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More True Blood Hiatus Therapy

Mick St John, Vampire/Private Investigator is our new host, I typed that and couldn't not laugh. Here's the show that first brought Aussie Alex McLoughlin into our lives, well mine anyway. From TV.COM-
Moonlight follows Mick St. John, an immortal vampire and private investigator and his struggle to exist after he was bitten 60 years ago by his vampire bride, Coraline, on their wedding night. It also follows his internal torment as he falls in love with one he should not, one who is mortal named Beth, a news reporter, as well as his dealings with the woman who made him a vampire, his sire Coraline. Josef plays Mick's immortal mentor. This is for Barbara.

Some articles on 2 noobs to TB's Cast
EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Overton (The Ring Two) and Louis Herthum (The Last Exorsism) have landed major recurring roles on the HBO vampire drama True Blood. Overton has been booked for 6 episodes and Herthum has been tapped for 5. I hear that the deals for both include series regular options for next season. Overton, repped by Innovative Artists, will play a dirty, beautiful werewolf named Rikki who demands to know what’s become of the pack leader. Herthum, repped by Main Title and Progressive Artists, will play a particularly large Marine-type werewolf who refuses to bow down before the new pack leader. He is also recurring on A&E’s Longmire.
From Movieweb-The first casting announcement has arrived revealing two of these fresh faces. First up, Kelly Overton is set to play a "dirty, beautiful" werewolf named Rikki, who is desperate to discover what became of her pack's leader. Next, we have Louis Herthum, who joins the cast as a "large, Marine-type" werewolf who refuses to bow down to his new pack leader. Kelly Overton is set to appear in six Season 5 episodes, while Louis Herthum is scheduled for five. Both actors have series regular options for Season Six. 
Seems less likely that Herthum is playing Alcide's father, He's too young and blonde.

“True Blood” star Joe Manganiello says the upcoming season of HBO’s hit vampire series is taking a page from the hugely successful “Twilight” movies and beefing up on sexy werewolves.
“They’re casting a lot of new werewolves, a lot of hot werewolf chicks,” Manganiello, 34, toldAccess Hollywood, previewing Season Five.
Joe says his on-screen alter ego, Alcide, will have big trouble on his hands from some new charactees.
“We’ve got Dale Dickey, who’s joined the cast from ‘Winter’s Bone,’ who is awesome,” Manganiello says. “I can’t wait to work with her.
“I think there’s gonna be some werewolves who are gonna give Alcide some trouble this season as well. I’m anxious to see who they’ll cast.”
Among other new cast members, Italian actress Valentina Cervi has been tapped for a regular role as an ancient vampire named Salome. The character is described as a “world class seductress and fiercely intelligent.”The character didn’t originate in Harris’s books, so the show is free to create a new story line.
The season will pick up where Season Four left off. Sookie will be holding Tara in the kitchen.
The episode will also include a flashback to when Eric turned Pam into a vampire, according to show members.
These vids with Nelsan Ellis , Sam Trammell and Allan Hyde are from RingCon, they are different than the ones we posted last month and were done by

There are so many of these videos on the page from a month ago (Ringcon) these were from then but just posted this week.
Can't we get Askars in a movie where he is THE STAR? New preview for Battleship(t)-

Large scans of the SFX TB article HERE
                                                      From Just Jared, many photos at the link
Anna Paquin heads towards a docked boat to film scenes for Free Ride on Thursday (November 17) in Miami, Fla. Anna’s hubby Stephen Moyer visited the set. The two shared a kiss when Anna was finished filming!
Eonline's Marc Malkin talks to chatty Manganiello-
We'll get to why you may catch Joe Manganiello stripping his clothes off at a gas station in a second. But first, guess what starts shooting in about a week. The new season of True Blood.
"I know everything that happens to my character pretty much the entire season," he teased at the GQ Men of the Year party at Chateau Marmont. "I've read the first two scripts. There are a lot more werewolves! There are going to be more werewolves for me to play with—some hot-chick werewolves and badass dudes."

He said Monday he'll have the video of the interviews up.

From EW's Inside TV
True Blood already took Henry away from Grey’s! Tell me they’re not also going to take Denis O’Hare away from American Horror Story! — Liz
While it’s true that Scott Foley has moved from the land of scrubs and studs to the modesty-sock capital of America, O’Hare seems less sure he’ll have to make the same either/or choice. While on a conference call with reporters yesterday, he said, “I don’t know anything about the future…but luckily for me they shoot on opposite schedules. True Blood starts up this Monday and will go until July, and Horror Story is winding down the first week of December and won’t be shooting again until next July. So it fits as two halves to a lovely year.”

Kristin Bauer attending Rolling Stone's AMA after party sponsored by Lady Foot Locker VIP Program and Ciroc Vodka in Los Angeles, California - 20.11.11.

True Blood named Tube Talk's Most Sexiest Show Ever

We're going to be honest - we're not surprised that you voted True Blood your sexiest TV show. Since it began airing in 2008, True Blood has picked up something of a reputation for nudity and naughtiness.

Whether it's Bill and Sookie's first time (set to that choral music), steamy shower scenes, surprising dreams or just the very attractive men whipping their shirts off at every available opportunity, True Blood never misses the chance to get its viewers hot under the collar. Mind you, we could have done without Bill twisting Lorena's head all the way around mid-coitus. Yeuch.

Kristin's segment from Celebrity Ghost Stories, thanks to True Blood News for posting.

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