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HBO Press Release Friday ( ok, so it's from yesterday) & More S4 Photos!

Jethro Nededog from Zap2it has some interesting  news, loved his live blogging during the Paleyfest.

'True Blood's' Jessica Tuck reveals that Nan and Bill have history

HBO just released the most revealing trailer so far for "True Blood's" Season 4. 

In it, we see the American Vampire League's spokeswoman, Nan Flanagan, assigning Eric and Bill  to damage control on the human-vampire relations front after Russel Edgington's  very public display of vampire blood-thirst in Season 3.

New series regular, Jessica Tuck (who plays Nan) says that her character takes on an increasingly significant role in Season 4.

"It would be foolish to think that her efforts were just about making humans and vamps one big happy family," Tuck tells True Blood's Nest of Nan's work to mainstream vampires. "There is an agenda behind her agenda but that is not for me to reveal right now. Stay tuned."

And while we see her ordering Bill around quite a bit, the actress says there's something more underneath their adversarial relationship.
"All I can say is that Nan and Bill have a history," she says. "Details of that history will be revealed in Season 4. If I say anything more than that, I'll get myself in trouble."

"Relationships between the characters get much more complicated and redefined," Tuck also says. "I love this season - I think there is a lot to sink your teeth into. You won't be disappointed."

Good interview with Jessica Tuck (anyone besides me remember her as Vicky's daughter on One Life To Live?) From my old pals at True Blood's Nest, a great site that I have followed since they started. There's lots of goodies in it, in fact maybe Jethro's info is taken from this, so read the whole thing at the link. This is just a tease-

Jessica Tuck: Nan’s Agenda Behind Her “Agenda”

TB-N: Nan is also one of the most mysterious characters in True Blood. We don’t know much about her, though she has been featured since episode 1 (on the TV at the Grabbit Kwik). Will we get to know Nan’s story better? Maybe some flashbacks or more info about her background? Are you allowed to tell us how old Nan is or where was she born?

JT: Nan is mysterious- even to me. I don’t know how old  she is or where she was born. More about Nan is revealed in season 4 but  I can’t go into detail without spoiling things for you.

Major True Blood Casting News: Gary Cole As...
For those of us who follow the show closely, posting all casting notes and spoilers we can, it didn't appear to offer any new intel on what's to come... until we got to the final line. It reads:
New cast members include: Courtney Ford as lawyer Portia Bellefleur, Andy’s sister; Vedette Lim as Tara’s new friend Naomi; Alexandra Breckenridge as Katerina, one of Marnie’s followers; and Gary Cole as Earl Stackhouse.
Earl Stackhouse? Sookie's grandfather?!? It's safe to assume this appearance will take place via flashback, but it's still intriguing to consider.
Cole is a veteran actor who most recently appeared in Entourage and Chuck. To many, though, he'll forever be known as Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. So... yeah... it's safe to say we're excited about his casting.
TV Fanatic

I thought this was already confirmed, but maybe just speculation. I know Melody Picard said it a while ago, so no surprise. I still think Randy Wayne will play Dermot, the fairy relative of Sookie and Jason (that looks like Jason), otherwise they missed a great casting idea, lol.

More photos by John P. Johnson for S4 courtesy of HBO


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