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Let's Have a True Blood Solstice

Photo courtesy of HBO, John P. Johnson

Hey  ....guess where we are. *cough cough* Season 6 episode 1 table read *cough*

Winter is Coming this spring!

Stephen Moyer arrives at BAFTA LA TV Tea party 2012 Presented By BBC America

The last months have been filled with so much real life horror we should to take a break with our vampires and other fantasy creatures. Enjoy the moments away from who knows what will hit us next, our pretty little monsters always soothe our savaged world. Some season 2 goodness to lighten the load.

Just imagine she is saying anything y'all want to Joe.

Anne Rice was on Craig Ferguson this week, I missed it but thanks to youtube we can all enjoy the interview.
Crave Online talks to Janina Gavankar-

Another strikingly beautiful actress, Janina Gavankar, stopped on the red carpet at our STiKS Gaming Charity Arcade Gala to discuss what's next for her character, Luna Garza, on the upcoming season of HBO's vampire hit series, "True Blood."
True-Blood.net has created a new ditty, The 12 Supes of Christmas
Number 11 of the ongoing True Blood Comics- Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, continues! With creative collaboration from TRUE BLOOD creator/writer/producer Ball, actor/writer Michael McMillian begins a climactic arc that will threatens to rip up Bon Temps at its roots! 32 pages, written by Michael McMillian, “the Rev. Steve Newlin” from the show! Pre-order at the HBO store, links up top.
Dale Dickey, our Martha Bozeman, talks about working with Barbara Streisand in "The Guilt Trip".
Brit Morgan has a new movie out too, The Frozen, all at  411mania, this is what she said about True Blood- TONY:How has True Blood changed your career?
BRIT MORGAN:True Blood changed my career in a really wonderful way. I feel like as an actor in L.A., the auditioning process can be very grueling and the auditioning process is a lot of it because that's how you get work until you are an A-list star. What I thinkTrue Blood did for me is it gave me a lot of confidence going into the room and a lot of people watched the show, so I feel like I'm going in with a little something under my belt. It's helped me book other jobs and helped me in terms of the way casting directors relate to me in the room. It sounds like small changes, but it's actually a really, really huge step for me compared to where I was before that. I feel like I have something very meaty under my belt that really helps me continue pursuing the things that I would like to do.
MTV's Hollywood Crush does their first post for season 6-
'True Blood' Season 6: What We Know So Far
Ooooh, Janina Gavankar, you know what we like. The "True Blood" actress took a break from her Luna duties today just to tease fans on Twitter—with a winky little note that the show was back in business, with cast members doing an initial read on the first episode of season six. 

It'll be short and sweet!
Due to Anna Paquin's maternity leave, the upcoming season will cram its action into 10 episodes rather than the usual 12.
Back for more: Daddy Herveaux and the mysterious Warlow
Robert Patrick is officially on board for regular appearances as Alcide's wayward father—and the creators have confirmed that we'll also get to meet the as-yet-unseen vampire Warlow, who has a contractual claim on Sookie's life thanks to a poorly-thought-out promise on the part of a Stackhouse elder.
Sookie will continue her romantic tour-de-supe...
...with a brand-new faerie boyfriend! "Eastenders" actor Rob Kazinsky has been tapped to play Sook's next-season love interest, (edit: casting call doesnt say he's a romantic interest) who may or may not be competing for the waitress's affections with Alcide, Eric and every other non-human dude in Bon Temps.
Rutger Hauer will join the cast
The show's producers announced shortly after the close of season five that Rutger Hauer had signed on to play Macklyn, a new character with important connections to the Stackhouse family... which is news we've already reported, but any excuse to revisit this picture is good enough for us.
Creighton Burrell wants your vote.
The ongoing conflict of politics between vampires and the humans who hate 'em should be coming to the forefront of "True Blood" again: producers have promised to introduce a new character, Creighton Burrell, the governor of Louisiana who despises and fears vampires after his wife left him for one. Ouch.
And finally, Luna...isn't dead?
We guess? At least not yet? The fierce shapeshifter was left in bad shape after her Steve Newlin skinwalk during the season five finale, but Janina's presence at the reading suggests that she'll survive at least long enough to say a line or two. 

TVLine says Arliss Howard is joining the HBO drama’s forthcoming sixth season in the series regular role of Louisiana Governor Creighton BurrellThe character is described as a good ol’ boy politician who has a major beef with vampires ever since his wife ran off with one, leaving him as a single father to their only daughter. Politically savvy and perhaps overly ambitious, Creighton tends to let his personal aspirations overshadow his humanity.

"Attack of the Show" favorite Janina Gavankar returns to the studio for one last hurrah, where she talks about the latest from her roles on "True Blood," "The League" and "Arrow." And now she's a recording artist!
Happy Birthday Allan Hyde the best sire a vamp could have, Godric. 12/20!

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