Saturday, July 26, 2014

True Blood at ComicCon 2014 II

HBO is posting most of these pics unless credited otherwise.
HQ video of the last Comic Con for True Blood.
On the TVGuide's yacht, a yearly tradition that usually brings some videos too.
                    Pics from @TVAfterDark

Post by Carrie Preston.
Carrie posted on her FB, her first SDCC and last, sniffles.
Kristin took pics of them going onstage
Ismail  Kidd (@ismailkidd) posted these pics, I assume he took them. 
    Continuing with the last True Blood appearance at SDCC, it's the last dance. 
True Blood Comics made it to see McMillz and get her FieldGuide signed, yeah! 
You know Chris is genuinely happy today, his first SDCC.
So happy Rutina is there.
Lady in red, wowza.
Time Warner is tweeting too.
Stephen's TVLine interview is up.
Anna Tweeted this pic.
Time Warner caught Anna and Carrie

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