Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Has THE Best Promos.

This is fanmade, a great compilation of the promos so far. It's by the talented Andra, see all her work HERE.

A new promo from last night, right off the TV, True Blood has the best fans. Oops, I deleted that one for a better quality vid by the lovely Jody.

This might be taken down soon, HBO GO's sneak peek. I have to be honest, not liking the Fae twists at all. The book storyline was perfect, Earl being Fae just, just...I can't. has a synopsis of the HBOGO preview-

 The video itself is not yet available to non-subscribers (we’ll post as soon as it is), but we’ve got the scoop on what happens to share with you.

Sookie finds all sorts of surprises in faerie land.
The episode opens in the faerie world where all is calm and pleasant, full of tinkling music and happy people. A golden light pulses and Sookie appears with Claudine. Inquiring if Claudine is the “leader” in this world, Sookie is informed that no, in fact Claudine is her faerie godmother. “If you’re job is to look after me, can I just say that you suck? Do you know many times I could’ve used a faerie godmother?” Sookie huffs. “You’re still alive, aren’t you? You’re not exactly Miss Trouble Free you know,” Claudine notes.
At this point Sookie is greeted by Barry the Bellboy, who just arrived with his faerie godmother, Lloyd. I know, right? The faeries go off to get a drink and let Barry & Sookie catch up. Another faerie comes by and offers them a lumiere, a “light fruit,” what look like glowing peaches. As Barry bites into his, Sookie sees others eating them and something seems “off” to her. She warns Barry to stop, but then her eye is caught by a man off to the side, enjoying his own fruit. It’s her grandaddy, Earl. She greets him, but Earl doesn’t recognize her. When she tells him who she is, he is disbelieving. “I just saw you last week, it was your birthday.” “Grandaddy, that was 20 years ago.” Cut to black.
So what did we learn?
  • Time in faerie land is not the same as in our world.
  • Barry and Sookie weren’t the only humans present raising the question of just how many people with faerie blood exist.
  • In the True Blood-verse, it appears that Earl didn’t die, he just disappeared into faerie land.

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