Monday, May 23, 2011

Wolfy Monday

Melodie Picard casting call for his character: [NATE] Caucasian, Male, Late 20s to 30s. He is an imposing wolf, at least 6 feet tall. RECURRING CO-STAR. SOMETIMES HE WILL HAVE NO LINES COULD POSSIBLY RECUR INTO SEASON FIVE. Thanks again to Bookies ♥ True Blood
 IMDB has Brendan McCarthy already listed in a few episodes.

Peek at HBO GO's TB special, Barry in Fairyland, blah. Is he going to be another cousin?

Not a spoiler but it is new from the S3 DVD, Andy just has no clue what poor missing Jason is going through. He thinks he's off getting laid, which usually he would be before he hooked up with a crazy were-panther.

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