Saturday, May 21, 2011

No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition on Saturday!

Deadline has some casting info for HBO.
Also cast in a recurring role on an HBO series is Peter Macdissi who is joining the vampire drama True Blood. He will play Luis Patiño, a vampire sheriff in Louisiana, who harbors a troubled past with ties to the Spanish Inquisition, torture, and the witches that are settling in Bon 

I think I see the noob at about the 1 minute mark in the video below, chowing down in a dirty alleyway with garbage bags around (a running theme this season?)
Much clearer copy of the new promo from HBO's Youtube page. Crystal sure seems to be biting Jason, judging by her bloody mouth and face. Look at Portia Bellefleur, all smiles at the ribbon cutting ceremony, very different demeanor from book Portia. That white make-up isnt doing Jessica Tuck (Nan) any favors. Exfoliate and moisturize girl, you are an ageless vamp (a little filler too).

I don't know if the Inside True Blood Blog is clueing us in that the character's are DUN or it's just a little something to fill in till the show starts.  I love Alfre Woodard in anything, even as a crazy mean woman, so I hope she is in next season.

Remembering Season 3: Ruby Jean

By Gianna Sobol
"The stuff with Lafayette's mother, Ruby Jean, in the mental ward - that was one of those scenes that's hard to shake off after writing it. I feel protective of our characters after all these years, and a part of me didn't want Lafayette to have to hear these things from his own mother... even just typing them made me want to shower.  But I love that arc because we walk away with a deeper understanding of who Lafayette is, what motivates him... how and why he became the fabulous creature he is now... and in a way, what a miracle it is that  he survived all that with as much sanity as he has.   It's exciting that 3 years into the show we  still find opportunities to dig deeper and reveal new facets of these characters.  And that's what excites me most about True Blood -  beneath the fangs and bloody pecs, the show is really all about character." - Raelle Tucker

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