Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hiatus Support Group Week 3 Continued

A very special person is hosting our latter part of the week support group, the one and only Vampira. The only vamp that Pam admires and considers a role model, you can see why.
Ok, have you all caught your collective breaths after gazing on her perfection? Let's get to our meds.
From Wetpaint, the whole interview at the link-
Just in time for a little pre-Halloween frightfest, Wetpaint Entertainmentasked Janina Gavankar, who plays shapeshifter Luna, what we can expect from next season. “With a show like True Blood, anything can happen, but I promise you there will be more blood, more sex, and more cliff hangers,” Janina told us in an exclusive interview at the Paley Center for Media's "An Evening with FX’s The League" (which the multi-talented actress also stars in). Every new season seems to bring another terrifying or tantalizing new creature and the upcoming one won’t disappoint, she revealed.
“I think I know what new creature is going to be introduced next season, I can’t tell you but I know you’ll love it,” she teased. “It’s most definitely frightening!”“I think there are d
ifferent versions of different kinds of creatures, there's a were-panther, which was a different kind of were-creature than I’d ever heard of but is makes sense as it’s just the cat version of a werewolf, which is a dog.”
Methinks Janina knows as much as us and is hinting at Quinn's were tigerness.
Ausiello has this about Once Upon a Time, he thinks this is a spoiler?
Question: Words cannot express how excited I am that True Blood‘s Kristin Bauer van Straten isplaying Maleficient on Once Upon a Time. Any plot deets? —Cynthia
Ausiello: My crystal ball is showing me… a catfight of mythic proportions! “In our world, Maleficient is the Evil Queen’s oldest friend — and someone she wishes would just drop dead,” reveals exec producer Edward Kitsis. “That’s what happens when evil befriends evil.” Adds fellow EP Adam Horowtiz: “To go to toe to toe with our Evil Queen we needed an iconic character — which led us to introduce Maleficient. And as huge fans of Kristin’s we couldn’t imagine anyone better to come in and bring her to life.”

A pic of Stephen Moyer in "The Barrens", a very good place for camping by the way. I can say from experience that I would have loved to see the Jersey Devil but just had a good drunkey run of the mill camping trip. More at Cinemablend.
Now this is how you advertise TB, In Romania of all places, the home of Dracula, Vampira approves!
Drink up!Video of the fountain HERE
IDW Publishing, in conjunction with HBO, is pleased to announce the launch of the second hardcover True Blood comic collection, TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE, available in comic and book stores throughout North America on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. This compilation of all six issues from the second series of the mega-hit comics offers an all-new story co-written by True Blood star Michael McMillian and comics fan-favorite Marc Andreyko.  The collection features bonus content, including a cover gallery.
Following on the success of the New York Times best-selling first comic collection,TRUE BLOOD: ALL TOGETHER NOW, this second edition channels the same erotically-charged romance, wry humor, intriguing mystery and suspense the show has become known for into a brand new story that treats readers to new insights of their favorite characters. In TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE, Jessica is exposed to contaminated bottles of Tru Blood, causing the lovely vampire to go berserk. It’s up to Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the Bon Temps gang to figure out who (or what) is behind the bad Blood. Plus, Reverend Newlin is back and as always in the world ofTrue Blood, things are not as they seem. 
“Not only is Steve Newlin back, but TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE sees the first comic appearance of many fan-favorite characters from the show,” said McMillian, who plays Fellowship of the Sun leader Reverend Steve Newlin on the show.  “Marc and I worked hard to make our story arc feel like a mini-season of True Blood. Hopefully it will help viewers with their withdrawal while they wait for the next season.” 
From Crimson Monkey
Andy Swist made some stencil a couple years back to carve out TB characters on your pumpkins
Here are a few stencils I’ve created for personal crafting use. They’re great for pumpkin carving, making T-shirts or pretty much anything you can use a stencil for. Go to his site HERE to download the stencils.
A bit more info on "The East" movie that is next for Alexander, the much longer article is at Indie Wire- You likely already known that Skarsgård is part of the forthcoming “The East” withBrit Marling, Ellen Page and Toby Kebbell. The film tells the story of a female security agent (Marling) who infiltrates an eco-terrorist group and falls into a relationship with the leader, played by Skarsgård. “I play an anarchists…They attack big corporations. Its kind of like an eye for an eye [type thing]. They attack CEOs of big corporations and do whatever they’ve done to other people to them,” he revealed.
Tales from the Set with the 'True Blood' Make-up Team : Make-Up Artist Magazine
Make-Up Artist magazine's ongoing Web feature "Tales from the Set" features candid videos of award-winning make-up artists telling the good, the bad and the ugly details of working behind the scenes. In our 15th installment, we feature the special make-up effects team from True Blood talking about a difficult lifecast process for actor Sam Trammell.
A bigger version of the cover than I previously posted of Ryan's UK Men's Health cover for November, how many times can they tell us about his work out and diet, I just don't know.

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