’s, but it did give us a reason to approve of Jason’s relationship with Violet. Little Stackhouse, Andy, Jessica, and Violet were on the road looking for Sookie when they ran into the gang of gun-toting, angry Bon Temps hillbillies, who were all freshly invigorated after messing with Sam. Maxine, however, finally — FINALLY — met her maker when she basically called Jessica a whore, which (surprisingly) annoyed Violet to the point of ripping the obnoxious woman’s still-beating heart right out of her chest. We’ll take it!
Eric Gets A Flashback-
Um, well, okay.
I guess the show could only focus on the demise of ONE of Sookie’s eligible bachelors this week, so Eric’s unfortunate Hep-V drama was largely shelved in favor of an ’80s flashback. I’m bummed that we didn’t get much more detail regarding Eric’s current… situation, but happy that we got to see just how deep his loyalty to Pamcakes really goes, because it is (and always has been) one of the strongest relationships on the show.
I went screencapping happy and now forget which are from the next episode. Here's a few and after I see Fire in the Hole I'll add or delete the correct ones, I had some fucked up week so please bear with me. Gifs from IHFS 
IGN's take on the episode- Eric's flashback thankfully wound up feeding into an actual story and the Yakanomo Corporation, who helped invent and manufacture Tru Blood, are now being brought out as final year villains. And of course they want Sarah dead. She used their product to poison vamps and she killed Ms. Suzuki with her shoe. Though they do leave a bit to be desired in thethoroughness department. They don't even think to look around the yoga dude's house? The guy didn't even say he didn't know where she was. He said he wouldn't tell them where she was. Which means he did know. Which means they could be terrible terrible hit men. This isn't to say Eric's flashback scenes were perfect all the way through. And no, I'm not only talking about his Hall & Oates hair. I just didn't really buy Eric's attachment to Sylvie. Sure, he chose Pam in a crunch when the Yakanomo thugs said one of the ladies had to die, but it took a while for him to choose. And he really seemed gutted when Sylvie was run through. I guess it just didn't seem right for Eric to have fallen so hard a chick who seemed so inconsequential. Especially after nearly a thousand years of playing, and plowing, the global field.
Forget show canon, vamps get high in the final season, must ignore this.
Musings and Miscellanea from Collider:
– “St. Petersburg, Eric? You know how I hate the Russian people” – Pam, being salty.
– The surprise of Sarah Newlin in the cold open was all we needed of her character, thanks.
– “I’ve lost my taste for oysters, Pam” – Eric, until he finds out Sarah Newlin is still alive.
– “I’m sick of waiting. Come on, y’all! I taste like sunshine and flowers, and I’m right fucking here!” – Sookie, losing her mind after about an hour, and going straight into cutting her arm.
– Stephen Moyer should not be shoot from below, apparently.
– The exchange between Reverend Daniels and Willa was sweet, but snooze! The same is true for all of the interactions with James. He just brings the energy down. Yes, these are character-building moments, but with the wrong characters! (Except for LaFayette).
– Whoever is in charge of photoshopping for the show needs to take a course on it. The pictures the Stackhouse’s home, especially any of their grandmother spliced in with baby Sookie and Jason, are laughably bad.
– One day, a really bored person will draw a map of Bon Temps and the two streets the town apparently has, mapping what routes characters take places. There is no sense of orientation or space or anything on the show when it comes to where people are, where they’re going, or how they get there.
– R.I.P. Maxine Fortenberry and her baggy high-water pants. It was an epic death, but at the hands of such an irritating character, it also lacked some kind of satisfaction.
– R.I.P., Alcide. Your studliness will never be rivaled.

From the HollywoodGossip-Eric somehow escaped death when the sun hit him (will that ever be explained), only to contract Hep V (will that ever be explained?) and then tonight we were treated to a VERY long flashback in which we learned he chose to save the life of Pam over some French woman named Sylvie in 1986.
See, he had upset The Authority by not acting covert enough in his lovemaking and the corporation behind Tru Blood wasn't happy. So they flew to France and forced Eric to choose between his progeny and his girlfriend. He chose Pam.
Why was this brought up now? Why did it cause Eric essentially give up on life after all these years? We have no idea.

this gif is still making me laugh, please Al, get a wolfie chick next time.  Wow that was a surprise, didnt think the rumors all weekend were true, thaz not right. Bye wolfie, crappy way to go, a redneck shot you in the shoulder and it killed a werewolf, wtf? RIP man meat.
TVLine has an interview with Joe
 TVLINE | Alcide was killed by some random hillbilly person. Is there any part of you that wishes you’d been given a more epic death, one that felt like it had some build-up?Yeah, I guess there’s a part of me [that feels that way.] I just died naked in the woods, killed by some random hillbilly. Then again, I’m glad one of the vampires didn’t do it, because you don’t want any of them having bragging rights moving forward. It would have been great if I’d gotten to kill 40 people on the way to my death; that’s how I would have wanted to go. But I understand we were pressed for time
.True to the End site's Joe interview-By Diana Band
Joe Manganiello joined ‘True Blood’ during season 3, and what was only supposed to be a guest role turned into a gig spanning five seasons. He may not be a werewolf in real life, but he’s got a sixth sense for things and he claims he really does “run hot.” tracked down everyone’s favorite werewolf to talk about his time on ‘True Blood’, plans for “the sock,” and idea for a Sookie/Alcide spin-off show.

When did you find that Alcide would be killed off?
I called it pretty early on. As soon as Sookie and Alcide got together, I remember turning to a friend and saying, “I’m dead.” You can’t go anywhere from that; she needs to settle up with Bill and Eric. You can’t have her break Alcide’s heart, because then the audience is going to be angry with her for breaking the nice guy’s heart. I told my friend, “I bet you everything I own that I’m dead.” The other side of it is, if you look at all the other characters, Alcide no longer has anything to do with the story. If you talk about characters that you could kill and make an impact with, I was probably No. 1 on that list. Why would you keep me around? All Alcide ever did was get in the way. I had dinner with [showrunner] Brian Buckner and he cited all the same reasons I just told you.
Even though you knew that once you got the girl you were dead, what was it like for that to finally come together? After all, Alcide’s been pining after Sookie for seasons…
It was good, but at the same time, it made no sense. She’s got these two psychotic ex-boyfriends who have either tried to kill her or have been involved in some plot to kill her. And there’s these roving packs of infected vampires, and it’s still like, “Let’s keep on living here. Let’s stay in this town.” What? [Laughs.] Alcide’s a contractor. They make pretty good money. Shouldn’t he be like, “Let’s take that money and move to Bermuda. Let’s not see Bill every day at the diner. Let’s leave!” [Laughs.]
When Alcide offers to drive them out of town in the second episode, and she refuses, all I could think was, “Oh, girl, no. Get out while you still can!”
Yeah! I would have been like, “Here, drink this drink.” And I would have roofied it and then stuck her on a plane and then we’d be gone. She would have woken up in some tropical place and never thought of crazy vampire town ever again. ‘Sookie and Alcide go to Bermuda’ -- that’s my spin-off show. [Laughs.]
What was your favorite season of ‘True Blood’?
Season 3. It was my first year, and I liked the idea of a biker outlaw pack of werewolves tearing through towns and that my character was the hero werewolf who stood up to them. I also enjoyed the mythology that was built into season 3, with Russell Edgington feeding the wolves vampire blood and having them under his control, and how Alcide, as the hero, worked to break that spell and free his own people. There’s a bit of Moses in that.
So if you could be any supe, you’d be a vampire?
Nah, I’d be a werewolf for sure. [Pause.] I mean, probably a werewolf? I guess? Eh…vampires versus werewolves is tricky. I’d have to sit down and think about it. The whole immortality thing is enticing, but I don’t know if it’s completely worth it. It seems like at some point you’re going to feel trapped. Although it would be amazing to have all that time to develop and learn everything about the world. It’d be hard to say no to. But I think I could do a lot with it. I really think I could figure out how to maximize it. I’ve got ideas. [Laughs.]
Could you see yourself playing another supernatural character in the future?
Yeah, I’ll think I’ll play a vampire before it’s all said and done. more

HITFIX's recap-There’s some new pieces of vampire lore parceled out tonight, for those who get excited about that sort of thing. Bill, who has lost his ability to sense when Sookie is in danger, explains that, after being drained dry and then revived at the camp, he has become a different vampire—news that throws Sookie for a loop, so that she asks whether he’s “not the same vampire who did all those horrible things to me.” (She accepts his assurance that, though this is technically the case, he still feels just terrible about those awful things.) And Lafayette gets high with the new James—a puckish fellow who sounds as if his lines are being dubbed by Keanu Reeves—by taking pills and letting James taste his blood. (The new James was forced to step in to replace the old James after the actor who played the role last season reportedly quit rather than participate in same-sex-romance scenes with Lafayette, so there’s not a lot of suspense about where this might be going, either.) This weirdly intimate method of getting a buzz on is necessary for James because vampires, check this out, can’t swallow pills. As Marlon Brando put it in “Last Tango in Paris,” “Good excuse.”
Zap2It is echoing the theme, Sookie is an idiot (the last 2 seasons) -Sookie is and always has been a person who can only take care of herself -- if that. She frequently put herself in harm's way, often at the danger of others. This time, Alcide paid the price because she decided to use herself as bait to kill the Hep-V vampires -- who, it should be noted, had ravished an entire town.
If ever there was a time for a wakeup call for Sookie, hopefully this is it. She's dealt with a lot of loss in her life, and not always has it been her fault (even if it sometimes is supposed to feel like it is). This time, though, her actions killed the man she loved -- even if she didn't love him as much as he loved her. And with the characters of "True Blood" dropping left and right, she better be careful about who she intentionally or unintentionally leads to death's door next.

              Bill sitting in a tree and whoaaaaaaaa! 

Sam and Alcide save Bill, It's a bird, it's a crane, then it's Dean the dog


  1. Lol. Bill shouldn't be photographed from below. I agree. He also shouldn't have done that scene at the photographers. Looked older than he looked when they actually filmed the wartime scene, because he is!!

    1. Note to us femmes, when on top, dont look down, let's learn from Bill's mistakes. He looked rough, like Skars hair, wouldnt he have had the long hair in 1986? There I go, thinking again and I swore I wouldnt this last season.