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True Blood Cast News Post Armageddon

Question: Who is Denis O’Hare playing in Banshee? —Hayley
Ausiello: The American Horror Story vet plays Robert Philips, an FBI agent who is sent to investigate Agent Racine’s disappearance. As of now he’s booked for one episode, but I have to imagine there will be more. It’s Denis O’Hare, for chrissakes!
Denis tweeting from New Orleans while taking a break from filming AHS with Sarah Paulson.
                         from Friday's 9/05 Stand Up to Cancer telethon.
                                                   Filming The Good Wife in NY
From Ryan's twitter- Enjoyed every bloody second of working with Rutger Hauer.
Chris Bauer (shaved his hair off) performing in Mamet's play "Race" More photos.
Kristin tweeted her pic hanging w/Nelsan and McMillz at DragonCon

                                        Carrie back on the set of The Good Wife.
Joe on Hollywood Game Night, 8/28, if you missed it the first time.
                                       New American Horror story poster with Denis

Larry King gives me the heebiejeebies,
3 Wild and Crazy Former Vamps Reminisce About True Blood, Vulture talked to Denis O'Hare, James Frain, and McMillz. 
Have you kept up with the show since your characters died?
Denis O'Hare (Russell Edgington): Yes, of course! Of course. I was catching up last night. It's a very weird magical world it creates. It feels like a version of reality that's really warped.
Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin): Aside from being a part of it, I think I would have watched the show regardless. As a matter of fact, when you called, I was just catching up on last week's episode. I have about five minutes left. Now you're going to spoil it for me!
Don't worry, no spoilers here. Did you ever feel like you left the show too soon?

M.M.: I've been teased that I've been killed and resurrected more than any other character on the show! I've been very lucky. But if there were those discussions, I wasn't privy to them. That would have been happening in the writers' room.
James Frain (Franklin Mott): I would have loved to stay. At the time, I didn't know what the plan was or wasn't, or what they hoped for. But either the timing didn't work out, or the schedules didn't work out, so it was kind of an unfortunate moment. But I felt like they tied it up really well, because what can you do with someone who is this nuts? Is he going to become boring? The fact that he was pursuing Tara so relentlessly is what gave the character his arc. So it made sense and I think it worked as a story. MORE

                             Anna on Live with Kelly and Michael this week, it was a repeat.
Kristin Bauer van Straten has booked a return trip to Once Upon a Time.
EW has learned exclusively that the True Blood alum will reprise her dastardly role as villain Maleficent during the second half of Once’s upcoming season.
Could this mean that Maleficent will be season 4’s other big villain after the Frozenstoryline? It’s unclear as of now, but Bauer will be back as a recurring guest star for a big arc, so here’s hoping this means the show will dive more into her past, as well as Aurora’s history.
The last we saw of Maleficent, she was locked away in a cave under the clock tower, stuck in dragon form until she was slain by Emma in the season 1 finale. She then came back in nightmarish zombie form at the end of season 2.

Right there on the front of our New Zealand Heroes Issue is the quintessential Kiwi hero herself, Anna Paquin. This issue of Remix is being released nationwide the exact same day as the hugely popular television series True Blood airs its final episode, which Paquin has been the lead role in for the last seven seasons. Read our exclusive interview and see Anna like never before on page 96.
                                             Jess's last Blog which has her wedding album.
Having this blog as a record of my early memories in Bon Temps -- it means the world to me. I’ve got one last thing to share before I sign off for good. Pictures from my wedding! Can you believe it? Hoyt and I are married! It all happened so fast but I’m glad we took the leap. It just feels right to be on this journey with him.
You’ve all felt like my family, and even though you couldn’t be there to share the big day with me, I know you were all there in spirit.
By the way, my favorite picture is Hoyt sitting in Bill’s chair looking very “stately.” Perhaps he has a new calling -- mayor? I may be overreaching, but I wouldn’t mind being first lady of Bon Temps…
Forever yours,
Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

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Fangovering the Final Season of True Blood Week 10

                 Started the week off early, again I made that last fango post ridiculously long.
The Swede's birthday is August 25, he's celebrating having a separate storyline most of the final season. Happy Birthday!
All the short character vids from HBO's IG on one page.

                          Anna Camp tweeted her and Alex's stunt double pics.
From the HBO Emmy party,Twatlips looks so beautiful.
Tweeted by Bajen Fans, captioned-Hope, despair, anxiety and joy.
 Denis O'Hare is in a new film,

If you thought exploring ancient pyramids might be fun, the first trailer for 20th Century Fox found footage horror movie “The Pyramid” will make you think again.
The Dec. 5 release follows a team of U.S. archaeologists entering a newly discovered pyramid in Egypt, and then getting stuck inside. Like familiar set ups, including “The Descent” and “Quarantine,” they're not alone. In fact, hieroglyphics warn the pyramid is actually “a labyrinth built with the purpose of keeping whatever is inside from escaping.” More at The Wrap.

Interview with Charlaine about the show at Vulture-
Was there ever a character depiction they surprised or delighted you with, by transforming what you did in the books?Oh, for sure, Lafayette! Nelsan [Ellis]: Why he hasn't gotten an Emmy, I don't know. He was robbed. He's brilliant, and he gave that character so much that was never in the books. People say, "Well, you killed him off in the books!" And I say, "Yeah, but he wasn't the same Lafayette!" He's much more fabulous in the TV show, and Nelsan gave him dimension and life and incredible lovable-ness that helped a lot of people relate to a character that they might not have related to in real life. There was just so much to him. He did deal drugs, but he was also a loving person. He was loyal to his family. He dabbled in magic. There's a big system of checks and balances with Lafayette to make him seem [like] a real person. How could he not be your favorite? He was written beautifully.

Kristin talks the finale at True to the End-
It's amazing to contrast this final scene with Pam's first appearance this season, where she's devastated and playing Russian roulette.
Pam had a great season. I got to play every color. I started as vulnerable and desperate as any person could ever be. Pam ends up better than she started. She's got money, she's got Eric, and justice is done.
One of my favorite things is to watch Westerns, especially John Wayne's films. I enjoy that Pam has a little bit of that "Old West" mentality. She doesn't call the police. She takes matters into her own hands.

                      More behind the scenes from Lauren Bowles twitter.
These 2 had fun with their last scenes, lucky them, from Will Yun Lee's twitter.
I'm not linking any of Buckner's interviews from his many excuses tour, though you should read them. They are so full of holes and if he says they didnt have time again we all need to shout that 7 years to plan an ending is plenty long.
Vanity Fair ranks the 10 best characters-
When True Blood premiered back in 2008 it captured the nation’s attention. By the end of the first season, Alan Ball’s unlikely follow-up to the moody Six Feet Under was a bona fide hit that delivered weekly doses of campy gore, sexual tension, and blatant political agenda. True Blood launched careers, sold books, and helped drive the vampire-obsessed pop culture we still see today. Just the ratings peaked back in Season 4 and the show has lost some of its bite, that doesn’t mean that its cultural relevance should be ignored.
Yes this final season has been bumpy, to say the least, and it lost sight of what made the show so fun to begin with. Chalk it up to hanging around too long (what show can stay fresh after seven seasons?), or chalk it up to the Ball’s departure after Season 5, but something’s missing. And as we prepare to say goodbye to Bon Temps in the show’s series finale tonight on HBO, it’s clear that the entire plot is boiling down to a long farewell between Sookie and Bill. But though they are the main characters, they were never really the heart of the show, were they? And the lack of proper love for side characters (Was Sam Merlotte really written off in a flashback? Do we care at all about the Big Bad this season?) may be what’s wrong with True Blood’s last gasp. So if you can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to the show in its current incarnation, then at least say goodbye to these 10 characters. They deserve your love and will be missed.More

 Adina Porter attends the HBO Luxury Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel  via Zimbio
Love Sam's new look
 Sam Trammell, Kristin Bauer van Straten and GBK CEO Gavin Keilly attend the GBK Productions Luxury Lounge honoring the best in TV held at LErmitage via Zimbio
                          Alex's GoodBye is up too, filmed a while back by his hair length
                                           They just added Joe's Goodbye to HBO's IG.
Stephen Moyer talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Beeeel-
The vampire's fate is one of the biggest questions heading into this weekend's series finale. The previous episode brought him to Sookie's (Anna Paquin) door to explain his decision not to cure his Hep-V—a choice that surprised Moyer to begin with, he tells The Hollywood Reporter.
"I had a slight issue with it, because I couldn't understand why he would go to the storeroom to Fangtasia and then say no," he says. "Ultimately, he goes because he wants to do right by Sookie. His decision to not turn around then and there is his going along with what Sookie has tried to make happen, and it's really only when he’s right there that he thinks, 'no.'"
Who is Bill this season?
This year, I think that the writers wanted to create an essence of that first season, that first couple of seasons where the show was smaller, wasn't as multi-story-layered, and one of the things they did with Bill to make that happen was a sort of an echoing of his past. When he loses the power, all his powers, and he can no longer daywalk and everything is gone, he gets reset in a way. There was a really nice scene in episode one of this season that we cut out — it was Andy [Chris Bauer] and Bill driving in the car, and Bill is talking about this fact that he feels different, that he can kind of sense that there is something different about him. He's thinking about the past, and one of the nice things it did was set up the idea that we were going to start seeing echoes of him.
Is there a common thread through his storyline?
I think the common thread that sort of runs through him is this desire to recapture his humanity, to find his what it was that made his heart beat. I think in that way he differs from most vampires, because vampires in their very essence are superior to humans, and this is why to other vampires he feels like an anomaly. I think that to other vampires the thought of wanting to go back to this weakness is insane, it doesn't make sense. It's frustrating that he feels like, "I am of this nature, I am of this frailty, and I want to rekindle that somehow." More

                                                 The cast thank yous on HBO's IG
Zap2It talked to Deborah Ann Woll about her reunion with Hoyt-
Zap2it: Were you surprised that it ended up being Jessica and Hoyt who were soulmates -- or as close to soulmates as can exist on "True Blood"?
Deborah Ann Woll: Yeah, I was surprised. I had sort of been going down another track in terms of my thoughts about the character and where we were headed, and so it took me a bit by surprise too. But I also had a little bit of earlier notice. The showrunner [Brian Buckner] had spoken to me about his thoughts about doing that, but I didn't know how it would happen. In true "True Blood" fashion, it happened very quickly. I was definitely surprised. I don't know if I would say "soulmates." I think Jessica's had a lot of contenders. That was what was fun about it, that kind of kept us guessing, is that there were a lot people she could have been with.
At what point in production did you know this was the direction Jessica was heading in?
I knew generally the direction they wanted to take before we started shooting -- generally that he was coming back and there was romance involved. What I didn't know was sort of what form that would take; whether it was going to be a love triangle or whether that was end game or what.
It was a bit of a red herring too that Jason and Jessica had another hookup before the end. Was that important fan service to get in there before she ended up with Hoyt?
I think it's important to show how much Jessica and Jason mean to one another. The scene in the car in episode 8 between Jessica and Jason is one of my favorites. I think that in another world, in another story, that could have worked. I think that they are really good for each other and I think that they love each other and I think they're good friends. Just because of the story and the way that things went down, she ended up with Hoyt, but I think that it was important to show we all have a huge capacity for love, and I don't think there's anything wrong with feeling love for many, many people. I think she loves Bill, I think she loves Andy and Adilyn, I think she loves Sookie, and I think she loves Jason, and I think she loves Hoyt. The way things happened and at this point in her life, Hoyt is the person that she wanted to be with. More

The Hollywood Reporter takes us shopping with Audrey Fisher- More at the link.

She is so talented, she will do well going forward after the show.
Back to his brown hair, he was blonde on Summerland too so this a big change Via Zimbio

one more SDCC video.

Doing La bare PR.

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Thank You, True Blood's Series Finale

E10 Thank You series finale Director, Scott Winant Writer, Brian Buckner. Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
Sookie and the people of Bon Temps close one chapter while opening several new ones. Updated synopsis- Sookie weighs a future with and without Bill. Eric and Pam struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus. Sam makes a choice, while Andy comes upon an unexpected inheritance. 70 minutes. photos: HBO, screencrapsrus.

I don't care if you hated Bill, he didnt deserve that end, he was almost dead anyway. Sookie didnt deserve to have that blood on her hands, her face, probably up her cooch. Can you imagine living with that horrible memory? How romantical. Buckner is saying in interviews it was the only way Sookie could go on with her life, Bill had to die, haha, she was going on pretty good with that big hunk of werewolf before they killed him off and Bill was up that tree wooing her, again. The sun would have come out tomorrow, (bet your bottom dollar) and he could have gone out while Sookie comforted him, with some dignity, but nah. Yet we jump forward, (which is the laziest writer trick they pulled out of their asshat yet.) and everyone is all la-di-da at a Thanksgiving dinner, as if vampires would sit and watch that, maybe braindead vamps, but I don't think even Bubba would do that. Hoyt will just get old and young Jessica will watch him die? Yeah right, talk about destroying the whole vampire mythos and the reason they are always a popular horror theme!  The only reason for this is to just wrap it up fast as they could, hope the fans are brain dead and besotted enough to accept this, I'm not.  So much proved to be inconsequential in the finale, 7 years of devotion and writing about the show on a forum and this blog and they served me a shit pie. One minor thing, while Moyer's daughter is beautiful (in person she is tall, blue eyed and freckled- a doll), her light colored eyes, height and look in general (age) made her not right to play Sookie, not when the Tara actress was younger than her in that scene. The little Tara was perfect, she even looked and acted like Rutina's character (we wont even bring up how she bit the bullet again. To me it was Thank You but more like Fuck You. Thankfully Eric and Pam got away from those losers in Bon Temp, are getting rich and enjoying the hell out of their immortality. Cheers to Pam and Eric, you made the final season worth watching, the only good thing I can say at this point. Eric and Pam Forever (and Ginger too)!
Brian's The Backlot recap, read it all at the link-
Notably Dead: Bill, Gus, the yakuza, this show
Notably Absent: Pretty much everything that made this show worth watching to begin with
Sigh. Well, I will at least give them credit for allowing Sookie even the slightest bit of character development in the final inning – I mean, it only took seven years and all, but it was there in the moment when she decided that she was more important to herself than Bill was. And Bill really ended up being just as big a selfish ass as he began, if you think about it – he wanted Sookie to destroy part of herself along with him, just so that she wouldn’t be super-hot to other vampires anymore. What a jerk.
Otherwise, there was a wedding (I joked last week that the finale would end in a wedding, and I was honestly just kidding, but there you go!), and pretty much nothing else happened. Everyone has kids, which is supposed to mean that all is right in the world. And nice to see Sam and Lafayette for a split-second after seven years of acting their faces off through whatever insanity this show would throw at them. I’m a wee bit disappointed that they weren’t able to squeeze a cameo from Russell Edgington in somehow (I mean, hell, they brought back pretty much everyone else to do the walk of shame) but maybe he’s better off for staying away. I’d like to think that he and Tara are kicking it at some afterlife party somewhere.
Overall, I’d give it two WTFs, both earned by Eric and Pam
 Photos HBO, screencrapsRus.  Spoilers  

Ladies and germs, that was something else. Let's recaparama while the room is spinning because I gots the confuseds. TVLIne's recap bitsie- Kill Bill? -
UP IN SMOKE | In an unprecedented — but not at all unwelcome — move of trickery, Eric and Pam let Sarah Newlin escape, before sending Mr. Gus and his Yakuza cronies (literally) up in flames. (Rest in pieces, you forgettable fools.)
Another surprise was Sarah’s desperate plea for Pam to turn her into a vampire, even offering to go full-lesbian in exchange. When Sarah referred to herself as a potential Tara replacement, I honestly thought Pam was going to rip her throat out; instead, she offered up thiskiller line: “I wouldn’t let you go down on me for a billion dollars.” (Cue the slow clap.)
WEDDING BELL BLUES | With more than a little help from Papa Bill, Hoyt asked Jessica to marry him. And while she was disappointed by the lack of romance, she couldn’t exactly deny Bill his dying wish. That said, how awkward was watching Hoyt ask Jason to be his best man? (And how crappy has this whole vacation been for Brigett? She had one fight with Hoyt, then the next morning, he’s marrying his vampire ex-girlfriend.) I also thought Andy’s “love is love” speech during the ceremony was a nice reminder of the LGBT allegory this show once was.

I'll say Andy's getting married, nice dress (unless it's her and Bill?). It's Jess and Hoyt!
Hypable's short recap- Bill is spending time at home reflecting on life when Hoyt and Jessica arrive. The latter doesn’t want her maker to die, but lets him know she’ll be fine after he passes. And there’s one more surprise promise: Hoyt and Jessica are going to get married one day. Scratch that… they’re going to get married today! Because the writers probably figured this episode needs some sort of happy surprise.
Word about the wedding travels fast. Everyone gathers at Bill’s for the ceremony which goes off without a hitch. Sookie and Bill sit together, and Mr. Compton reminds her through his internal thoughts (now she can read his mind!) that she should have the same happiness that Jessica is experiencing right in front of them.
Between this, a talk with the Reverend, and a flashback in which she hears some wise words from her grandmother, Sookie’s mind appears to have changed dramatically about her future with Bill. Several minutes later (this slightly-extended episode dragged for the first fifty minutes), it looks to viewers like Sookie has decided she’s going to go through with Bill’s plan to kill im.
Dressed in black and with several polite verbal exchanges (“Thank You,” “I’ll never forget you,” etc), Bill enters his coffin and Sookie turns on her fae orb. She doesn’t do anything with it, however, and tells him that she can’t do this for him because he is a part of her. She asks if he still wants to die, and she says yes, so instead of doing it with the orb, she makes a stake out of a shovel. Then, after one last kiss they push the broken shovel through his heart. Bill dies.

Aw Come on, I have to see Nicole again, just NO. Forget the last 2 seasons of Sam.
Jason's still going to be Hoyt bestie, is this kinda corny throwing us a happy moment?? NO LAFAYETTE? that was a big exclusion to me, not at the wedding even, WTF?
The bow it was all tied up with damn near is choking me, True Blood was never that neat. 
No more of my puffy chested Vampire Bill, in more ways than one, and Vamps dont bleed or care about the day anymore, they get married!
Who the hell thought Hoyt would just pop the question like this?  talk about left field and he still doesnt have his memories, but everything is in prescription for us now.
A little of Bustle's recap- Well that was… unexpected. After seven amazing seasons, the sun has finally set on True Blood, but it wasn’t the happy ending many fans had hoped for… at least not exactly. I mean, if you were to have told me thatSookie kills Bill in the True Blood series finale, I probably would’ve thought you were on way too much “V” and would’ve politely rescinded your invitation from my house. But that’s exactly what did end up happening and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it.

Sookie weighs a future with and without Bill
Of course it's off to the much used season 7 cemetery. Will they take bids on the gravestones soon? I still can't wrap my head around Sookie killing Bill, what a horrid thing to ask and for her to even think of doing, seriously, you're dying fucker, just die. 
From In the final scene, the couple meet at the cemetery.
“I can’t let go,” Sookie laments.
“It’s time,” Bill answers.
They embrace and sweetly kiss, and stare into each other’s eyes.
“Thank you,” he says as he enters the burial plot.
Once inside, he holds a photograph of him and his daughter.
“Bill, I’ll never forget you,” Sookie says through tears.
“I wish I could say the same, but I don’t know what happens next,” Bill responds.
After pleading with him, saying she cannot kill him, she asks him if he’s sure. They say they love each other, and Sookie plunges a steak through his heart with his assistance.

EW's pre-recap-The hour then became about Jessica granting Bill something he never got as a human—the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle—and Sookie weighing her belief that we’re all born this way against the power of free will. Hearing Bill’s thoughts for the first time at Jessica and Hoyt’s wedding confirmed the illness had brought him to his most human. Sookie heard his love for her, his desire for her to someday wed, and his suffering. In the end, she had his grave dug up and met him in the cemetery. As he laid in his coffin clutching the photo he’d taken with his daughter before he went off to war, Sookie got her light ball ready. But she couldn’t do it. Being fae is a part of her. Instead, she broke off a makeshift stake from a shovel, straddled Bill in his coffin, and helped him drive the wood into his chest. Of course, Bill could have had himself staked at any time, but he wanted what most humans do—someone they love to be with them when they go. (Though most loved ones don’t end up covered in that amount of blood.)
Zap2it's very short recap, hmm-The final scene of "True Blood" shows everyone in Bon Temps -- including Sam and Nicole and their brood of children -- gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table. Sookie hugs a man, whispers "I love you," and they sit to eat. The audience never sees his face.
In the end, Sookie is happy and married and having her dream life, and that's all that showrunner Brian Buckner seems matters, apparently. The audience never knows who her soulmate -- aka Not Bill -- is. Honestly, I feel a little cheated. While the finale's other resolutions make sense to bringing emotional conclusions to the show's many storylines, after seven seasons, the audience deserved to at least see the face of the man who could make Sookie happy.

Derp, Derp, DUH.
HollywoodLife- Over at Fangtasia, Eric was contemplating a new plan. He wanted to set Sarah free. But first, he grabbed her neck and told her that they were going to kill Mr. Gus and take New Blood.
Pam couldn’t resist Eric’s new angle on things. “I am so fu*cking with you,” Pam declared.
Pam fed Sarah her blood. With her blood inside Sarah, Eric and Pam could always find her. They glamoured Sarah to find a safe place and they would fine her.
As part of the plan, Pam and Eric killed Mr. Gus and his associates. Before the others could get to Sooki, Eric killed them, too.
A very bloody Eric had all the dead guys in the back of his car and he jammed out to some rockin’ tunes.
Seriously, can we get a spinoff of Eric and Pam? Pretty please?
Pam found Sarah at a local carousel — the place where Eric turned Willa. Sarah said she was a “horrible person,” and Pam completely backed her up on that.
However, Sarah had an interesting theory. “I would make a kickass vampire,” she said.
WHAT.  Sarah had the gumption to ask Pam to turn her?! Pam said N-E-V-E-R to that question. Pam only wanted one thing from Sarah, and that was her blood.

Well that was a switcheroo, EricPam let her go since she has Pam's blood to GPS her.
Eric gives Newmi a talking to just before...
Pam's not taking chances, she's self-vaccinating against HepV
He's a happy Vamp now that he blew off those lame-os in Bon Temp, Eric and Pam got the best ending and are enjoying being vampires. All Hail the power duo!
So does Eric drip his blood in her mouth or is that Pams, looks like Eric has blood on his teefs.
Another Newlin, Another Vampire spokesperson. wow, Pam wouldnt even have oral with this B.

Cash money for hookah Mary's blood, hey, it's tax free side $$.
  Bye Mr Gus and Yakuza (with and without shirts), we hardly knew ye but we knew enough.
Thanks  my Canadian Beaver, you always rocked it out, glad we became friends.
             Pam to Eric, "thank Godric we had our own storyline all year, WINNING!" 
I couldn't help but think how cool it was that Charlaine Harris cameo'd in the scene at the control board when they filmed the infomercial for New Blood, she escaped the rest of the mess.
AVClub has not enjoyed this season and with this finale, I can't blame them, more at the link- Which brings the series to its finale here, coming on the heels of a season that wasn’t just limping to the finish, it was practically staggering, drunk and incoherent, as if just coming off a particularly brutal week-long bender at Fangtasia. The season’s greatest fault was that it somehow forgot it should still be trying to tell stories on a week-to-week basis, spending most of its time putting its characters into position for the finale and then leaving them there, stranded, for episodes at a time to just sit in rooms together and talk. There is a way to make this setup work on a deeper level, but the problem is that True Blood has no deeper level; even the character relationships the show has spent seven seasons building managed to only hit the level of “touching” on a fleeting basis. This lead to whole episodes that were essentially frustrating bits of nothing, and unfortunately the finale these episodes stagnated to set up wasn’t any better.
During the madness of season two you would have said the main event of the series finale would be an extremely simple (and fairly silly) wedding, I would have laughed in your face. Hoyt literally came back to the show a few episodes ago, met up with Jessica again, had his erased memories explained to him, and now he’s proposing? It’s so, so, so, so silly, yes, but it’s biggest sin is that it’s boring. That’s the biggest sin of this entire final season, really: It was all just so boring. True Blood was often a structural mess, it often followed tertiary characters down long paths of nonsense that never really lead anywhere, it often seemed to have no idea what to do with the few strong main characters it had. But in its prime, it was never boring.

I couldn't even watch this, it was so beyond dumb, they should have staked every vamp rather than make them so useless, and unappreciative of their powers to be waitresses and waiters. In my head Lestat joins up with Eric and Pam and massacres all these assholes. 

True Blood After Show Series Finale with... by truebloodaftershow