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Midweek Hugs For Our Hiatus Support Groupies

Viktor from Underworld, one of the meanest meanies around is our host for this part of TB hiatus. Look at how elegant he makes drinking blood look. So stylized, detailed and steampunkey, how can you not like this series of movies? Plus with hotties Lucien, Michael and Selene, not to forget that Viktor keeps showing his chest for the meemaws, they have all the fanbases covered.

Craveonline talks to Ryan about "Griff the Invisible", the whole interview is at the link.
American audiences know Ryan Kwanten best as the affable Jason Stackhouse in the hit HBO series True Blood, but this year he broke out of that lovable goofball mold with Griff the Invisible, a strange and extremely endearing Australian dramedy about a young man who survives the workaday world by entering a superhero universe of his own devising. Director Leon Ford has a deft hand in the film, which finds Kwanten struggling between “growing up” and living the life of his choosing with fellow dreamer Maeve Dermody by his side. I was a big fan of Griff the Invisible upon its release this past summer, and was very excited to get a few minutes to talk to Ryan Kwanten about the film while he was on his lunch break to promote the film's DVD and Blu-Ray release this week.
More on Salome from THR
A network spokesperson confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that Italian actress,Valentina Cervi, is joining the show as a series regular, as first reported by TVLine. She will play Salome, a seductive and powerful ancient vampire whose beauty may only be outdone by her intelligence. According to early casting notices, the character is derived from King Herod’s daughter in the New Testament. She ordered John the Baptist’s head on a silver platter. The 35-year-old actress was born in Rome -- her father is Italian director Tonino Cervi and her grandfather is the Italian actor Gino Cervibegan. She began acting at 10 years old and has appeared in several films including this year’s Jane Eyre and 1996's The Portrait of a Lady. She also appeared in the BBC TV mini-series, Zen, starring Rufus Sewell.
Carrie Preston talks to AOLTV about her guest spot on SVU and a bit about TB, more at link. That Carrie sure is good at keeping secrets.
Going to 'True Blood' real quick: I know you guys have read the new script. What can you tell me?
I can't tell you anything. [Laughs].

I know there are a lot of werewolves coming to town.
Wow, OK. There are a lot of new characters, as is always the case with 'True Blood.' You will get some quick answers right off the bat. The show is not going to leave you wondering about some of the cliffhangers.

Have we seen the last of the demon baby in terms of possession?
I have no idea. [Laughs].

That was a very creepy storyline at some points.
It was, it was. I didn't even know where it was going.

You must get this a lot, but I'm going to ask again: Will Michael ever do 'True Blood'?
It's so funny. Everyone asks as if actors ever have anything to do with that. [Laughs] I mean, we just don't have anything to do with casting. I'm sure he would love to come on the show, but I'm sure there's also something to be said for us having our separate careers and supporting each other on each other's shows. I think it's a win-win situation.

I didnt even know Star Mag had a UK version till finding this interview with Anna and how she stays fit.
The True Blood actress, 29, reveals how she stays in shape! 
Hi, Anna. You’ve got such a great figure – how do you stay so fit?
“I’m really careful about what I eat, and I work out a lot. It’s not like this body is an accident. No matter what your genetics, everyone can be out of shape. I live my life, but I’m careful to take care of myself.”
Working in Hollywood, do you ever feel like there is constant pressure put on you to look a certain way?

“Yes, obviously! People don’t have to tell you overtly that it’s better for you to be smaller. It’s one of those things that’s instilled in you and I do think that’s a shame.”
Describe your diet to us.

“It’s the ‘what-would-you-eat-if-you-were-being-photographed-in-a-bikini-tomorrow?’ diet. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and I don’t eat a lot of dessert.”
How has your eating regime changed over the years?

“I’m getting better about taking care of myself without depriving myself. It’s about finding a balance and learning how to feed your body so it’ll do what you need it to do. It’s being a bit more relaxed about the way you take care of yourself.”
If you’re really in the mood to treat yourself, where do you go?
“I’ll go to a restaurant called Gjelina in Venice, California. I don’t know how to describe the food there, but it’s the best I’ve ever eaten.”
What’s your favourite dish there?
“They have some things on the dessert menu which are divine. It’s one of the places where I’ll eat dessert, because it’s good. I’m not going to eat something sweet and junky for the sake of eating something sweet and junky. I want it to taste damn good!”

Our resident Flick Chick Genevieve Loh meets the charming Joe Manganiello in Hong Kong, and the werewolf from True Blood has a little something special for our Singaporean audience! More at the link.

We’ve taken a trip to Bon Temps to catch up with the stars of True Blood and chatted to Andrew Lincoln about The Walking Dead in the latest jam-packed SFX. The scans of the article are at True Blood News.
Vote for Alexander on EW's Popwatch, he's in the Favorite TV Actor category.
Nothing to do with True Blood in this interview with Denis O'Hare but I love AHS, has slight spoilers. Read it all at the THR link-
The Hollywood Reporter checked in with O'Hare to find out why Larry would continue to pursue someone who's verbally abusive and why he'd be willing to kill for Constance as well as the truth about Larry's burns.
Ryan  and Joe at GQ's Man of the Year Awards, Joe's photo from Socialite's Life, Ryan's from Sugarscape, more pics are at both sites.
True Blood News (The Nest) has the centerfold from People up, you can see more scans at their link, still don't think Bradley Cooper is sexy at all.

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