Thursday, July 10, 2014

Death is Not the End

                                             Oh hai Marcellus, miss me?  Still an asshole?
E4: "Death is not the End," July 13. Directed by Gregg Feinberg, written by Daniel Kenneth
“In the aftermath of yet another bloodbath, Sam (Sam Trammell), Sookie and Jason find themselves the bearers of bad news in Bon Temps and beyond. Pam recalls the events that led her and Eric to Shreveport and Fangtasia. Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) get nourishment from unexpected sources. Following a new lead, Sookie enlists a band of vampires and humans to track down the H-Vamps.” More in castings and HERE my caps got better this time, lol, they still need practice but I am trying. My screencraps,HBO's, IHFS gifs

Eric needs to stop the I'm dying Pam crap, stop dragging on her, her heart only can take so much. Who is finally going to remember about Dr Ludwig? Bet it's Pammy, she has to do everything with these creatures..Well, all the dead relatives were called, Hoyt, (hi/bye Parrack?)  doesnt remember who Jason is, I didnt know his memories were wiped back to his childhood, sads. Good to see Robert Patrick make an appearance and guilt out Sookie and happily surprised to see Stacey Haiduk again as a wolfie ho. 
 Sookie is suddenly together and remembers Arlene has kids, poor things. They were left to fend for themselves all the time Arlene was taken, bites tongue. Then Sookie goes to Andy's to mind meld the info out of Holly's memories, seems like all she needed to get on the ball was having a few people die (Alcide)  because she's a crappy planner. 
Eric cold heartedly gave the stewardess Hep V, honey badger dont care, but he loves Pam the bitch in heels, don't we all?
Remember the promo with her Ginger? Sure seems like she is vamped up, or she got some from Eric. NOPE! she's in a Flashback, ha, too funny with them all looking older in their younger days. Fangtasia was a video porn shop with a secret tunnel from the Civil War days. The Magister shows up to annoy Eric and Pam some more with making this shit hole a profitable business. 
Turns out Ginger was a smart articulate college girl and Eric has a hair cut that I have no words for, bad wig, no worse wig ever.  Ginger got the throne, and the hearse from the promos. SHE is the brains behind Fangtasia but they treated her like shit all these years, sure, not buying this flip of the script. All these years Pam had Eric thinking it was her idea, she tells the truth while they are on their way to Shreveport via Anubis vamp air (one thing they kept from the books), cute scene crap premise. It was good to see a different Ginger before her brain was wasted by years of glamoring, but it was sad to me. How poorly she was treated in almost every episode before this one.
                                                     Girl, have a blood sammich! 
Remember that old spoiler of the extra in a jumpsuit as a worker in Alaska? Said it had to be about Hoyt, well Parrack is supposed  be on tonight. yeah, well that was underwhelming. James goes to get Bill 'cause Jess isn't eating. Turns out she hasnt eaten for months? Ok, more uncanon news to ignore, move along. Sookie gets all pointy finger at her and terse voiced, to eat. Lafayette comes strutting in to feed her, which won't be cool when she senses him screwing James.
Just no
Really, c'mon, no!
 PUUUKE, sorry the scene with Sookie and Eric hugging has me nauseaous, he is too good for her, even with HepV. But his entrance to Bills is funny, asking about his book and not being an asshole anymore. Sookie does a 180 from strong Sookie of five minutes earlier to all meek and baby talking, where were you, and that is how we find out what happened since we saw burning hunk of love on the mountain in Sweden. Love Willa, telling off Eric for leaving her and she's not giving a fuck about Sookie, angel of death either. oh, I needed that, thanks Willa. The Sookie scene I did believe was her and Arlene, that had me tearing up.

Well this was much ado about Jason getting behind the wheel. They are going to tell Kevin's hateful wife he's dead, because this is more important to do than kill Hep V vamps. I know they are setting up her being back with Vince and going to Fangtasia, squealer.
                                      Pam is overjoyed to be part of the plan.
Sam comes into Fangtasia's basment as a rat, then naked guy, leaves as a rat, Arlene hates rats. The least of her problems it would seem to me.
The plan is coming together till Vince fucks it up with his molotov and Kevin's bitch wife & company.
Arleen is on the table for a HepV Vamp smorgasbord, Eric is trying to get her free, oh Sookie is there too. Ghost Terry tells her to stay so we get to see Todd again, that Keith guy shows up to feed/heal Arlene. 
Eric uses Sookie as bait for the HepVs, then he saves her from Troy, bye Troy, Annie will miss you but no one else. More lingering looks between Him and Sookie, wtf, why must I be tortured?
                 I maybe dying but I'm a Viking Prince and y'all are not a threat finger point.
 Also very sad at weak Eric, but Marcellus helped his Ike out, I missed them together.
Bill's my name skulking is my game, I AM NOT AN ASSHOLE! 
Harumph, would an asshole to do that? You're welcome! (Bye Jamie Luner)
But Vince is and thankfully they wrapped up the hep v shit and red neck storyline in a nice action packed red bow.
The plan is coming together till Vince fucks it up with his molotov and Kevin's bitch wife & company. turns out to be a very temporary set back, only because we have Ms Pamela.

In gofuckyourself mode, Pam takes the bullshit by the horns, puts out the fire, had had enough of this hillbillie crap and Eric gave her a wink that turns her permanantly on.
They square off against tthe HepV's and the red necks, all are killed, finally. Our side wins, Violet kicks ass again and how many times has she saved ol Jason Stackhouse at this point? Willa stakes a few too, Jess is in danger at one point and Billy saves her.
See how fast and easy that was when you vamps got your shiznit together?
GoFuckYourself  DeBeaufort is looking for Eric again.
Whew, he was just feeding on Mrs. Kevin, how perfect is that? He said , I had to eat.

Pam saved them from the fire, all she had to do wa sget the fire extinguisher, she's like these lame-os cant do anything without me. She also told Bill to forget doing anything all dum and heroic because the Sookie ship has sailed, he needed to hear that. She needs to tell Eric that becaus ethe hugging and moomoo eyes between him and Sookie made me sick, I am not exagerating. Eric is top shelf, she is a rolling rock 8 pack.

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