Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday's Fabulous Fotos

They are all over the web but Seat 42F has them all in one place, how could I forget about them having cool info? All photos courtesy of  HBO, by John P. Johnson 

These are said to be from S4 E1
Now this is why Thursday is all kinds of Fabulousity!
These are E2
What in Ed Grimley hell is going on with Tommy's (Scrappy Doo) hair?

Now this is how you do sexy, note to all actresses everywhere.
 Sadness, anger and a creepy old doll
Jesus buys into this?

Since we have the photos, I'll just post the text from POPWATCH which they posted with pics, not anything we don't already know-

True Blood" season four has been unofficially titled "The Season of the Witch" -- so meet Fiona Shaw, who plays Marnie, Bon Temps big wicca and the woman driving this year's drama.
She's the only new face in a batch of 20 just released season four images that have glaringly omitted two very important characters!
Sookie Stackhouse memorably ended season three by leaving our world and entering Claudine's fairyland -- but how long will she stay? And what will she bring back to Bon Temps when she returns?
Bill, arguably, had the most eventful season finale -- betraying Eric, getting dumped then banished by Sookie and facing off with Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne. So needless to say, he's facing an uphill battle this year.
Thanks to his progeny Pam, a freshly excavated Eric is back behind the bar at Fangtasia when season four starts up -- but with the witches having control over the dead, it would seem that the walking dead (a.k.a vampires) are in for a whole lot of trouble this year.
It's nice to see Pam's flair for fashion hasnt waned in the off season.
The show's most dangerously in love couple -- Hoyt and Jessica -- will continue to find their relationship tested this year, but this is one fanboy who is hoping they find a happily ever after.
Alcide will play a much larger role in season four -- especially now that Bill and Eric are (seemingly) out of Sookie's life. A development that actor Joe Manganiello has been waiting for since he chatted with PopWrap last August.
Since his relationship with Jesus survived those horrifying hallucinations last season, expect Lafayette to take on a much more central role this season also since his witchy boyfriend is part of this year's central coven.
Having reunited with his birth parents last season (big mistake, big, huge!) Sam Merlotte will stop digging into the past and look towards the future this year -- which is how the barkeep finds love with one of his own. New face Luna, played by Janina Gavankar
In a move that surprised me, Sam's little brother Tommy is also back for season four -- meaning, we'll have just as many shifters as werewolves, witches and vampires this year.
The finale hinted at a V-addicted Detective Andy Bellefleur this season -- something I would relish because this character deserves a lot more than broken arms, endless dead bodies and yelling "Jason!"

NEW POSTERS!!!!!!! Thank you Matt from TVLINE.COM

Shots from the set are up at the one and only The Vault, looks like more tr-tr-trouble for Sooks! What else is new? Is she seeing Jason almost kidnapped?

Dude even falls sexy.

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