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The Post Russell Edgington Halloween Hiatus Group

It will be a while before we see King Russell again, he is taking it slow till True Blood comes back. He has a lot of plotting and planning to do, vamping ain't easy after all. It's only week 7 of this hiatus and I'm already feeling like it's been forever since TB was on the tube. Christopher Lee's Dracula will be our host to get us through the rest of the post Halloween week in this post Russell Edgington world.
It's Hammer time! The studio that brought us some of the best Vampire and horror tales, including  The Brides of Dracula, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Dracula Has Risen from the Grave,Taste the Blood of Dracula, Scars of Dracula, Dracula AD, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, The Legend of the Golden Vampires.
 Since Alan Ball is doing his own thing in reference to the source books, he might as well bring in a good gothVan Helsing type. How cool would that be?
Did you see Kristin Bauer in Sunday's "Once Upon a Time"? She talked to AOLTV about the part, which was smaller than I liked. There are other interviews in the last couple of posts here, I love me some Pam. Longer read at the link.
Fairy tale fans, make room for Maleficent!
True Blood''s resident bitch in heels, Kristin Bauer van Straten, is stopping by 'Once Upon a Time' (Sun., Oct. 30, 8PM ET on ABC) to play someone even witchier. Maleficent is best known as the dark and twisted villainess of 'Sleeping Beauty,' but on ABC's new fairy tale drama, she'll face off with Lana Parilla's Evil Queen.
I'm so happy to see you doing something fun and a bit evil on your hiatus. I'm already missing my Pam.
Aw, that's so nice -- me too! But I read the first script the other night, and it was really like, "Oh wow, we're going back into Pam world." I'm very excited. Now I know what's going to happen in episode 1 of Season 5 ... it's pretty freaking exciting. That first table read is gonna be social hour.
Don't tease me. 
Isn't it horrible? It's really cruel! Every storyline was a cliffhanger [last season] ... I love it. Those guys let you stretch every year. Interesting writing is so lucky for an actor.
And now you've got the 'Lost' guys writing an evil witch part for you.
Exactly! I mean, how lucky am I? Really, this sort of "evil bitch" typecasting is the most awesome thing in the world. I'm so OK with it -- the clothing, the dialogue, the scene partners, the fantastical worlds. The whole thing is just ... I just want to live here forever, just all year-round.
So we know you exist in the fairy tale universe, but do we get to see you in Storybrooke at all?
We don't yet. I'm endlessly fascinated with what they're going to do with the show, and with all these characters that are so amazing and the great actors ... and it's the 'Lost' people so, you know, you expect to be invested and surprised.
You said "yet" ... does that mean that we'll get to see more of you?
Yeah, I don't know how it's gonna work out with 'True Blood' and shooting schedules and what they decide to do with the show, but it's open. It'd be fun [to do more] ... I had a really great time with Lana and would love to have more fun with her.
Interview with Deborah Woll from GQ.com
GQ.com: Joe Manganiello told us that working on True Blood was "like being a kid on Halloween every day". Is that accurate?
Deborah Ann Woll: Less candy, but just as much blood probably. I love it. I would go on set every day if they let me. But I'd probably just get in the way.
Do you see many people dressed up as Jessica for Halloween?
I do! People often will send pictures of their Jessica costumes to the Facebook fan page that we run. They do a good job. A lot of people are dying their hair - go redheads! It's interesting too to see that they pick. Some will do the Merlotte's waitress uniform, a lot will do the yellow dress from season two and this year we got one of a girl who wore this great plaid shirt over a little bustier from season four. You'll see...
Do you know you've made it when you're inspiring Halloween costumes?
I guess so. I sort of knew I'd made it when Google stopped autocorrecting my name. It used to change "Woll" into "Wool". Suddenly, one day Google recognised me and I knew everything was good.
What's the best costume you've seen at Comic-Con?
Everything at Comic-Con is strange but endearing at the same time. I have a real love for geek culture so it all seems kind of wonderful to me. One thing I did learn which is fascinating is about the stormtrooper outfits, which seem pretty commonplace. But LucasFilm has not released the rights for that costume so you cannot buy a stormtrooper costume in a store: you have to make it. So if you see a stormtrooper walking around, theymoulded that plastic themselves. That gets my vote for the best costume at any Comic-Con because that is above and beyond.
Eonline's Kristin has this bitsie in her Spoiler Chat Blog-
Whorelips: I know it's a little early, but what about some exclusive scoop on #TrueBlood?
Never too early for True Blood scoop. The season-five premiere of True Blood will have a flashback to Sookie's (Anna Paquin) childhood, and we get to see her use her powers in a deliciously evil way to embarrass a couple of playground bullies. What did they do to piss her off? They don't pick her for their kickball team! That is a wound that burns deep forever, kids…so be nice when playing kickball!

Jarrod in Bloomington, Ind.: I heard season five will be the last one for True Blood. Tell me it's not true. I will flip out!
Not according to Stephen Moyer, and he's a pretty important guy on T.B. "There is certainly enough material for us to keep going and going," he tells us. "And as you know, television contracts are six years, so I don't think there is any need for it to be the last season. I don't see any need or reason for it to stop when it is as successful as it is." Feel better?
Movieweb.com has Carrie Preston's reaction to the first script of Season 5, first Kristin spoke and now Carrie, wheeeee!
As Arlene Fowler, Carrie Preston has served as Merlotte's top waitress for the past four seasons, while also maintaining a strong bond with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). She's also had the divine distinction of birthing what many thought to be a demon baby. True Blood Season 4 ended this past summer with a few shockers. Carrie has recently gotten her hands on the script for Season 5's debut episode, and she assures us that fans will be pleased with the outcome.
"As you know, I'm not allowed to say anything. I will say, I have read the first script. It is very exciting. It's up to the usual True Blood standards with epic proportions of new characters and drama, and comedy. You know...Romance and everything else you've come to expect...I am excited to see where it will all go myself. We start shooting right after Thanksgiving. You will definitely get some questions answered right off the bat. Then, of course, a million more questions will come up, and those will propel us through the rest of the season, I am sure. But yes, the fans will definitely be satiated almost immediately."
Carrie Preston couldn't divulge any pertinent story details, she did offer some insight into where she'd like to see her character go in True Blood Season 5.
"Well, you know...We left it off where there was this mysterious guy that has come back into Terri's life. That is being played by Scott Foley. It will be interesting to see how that will start to impact the home life. I trust that the writers and Alan Ball will take the role to places that I can't even imagine. I try not to speculate. Because I would never have thought that I would have gotten pregnant, and that I would have a demon baby. But it's not a demon baby, its possessed by a ghost. If I tried to dream that up? I couldn't have. I just put myself in their very capable hands. And I enjoy the ride."
Though she hasn't been privy to any new casting announcements, 
Carrie Preston has revealed that there will be quite a few new characters this next year, when the series returns.
"I have no idea (about the casting). I am sure there will be surprises. There are new characters in the script, in just that first episode alone. I have no idea who will be playing them. We tend to beef up our already large cast with really wonderful guest players. I am assuming that True Blood Season 5 won't be any different than what they've done in terms of that previously.
Be sure to catch 
Carrie Preston this Sunday, when she returns to reprise her role as attorneyElsbeth Tascioni on The Good Wife.
They are really trying to make us think the Bill and Eric against the Authority plot will be sexual, oh please! Stephen Talks to MTV's Hollywood Crush, he is a cheeky doll-
The men in the "True Blood" cast are especially bromantic, and it's awesome. (My favorite example: That scene in the season three finale, when Eric says to Alcide and Bill: "If you two are done eye-f---ing each other, can we go?") In addition to Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd recently hinting at more Bill-Eric moments, MTV News had a chance encounter with Stephen Moyer, who's equally enthused about the idea.
Before we approached Stephen with the bromance angle, however, we wondered if he'd had a chance to read the season five scripts yet, which we knew were delivered to the cast members recently.
"How did you hear that?" a suspicious Stephen asked when we chatted with him at TeenNick's HALO Awards. (We're MTV, yo. We've got people.) "Yes we did [get them]. I haven’t read it yet. I haven’t had a moment to. It’s been busy the last few weeks and days, so I haven’t had a chance," he admitted. "I was talking about it today, I really must. Anna [Paquin] hasn’t read it either."
Now onto the pressing question: Will we see more of the bromance between Bill and Eric develop next season?"
My missus got to have a go with him last year, so I think it’s my turn," Stephen said with a smile. "I know [Alex] is very excited about that."

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Ryan in another movie, from EW.com-
True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten have signed on for 7500, a new thriller from The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu. Smart and Kwanten play married passengers, and Bibb takes on the role of a flight attendant as supernatural events begin to disturb Vista Pacific Flight 7500′s transpacific journey. Penned by Lost scribe Craig Rosenberg, 7500 is expected to hit theaters in 2012.
He talks about it with Au.tv.yahoo

I just got home, and as soon as I go online I found this, I feel like I'm the last to know, boohoo me.
From Ausiello's TVLine- Meet Eric's Vampire Sister.
British actress Lucy Griffiths is coming to America in a big way.

The 25-year-old stunner — best known for her role as the ill-fated Marian in the BBC drama Robin Hood — is joining True Blood‘s Season 5 cast as a series regular.
Griffiths will play Nora, Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) centuries-old vampire “sister” (they were both progenies of Godric) who is working as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. Described as intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar, Nora loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose.
The gig marks Griffiths’ first big break stateside after several near misses. Most recently, she was among the leads in The CW’s zombie thriller pilot Awakening, but the show was not ordered to series.
True Blood‘s fifth season starts production later this year ahead of a Summer 2012 premiere.
From JustJared, Ryan at the AMFAR Gala-
I wish this great actor could be a regular on the series, Denis O'Hare on AHS, I hope Melody is right when she says he will be on more in S5!
From EW
Meet Nora, a beautiful and intelligent double agent within the Vampire Authority who’s the progeny of Eric’s maker Godric. She will be played by Lucy Griffiths, a British actress who starred in the BBC’s Robin Hoodas Maid Marian.
Creator Alan Ball has lots of mayhem in store for Season 5. EW also learned that Denis O’Hare will reprise his role of Russell Edgington, the vampire King of Mississippi. Remember, Russell wasn’t exactly killed off at the end of season 3 — he was just buried alive under silver.
U.S. actress Deborah Ann Woll poses on the red carpet to present the movie "Someday this pain will be useful to you" for the sixth edition of the Rome International Film Festival in 
Rome, Wednesday. Yahoo news
                                       Griff the Invisible is on Blu-ray, at Amazon for only $19.99! 
The Metro has a good interview with Joe, the things he did for roles-
Joe Manganiello: I shaved my head and pulled my teeth out for a role
What’s the appeal of the show? 
It’s the sexiest show ever made. It combines great humour with heartfelt drama and a level of kinkiness that’s unmatched. Aside from that, it’s smart and well written. It’s about more than vampires and werewolves but that, and the sex and blood and shock value, makes for a good time.
It has raised your profile as an actor – are you enjoying that? 
It’s amazing. It’s changed my life. Of all the things you can become recognised for I’m very happy it’s this show. A lot of the things I did in drama school and theatre have been pretty out there and racy, which prepared me for this show.
What sort of things? 
I shaved my head at drama school and pulled my teeth out for a role. I like to do things to get the heart racing. I did an Off-Broadway show that involved full frontal nudity – I’ve always gravitated to challenging projects. It’s interesting now that the things pushing boundaries are shows on cable TV, whereas film has become more conservative.
Does a show like this put casting directors off considering you for non-nude roles? 
No, because the show is watched by most of the industry. I constantly meet actors and directors who love the show. It’s not a fluffy vampire, fairy, werewolf show. There’s a lot going on with the relationships. There are a lot of ongoing plotlines. I believe if Tennessee Williams was alive today he’d be writing a vampire TV show set in the Deep South.
What’s the worst acting job you’ve done? 
I shot 65 episodes of a South American telenovela that had been translated into English by people who weren’t writers – they were bilingual. It was awful but I needed to pay the bills. It was so ridiculous I had to start laughing at it.
Did it make you consider giving up acting? 
I just tried not to think about it. I thought: ‘One day I’ll look back on this and laugh.’
Have you met any wacky fans? 
We have the most loyal, passionate fans but also some freaky ones. I get some pretty wild requests but it’s all good fun: women who have heard of the healing properties of wolf saliva who want me to lick them.
What inspired you to become an actor? 
I was an artistic kid and drew and wrote stories. I didn’t really want to get on to the stage. My high school had video cameras the students could use and me and my friends would shoot our own movies at weekends. I loved it and it was a way to express myself artistically.
I grew up in Pittsburgh in a very working-class area. It’s a big football town and I was always bigger than the other kids and always played sport – so the idea was I’d go into sport rather than do something artistic for a living. 
I had a series of injuries that affected my sporting activities and teachers suggested I try out for the high school musical instead. As a result, I got a scholarship to one of the best dramatic training schools in the country and I haven’t looked back.
Have you ever had a supernatural experience? 
I wonder about ghosts. I’ve seen some things that freak me out a little. I lived in an apartment building in Hollywood and there were strange noises and weird sensations in the atmosphere. I heard other people in the building talking about experiencing the same thing. I moved out as soon as I could.
Joe in Hong Kong at an HBO Event, the Chinese translation is hysterical.
Video HERE, Joe thankfully answers in English. MSN has an interview too, below.
<a href='http://video.uk.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&amp;vid=763285f8-abb4-4571-a1cc-4c5bbde9cb26&amp;src=SLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='MSN exclusive interview: Joe Manganiello talks True Blood'>Video: MSN exclusive interview: Joe Manganiello talks True Blood</a>

 The My Macy’s Holiday Parade has just announced that Joe Manganiello of HBO’s True Blood has agreed to appear in the 31st Annual Parade Festivities.Video from when he was there last year at the parade is HERE.

Pittsburgh native, rising star, and all-around gorgeous guy Joe Manganiello returns to his hometown for the WPXI Presents, My Macy's Holiday Parade on Nov. 26.
Dubbed the "Newest Rising Star" by AccessHollywood.com, Manganiello joined the cast of the HBO hit, "True Blood," as the troubled, mysterious werewolf, Alcide.
Prior to this breakout role, he starred as Flash Thompson in "Spider-Man" and had roles on TV's "How I Met Your Mother" and most recently “Two and a Half Men.”
Manganiello graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School and Carnegie Mellon University


  1. I can never get enough of Stephen Moyer's British accent, had to play that video twice. It's all about the bromance now..the possibility of it and SM seems to be approaching it with a sense of humor in this interview. I like when Eric and Bill quip and insult eachother so it oughta be amusing next season. Can't wait to see Russell again and agree, wish Denis O'Hare could be made a regular, such a great actor with an old fashioned charm. Loved hearing Ryan being interviewed with his softspoken Aussie accent. You'd never believe he is Jason..shows what a good actor he is.

  2. I so agree with your post Laur! I cant wait to see what Russell will be up to next season, it should be fun. Thanks for posting!