Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Suits Bill

More video from on the set by the Wonder Women @ CINEMATIC DEBRIS
Bill looks more and more like he is a bigwig in the vamp world after exposing or however he did away with Sophie Anne. AVL exec? Photos of the gals with new cast members at the source.

They are shooting indoors today and it’s a ballroom scene. I noticed balloons in the shape of fangs and other balloons in the shape of letters that spelled “Tolerance.” There were also red, white and blue flags and a band playing with a chick singer. Some of the extras were wearing blue t-shirts that read: “Just say no to hate.” There were men with guns in all black that resembled a SWAT team. Vampire Bill was dressed in suits, Eric was wearing a bloody shirt and Sookie was in a zippered sweatshirt and jeans.

Joe loves to let us know he doesn't wear much on the show. We know Joe, we know.

'True Blood' Star Joe Manganiello Talks Season 4 Shirtlessness (Lots Of It!)
Posted 5/16/11 11:00 am ET by Amy Wilkinson in TV News, Videos
If it wasn't evident from the recently released "True Blood" season four trailer, we will be seeing a lot of bare-chested manmeat when the HBO series returns June 26. In fact, when we caught up with star Joe Manganiello recently, he gave us the lowdown on just how much pec-tasticness we can expect from his wolfie character Alcide Herveaux.

"Well, I think I'm shirtless or naked three out of seven [episodes] we've done," Joe said with a grin. "So if we talked in baseball terms, three out of seven is like Hall of Fame numbers."
That is one Hall of Fame we'd certainly visit (over and over again). But while Joe was forthcoming about his nudie numbers, he was a bit more coy about specifics plot points from the upcoming season when we asked for scoop.

"I mean, witches, nudity and murders, blood and guts—all kinds of good fun stuff," he said vaguely.

Oh, come on, Joe! What a tease! I guess we'll just have to tune in June 26 for all the dramatic (and shirtless) goodness.
Thanks to MTV's Amy Wilkinson

Woot, Instyle UK has a peek at a S3 DVD extra!

EXCLUSIVE: True Blood season 3 special
InStyle has got it's hands on an exclusive featurette with Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill, from True Blood season 3 DVD - out 23 May!

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