Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rolling into a New Year.

HBO is having a True Blood season 5 marathon starting at 9pm New Year's Eve.
This new year should be Sam Trammell's, the actor has been around a while and he has more than paid his dues. He has 3 movies coming out in 2013, he's handsome in a aw shucks country boy way and he likes kittens, so let's ring in the year of the Sam!
 photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America and HBO John P. Johnson
                               Stills from Sam's new movie "White Rabbit"

Denis OHare on the next Law & Order SVU-"Presumed Guilty" - Detective Tutola (Ice-T) gets entangled in a church scandal when his ex-brother-in-law (guest star Erik Laray Harvey) is arrested for the brutal attack of a priest (guest star Denis O'Hare) just days before Christmas.
                              Happy Birthday to Joe Manganiello this December 28th.
More on this trilogy, it's fo realz.
McMillz in Sweden for NYE-thanks to ASkarsgasms on tumblr I had no idea they were from a board I am a member of long time.

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