Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anna and Stephen's Big Apple Adventure.

Stephen on Jimmy Fallon July 16th.
This week Anna and Stephen are in NYC, I'll try to get all the media events in this post.
More of my blurry shots
These photos below are from my new friend Michelle @AudioGenius (twitter). THANK YOU!

                                             The Daily Mail has photos below-
Stephen talked about his merkin, during the Billith rising scene, full of blood and called it a racoon because it was so big, joking of course. Another interesting, Stephen said  that early on Nathan Barr had him sing some tunes for the True Blood musical as Bill, when Nathan was flushing out the idea. It was a sampling to show Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball and more at HBO to see if they were going to approve the idea of it. He'll be on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday, 07/16.

Anna did the HuffPo interview, Late Night with Seth Meyers and the Apple Store Q&A with Stephen moderated by Tim Stack all on Tuesday

                                                       When in Rome NYC.
                         From Stephen's twitter: Not naked enough for our show buddy.
Huge thank you to @Sebastianscolarici for awesome hair and make up this week in NY Make-up by Beau and Sebastian.

Larry King Now.

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