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Bonds of Blood

Photo courtesy of HBO, John P. Johnson
Haute Event: Ryan Kwanten from True Blood Helps Tao Celebrate Veuve Clicquot’s Yelloween
Halloween weekend in Las Vegas kicked off Friday night at Tao at the Venetian with Veuve Clicquot’s Yelloween celebration hosted by Ryan Kwanten. The “True Blood” star, who will also be playing Charles Manson in the upcoming biopic, was dressed up for the holiday as a gangster. The Australian actor sat down for dinner at Tao Asian Bistro where a group of friends feasted on specialties from the kitchen including sushi, crispy shrimp and satay bass and sipped Veuve Clicquot Champagne before heading upstairs to the packed nightclub.
Up in the club, Kwanten and friends took over a VIP table in the moat section that was stocked with Don Julio tequila, Belvedere Vodka and Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne. Kwanten took to the catwalk and fans cheered as DJ Crooked shouted out his arrival. To toast the celebration a magnum of Veuve Clicquot was delivered via zip line.

Roundabout Theatre Company's musical theatre producing arm benefited from a Dec. 3 Broadway reunion concert of the company's 2004 Tony Award-winning revival of Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman's Assassins. Neil Patrick Harris, Denis O'Hare, Marc Kudisch, Becky Ann Baker and Michael Cerveris were among the returning troupers at Studio 54. Read the story.
Don't forget, still time to vote for True Blood HERE
                                         December's cover of QX Magazine

Great scene from my favorite season.
actual updated casting call from Bookies-
[NICOLE JANNSEN] Bi-Racial (African American / Caucasian) Mid 20s. A true bleeding heart. She's not at all concerned with money, she's concerned with the common good and doing what's right. Probably went to Bryn Mawr and drives an old Saab. Life hasn't beaten her down yet. She and her band of well-meaning liberal advocates model themselves after the civil rights activist "Freedom Riders" of the Sixties. A do-gooder to the core, Nicole's naive optimism is charming but ultimately vaguely idiotic and dangerous...SERIES REGULAR
New Trailer for Alan Ball's "Banshee"
Heyah, made a new thread, linked right under Odds and Sods for Casting Calls. It will be updated as info is released.

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Kristin Bauer at The Toulouse Game Show this past weekend.
Denis taking a picture while getting a picture taken.
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From TVGuide- True Blood alum Denis O'Hare will guest-star on Law & Order: SVU, has learned, but this time he'll be answering to a different (read: higher) power than the Vampire Authority.
The Tony winner will play Father Shea, a priest who is pulled from his car and brutally beaten. When the police arrive, they arrest Fin's ex-wife's brother, Sam Randall (Boardwalk Empire's Erik LaRay Harvey). Despite Sam's former criminal record and various stints behind bars, Fin  doesn't think Sam is their man and asks his SVU partners for help getting to the bottom of the case. The episode is tentatively set to air sometime in January. In a surprising twist, the episode marks O'Hare's second time playing Father Shea. He originated the character on a 2008 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent co-written by current SVU showrunner Warren Leight. This is also O'Hare's second stint on SVU, following an appearance in 2000. He guest-starred on the original Law & Order four times, most recently in 2003 playing — wait for it — a priest, Father Hogan. EDIT: I have seen him on the show (in the repeats on the weekends), he was on last as a deranged homeless man who was off his meds. He murdered a store full of people, but the best was him defending himself in court, because he was a lawyer. 
True Blood Comics is back! All the info for the comics is at the site, you can buy them at HBO links are here at the top of this page. The pics above are of the various covers for ongoing comic #7.

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