Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whose Gator Wednesday?


By Gianna Sobol
Not your average day at work, huh?
(photo courtesy of set PA Danika Brysha)HBO's True Blood Blog
Where is the gator, in a van, a garbage dump? Who is the gator, since we have shifters who knows? It's one way to get rid of a body, or some evidence or an enemy, nom nom, taste like chicken. 

'True Blood' Premiere to Feature Zombies Cover by Nick Cave, NekoCase
by Phil Gallo
Nick Cave and Neko Case have recorded a cover of theZombies' "She's Not There" for the debut episode of season four of "True Blood."
Cave and Case, who shared concert bills about a decade ago, were brought together for the season premiere, which is titled "She's Not There." The song closes the episode.
"You always want to serve the show, but in the back of my mind I'm always thinking about the soundtrack," "True Blood" music supervisor Gary Calamar said Wednesday (May 4) at the Musexpo in Hollywood. The Cage and Case track replaces Santana's cover of the tune, which was requested in the script. "The key to a good soundtrack is having fresh recordings."


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