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E6: "Karma"  July 27. Written by Angela Robinson; directed by Angela Robinson.
A shocking discovery forces Sookie  to reassess her recent involvement with Bill . In Dallas, Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance in their hunt for a shared nemesis. Andy  bickers with Holly about their children's behavior; Lafayette shares a vision with Lettie Mae; Jason owns up to his true feelings about Violet ; Sam finds himself in a quandary regarding Nicole.MORE

Bill, (who in the books is a techie, see the laptop, lol) seems to be calling someone after he gets out of the tub. Maybe the support group  law office he goes to? Jess overhears that he has HepV, well if she looked at him, she'd know. His veins look they were drawn on with a sharpie. I wish they kept to show canon with vamps being weak during the day, seemed like Jess was fine, inviting Sookie and Jason over. The hepv vamps should have been like the Fangtasia basement ones, if you want to keep it real. 
Jason is too stupid, to let a jealous Violet anywhere south of his waist was cruisazy. At least Jess has some brains and will sense where the dummy fae Addy is, after she's taken with Wade. I really wish we didnt waste precious few hours we have on these type of storylines, I could give a fuck really. We see Violet in the new promo and um, well I'll put it in spoilers, but she does look beauteous.
Let's start the weekly RECAPARAMA with the NY Times ArtsBeat- The Sickness and the Cure. 
After last week’s relative calm, all these outbursts could be the beginning of the buildup to the show’s endgame, though none of the story lines currently in place feel all that earth-shaking. Despite the flash of humor when Bill lost patience with the lawyer, his thread was notably, almost comically somber, right down to the cello leitmotif that accompanied it. Jessica, overhearing Bill tell the lawyer’s office that he was infected, informed Jason and Sookie, and Sookie realized that she could have infected Bill after she was drenched in Hep-V blood a few weeks back. Tests confirmed that she’s a carrier (gay-plague allegory alert), and the episode ended with her and Jessica tearfully confronting Bill, back from his fruitless errand. Stephen Moyer, as Bill, seems as if he could be playing any middle-aged guy with a really big prostate, but maybe that’s the idea.
Meanwhile, Vampire Bachelor No. 2, Eric Northman, was first seen in the immediate aftermath of his killing and dismemberment of the Japanese mobster Hiroki. Staggering around, woozy from his infection, carrying the jawbone of a yakuza, Eric still dispatched a good number of sword-wielding baddies before surrendering to save Pam. Taken to Yakonomo H.Q. in a fleet of muscle cars in “Fast & Furious” colors, he and Pam had their burning encounter with Gus Jr. before heading to Sarah’s sister’s house. Amber answered the door, whereupon Eric grabbed her by the throat and growled, “How come you’re healed?”

             Jason discusses his 99 problems with Violet and Sookie still feels Billy.
Zap2It's bit of recap-It turns out that not only is Bill infected with Hep-V, but Sookie was the one who infected him. To make matters worse, her fairy blood is causing the disease to spread inside him at a rapid rate, thus leading to a quicker death. Whoops!
But since it would be too tragic to lose both Eric and Bill to Hep-V by the end of Season 7, "Karma" also revealed the cure for the fatal disease: Sarah Newlin. Yes, the lovely Miss Sarah Newlin is the antidote for the same disease she concocted that has infected the entire world's population. What's that saying about karma being the B-word, again?
Now the question is whether or not Sarah will be able to serve as a cure for the vampire and human populations fast enough to save Bill. Hopefully we aren't alone in hoping that the three people who learned Sarah is the antidote at the end of "Karma" -- Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus Jr., the North American president of the Yakamoto Corporation -- team up to bottle her blood and ship it around the world, leaving her to die. That's certainly the karma she deserves for wreaking this havoc upon the world.

Violent Violet lives up to her nick, cant blame her she is pissed. I think she is so upfront and blunt that she mught have shared Jason with Jess if only she was asked. 
Here's TVLine's recap bite, hmm, they used my name for Violet that I have been using all this season, oy.
YA DIG? | In an attempt to prove that Lettie Mae’s visions of Tara were merely drug-induced hallucinations, Lafayette agreed to join her on one last V trip — and oh, what a trip it was. They both ended up seeing Tara, who hopped down off her cross and led them to her childhood home, where she started digging like a crazy person. Reverend Buzzkill busted in and broke up the fun before LaLa and Crazy Pants discovered why Tara was tearing up the ground, but they’re determined to find out. ( James was also waiting for Lafayette when he came home, which was sweet, albeit a case of breaking and entering.)
TROUBLE IN PARADISE | Nicole and Sam’s relationship has never been a traditional one, but now it’s looking like they might not even have a future together. Following last week’s sudden outburst — cliff-notes version: “Everyone in this damn town is crazy!” — Nicole told Sam she wants to leave Bon Temps behind so their family can have a brighter future. But will he agree to leave with her? Time will tell…

This is creepy to me since they are both supposed to be underaged.
From Brian at The Backlot, it's all fun and games then B tells it like he sees it, read it all for some laffers- Guys. Guysguysguys. At this point I feel like Rev. Daniels, wanting to give this show the benefit of the doubt but knowing that if I give her an inch, she’ll dope my spaghetti sauce and stab a bitch at a funeral party. Just when there’s a faint glimmer (last week) of this show returning to its former gory, we spend an entire episode watching Jason realize that his psycho vampire girlfriend is a psycho vampire girlfriend and rolling our eyes as they try to pull an Angelina Jolie on Bill’s reputation. At this point I’m with Lettie Mae – gimme the damn V and let me run around in the swamp with dead Tara.
While making universally loathed Sarah Newlin the walking key to curing the Hep Vamps is stretching credibility even for this show, it at least justifies her continued presence. I could give two shits about Wade and Adilyn, despite their being obvious pawns in Violet’s attempts to take down Jessica – and that’s probably because I could also give two shits about Violet and don’t think she has a snowball’s chance of surviving more than another episode, thank Godric.
Stonefaced and with purpose, but to what end? Kidnapping!

AVClub gave it a B, for them that is generous-There’s actually quite a bit of karma to go around Bon Temps, as it also hits Lettie Mae hard. Lettie Mae was awful to Tara while Tara was alive; it’s only in her death that she seems committed to helping her and finally making up for everything that she’s done. To do this she ends up having to sacrifice the one stable thing in her life, her marriage, and it is strangely disappointing because the Reverend has become one of the show’s more reliable tertiary characters. It’s episode six and still not very clear what exactly is going on with Tara on the other side (or wherever she may be), but True Blood made these scenes at least a little better in this episode by involving Lafayette. If the show wants to send Lettie Mae on a V-fueled trip into Tara’s trippy posthumous subconscious every week I’m in, but only if Lafayette gets to come along too.
Lafayette is now a believer, they left the party and got high on James donated blood, remember when only one drop of V made them trip? They both see that Tara is stuck, on a cross, with a snake. Lettie Mae, like a stopped clocked, turns out to be right. They get her down and she goes back to her childhood home and digs up the lawn like a bad dog, with Lettie and Lala following behind. 
Any excuse for Puffy to show his chesticles.
Hep V markings getting longer and darker at the law office.
Think he is leaving the support group  the law office, Bill wants to leave Jess his house and things. The lawyer tries to get a bribe and Bill aint having it. Splats are her body guard and her (she was human). I like this Bill. The scene would have been good as a support group or vamp clinic as well.
Looks like sis takes a big bite out of Sara. Well aint that a kick in the ass, Sarah cured her with her blood.
Interview with Anna Camp at VultureSarah Newlin, on the run from the Yakuza and vampires alike, may have found her salvation: her own blood. If she can cure her own vampire sister of Hep-V, then who else might want a little taste? (And more questions: Will only a little taste suffice? Just how much blood does Sarah have to give up to cure an infected vamp of the disease, and will it work for vamps with accelerated cases?) Vulture discussed the matter with Anna Camp, the actress who plays Sarah, and asked how her character might factor into True Blood’s endgame, what Sarah’s sexual partners reveal about her, and how Sarah would match up with Don Draper on Mad Men.
What’s it like to be back on True Blood as both the villain and the cure?
[Laughs.] It’s definitely been a fascinating part to play. There’s a lot going on for her now — Sarah decided to become a Buddhist, and she truly believes that she is now, and [that] doing so sort of absolves her of all guilt. She thinks that it’s getting her off the hook. She truly believes that. And she’s losing her mind.
So let’s talk about this cure. Sarah drank the antidote, her vampire sister drank her, and now her sister is healed.
Why do you think Sarah drank the antidote in the first place? As insurance against vampires killing her? Or so she could heal anyone?
As an actor, I can play it one of two ways: I’m either trying to save my own ass by doing this, which is an interesting way, or the really psychotic way is, I truly believe now that I am here now to save this world. And ultimately, maybe Sarah’s subconscious is definitely trying to save her own ass, but the way you play it is completely one-hundred percent, full-on, “I'm here for the good of God. I'm here for the good of the world.”
So you don’t think it absolves her?
Absolutely not. [Laughs.] MORE

From TVGuide's Post Mortem-In a previously unseen flashback to last season, Sarah Newlin decided to swallow the antidote to Hep-V lest it fall into the wrong hands. However, Sarah has all but sealed her fate now that every vampire will want her blood to save them. Will she survive? It's unlikely. But will she fall at the hands of Eric Northman? caught up with Camp, who also drops a few hints about how her character Aubrey Posen, who graduated in the film Pitch Perfect, will appear in the highly anticipated sequel:
How did you feel when you found out that Sarah is the cure for Hep-V?
Anna Camp: I was shocked. This whole season I've been shocked as to what they've done with the character. I didn't see this coming at all -- like even me being a Buddhist. But I'm loving it. It just shows how far off the deep end she's gone. It's crazy. I don't think that Sarah was thinking that all of a sudden now, "I'm the cure for everything." I think she just didn't know what to do with it, and her way of controlling it — instead of losing it or having someone steal it, she just ingested it. I don't think she knows the ramifications that's going to cause her in the future when she does it.
How dangerous is it for her now?
Camp: Well, she's painted a huge target on her. She's basically this walking time bomb. And also, in a way, it's saving her life. In an indirect way, she's keeping herself alive by being the cure. I don't think she meant to do any of this, because she's not that smart or that calculated in a way.

Part of HitFix's recap-Tonight’s episode brings Will Yun Lee, formerly of “Witchblade” and the ill-fated “Bionic Woman” reboot, on board as Katsurou “Mr. Gus, Jr.” Ryouichi. He’s the son of the CEO of the Yokonomo Corporation and the head of its North American division. The Yakuza forces capture Eric and Pam in mid-rampage and deliver them to Gus Jr., who shares Eric’s vengeful hatred of Sarah Newlin; after all, by tainting the Tru Blood supply and creating the Hep-V epidemic, she bankrupted his company. The vampire and the businessman-gangster come to an agreement to share information and split the work: Eric, who knows that Sarah has an infected vampire sister living in Dallas, will kill her, and Mr. Gus will take the body. I would assume that, after a quick stop at the taxidermist, he’d have the corpse stuffed and mounted in the lobby of the Yokonomo corporate headquarters, as a warning to others. But we just found out from “The Bridge” that even in Texas, this sort of thing don’t fly.
The Yakuza get Eric to relent by threatening a captured Pam
Showing off that Japanese techware.
                          Gofuckyourself's dress has a slit to her woohoo, I didnt notice last week.                 
There's the eyeroll, that's our Pam, no matter how tragic there's always time for one, then a smile at Eric saying it's their first sunrise together. 
What's that music you hear? It's the theme song to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, STRUT!
EW's recap, very good, go read it! Eric and Pam have their first sunrise together: Did everyone notice the slit in Pam's purple sequin dress last episode, or was she off making it while Eric had his epic hand-to-hand fight with the Yakuza at the Ted Cruz fundraiser? That's a great start to an episode, and makes me wish we'd get to see more of Eric in that mode. He's like a super-powered Jason Bourne, only still dressed in his Texas businessman attire and carrying around that jaw he ripped out earlier (nice touch). The "Really?" when sickly, exhausted Eric saw another rush of men coming after him was Alexander Skarsgard's idea, according to writer/director Angela Robinson, and it was hilarious. Harkening back to France in the 1980s, Eric has to give up the fight because the Yakuza have Pam silvered. It felt nice and Matrix-y to place them in front of a window at the Yakonomo Corporation headquarters, but necessary: They have until dawn to give up what they know about Sarah Newlin. "Our first sunrise together," Eric cracks. Those looks they exchange—they really do have the best chemistry on the show.
In the end, Eric, Pam, and Gus Jr. come strolling up to Amber's door, and it's the coolest shot of the episode. Amber answers the door looking flawless—even her hair is better—and Eric grabs her by the throat and asks her why she's healed. (Because you and Bill can't go out like that, Eric?)

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