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Lost Cause

Do not give up hope beautiful Republicunt
E5: "Return to Oz," "Lost Cause" July 20. Director Howard Deutch, written by Craig Chester
“Exhausted from her recent travails, Sookie finds herself the unwilling host of a festive mainstreaming party in Bon Temps. In search of an elusive adversary, Eric and Pam head to Dallas and attend a gala fundraiser. Andy (Chris Bauer) makes a life-changing decision; Jessica and James reach a crossroads; Bill loses himself in remembrance of human days
Sookie hosts a mainstreaming party; Eric and Pam head to Dallas for a fundraiser. (wheee!)
Stephen was on Live with Kelly and Michael, they showed a different clip (above).
More on the episode in Castings  my screencraps, HBO and ImHereForSookiegifs
Hell yaz, and get some Lala finally, it's been a long time for our boo.
Kicked in the cooch by a wallaby, sad or not Pam has the oneliners.
Starting the recaparama with WSJ, complete recaps/reviews at links.- Lost cause means both the South in the Civil War and vampires battling H-V. It could also refer to the strained one human-one vampire thing, too. But there’s at least one great violent vampire scene, in among the soap opera scenes of cheating and true romance.
In the aftermath on Fangtasia raid, literally in the midst of vamp slime, Willa demands that Eric release her in return for her help finding Sarah Newlin. She sighs with relief when it happens. Willa then reveals that Sarah’s sister Amber is a vamp. Ginger is comic relief as she still can’t have Eric’s body, nor be taken along.
In Bon Temps, Sookie discovers that Alcide’s dad, Lafayette and James created a spread in the middle of the night for the whole town. Sookie’s offended, still in her robe, because apparently she’s never heard of a wake. But they convince her it’s a celebration of life.
Eric and Pam find Sarah’s sister Amber in Texas. She has H-V. We learn that she’s been accepting hush money from Sarah all the time. Eric tells her that the disease is Sarah’s fault, which is pretty true. Amber says, “are you going to kill her?” Eric says they might, and then Amber says “then you can count me in.” That makes Pam like her.

Some fun scenes but the underlying sadness was throughout  the episode.
The costume house they used for the flashbacks from Audrey Fisher's twitter.
                Do you know what do a sex slave without sex? A slave, roh ruh.
Ginger sure holds on tight, The sex slave with no sex, how hysterical was that? No BJ's, no handies, nothing. She demands a fuck before they leave, you can see how that plays out.
I'm a Republicunt.  Pam's heart is breaking to see the HepV going to stage 2.
Ride 'Em Cowboy.
 Killer of Yakuza, face ripperoffer, do not go gently into that good night Viking!
I assume that is Sarah's mom, she doesnt seem to like Missy either. Amber the sister vamp has HepV too, also hates Sarah, that's a long list
 James and Jess don't last too long, she runs to Jason, hmmm, ViolentViolet encourages him to comfort Jess. She is good at heart but ...
Jason seems to over her and her strongass ways, I think Violet will be moving on soon. I liked Jason and Jess together but he didnt have to go back to his manho ways so soon.

Back to the partee- Lettie Mae makes a non-alcoholic toast to Tara, later grabs a knife stabs (Willa who looks beautiful btw).  Her reasoning is so much that of an addict that Lala just gets her out of there. Nicole is still bitchin' and moanin' makes Sam leave, don't see how she hangs much longer in Bon Temps, no one will be sad in the fandom about that.
                       A lot of people don't like Violet, but she is my Vampire Xena
Miss Stackhouse will you accompany me to the party, I'm wearing my best henley?
From TVLine- The episode’s final moments revealed that Bill Compton — sweet, Confederate, flower-bearing Bill Compton — has also contracted the virus, and he seems just as shocked as anyone. (Hasn’t he been on a strict Sookie diet all season? Could she have it, too?)
This revelation is especially heartbreaking because, prior to Bill’s gruesome discovery, viewers were treated to some quality Bill-Sookie moments — like, Season 1-level emotional moments. When Sookie thanked Bill for “seeing me the way I can’t see myself sometimes,” and those classic Bill-Sookie strings started playing, you couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the good ol’ days.

WEDDING BELLS | Just as Lauren Bowles teased to TVLine last week, Andy hunkered down on one knee and asked Holly to his bride this week. Despite the questionable timing — did Sookie really need all that happiness rubbed in her face just hours after losing Alcide? — it’s nice to see someone on this show actually getting a happy ending. I was starting to think those didn’t exist anymore. (It was also nice of Jason to give Adilyn and Wade a heads up: “I don’t know if you two are f—ing, but if you are, you’d better cut it out.”)
Is he for real, typical gulity ex behaviour, we know what she's thinking we've all been there.
Tenacious B, I'm starting to feel bad for him.
The "Don't get any ideas" look .

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