Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid-Week Hiatus Support Meet

Ah the '80's, even hip Vamps had mullets, look at David's platinum blonde do. I remember this scene so well, Michael seeing maggots and worms in his rice, put me off Chinese food for a while. So let's relax, have some tea and scones and toast the '80's and be glad we (ok, just me) kicked those bad habits.
Bill S. Preston, Esq. was a vamp too, good times they were.
What's shaking in Truebloodville? This is from Florida's Sun Sentinel, they did an email interview with Kristin. The whole read is at the link-
How has your life changed since True Blood went on the air?
Well, I now have to shower and wear some makeup to go to Starbucks. I have to borrow a little from Pam — be a tad more vain, as I could never say, “no” to a fan wanting a photo because I'm not wearing mascara. And I get asked my thoughts on things and I have lots to say about rights and free will, especially regarding animals, as they are truly innocent and voiceless. It is also possible playing Pam has opened the door to my being seen as a “fierce bitch,” I think is the term and I'm all for that typecasting.

How do you prepare to play Pam and what do you enjoy most about the role? What's the most challenging part?
I try to be my most dry and sarcastic self. Then, I get in those clothes, sit in hair and makeup for two to five hours, and walk on to those gorgeous sets with these amazing actors, and 80 percent of the work has been created around me. All of that teamwork cannot be underestimated in how important it is to be able to believe I am an immortally bored vampire.

Were you familiar with the True Blood books before taking the role?
I was not. This entire world has been a delightful surprise.

What has been your most-memorable scene on the show so far?
Every year, there are many “most-memorable scenes” in my mind. Even the ones that I feel may be less memorable for Pam, I find out later from fans, that the fabulous dialogue they wrote made an impact. I can tell you I was very curious to see how the face-rotting scenes looked, like the fight scene I had with Rutina [Wesley]. We worked two long nights on that, and I was really hoping I was very edgy. And I hear I was.

Bevmo now has the Trublood drink in stock after much fanfare-The delicious blood orange flavored soda, recently launched in new plastic bottles, is now available in 114 BevMo! locations throughout California and Arizona as well as at their online store ( for $2.99 per bottle. The drink will be prominently featured in the store’s Halloween assortment. Boasting a crisp, slightly tart and lightly sweet tangy taste, the drink is “sure to satisfy even the thirstiest fan” and is a wonderful cocktail mixer making it a great fit for BevMo!, a specialty beverage retailer based in California, known for its great selection of beverages and specialty products like snacks, glassware and bar accessories.
Bitsie about how much Graham Norton loves his True Blood
Wetpaint has the evolution of Eric's hair, I see they are just as desperate as me for news.
Ryan Kwanten is best known as Jason Stackhouse in HBO'sTrue Blood, but he also takes on theatrical roles when the series isn't shooting. One of his latest, Griff the Invisible, is scheduled to make its Blu-ray debut on November 15. Pre-order at

I don't know if this is from filming his stripper movie or they were celebrating Matt Bomer's B-day. Source
Collider has an interview with Denis OHare up, it's mostly about American Horror Story, you can and should read the whole thing at the link.

As much as you must have been asked, over the last season, whether or not Russell Edgington would return on True Blood, was exciting to finally have that door opened for this coming season?
O’HARE: Hell, yes! I had been hearing rumors and things, but until I actually heard that there was a script, in which they went to the parking lot and found a hole in the ground and chains, I wasn’t sure. I’ve been in contact with people fromTrue Blood, and I’m friends with a lot of them, and Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide, actually told me first. He was like, “Dude, there’s this scene where I go to the parking lot and you’re not there anymore,” and I went, “Yes!” I’m really thrilled. I love that family. Alan Ball is such a spectacular person to be around and to work for. I’m really excited to get to go back and join them, and I love the character. I can’t wait to pick up where he left off.
Have you thought about how he could be now, with the time that’s passed?
O’HARE: He could change. His experience has, maybe, redefined him and shaped him differently.
Are you surprised with how much everyone truly loved the character?
O’HARE: I was. I didn’t expect it, and I was a little shocked, but ultimately, I’m really pleased. It’s a very nice thing to have happen. I was really thrilled.
The Hollywood Reporter listed the top 50 power showrunners (not power tops), Alan made the list of course-
After the fourth season of the vampire hit maintained nearly 5 million viewers, Ball inked a multiyear deal with HBO that will see him stay on full time for the series' fifth season. "There will be an end for me at some point," Ball said in July during the Television Critics Association press tour, "though I don't have any desire to leave because I'm having more fun than I ever had in my life." The Georgia-born Emmy winner (for Six Feet Under) and Oscar winner (American Beauty) also has a dark comedy pitch set up through his Your Face Goes Here Entertainment banner at Paramount with Elan Mastai. As for how long True Blood could realistically run, Ball, 54, says, "I think if we did 13 seasons, we'd have to address why the vampires are aging."
Charlaine Harris has something to say in one of her blogs, and I don't blame her for saying it again. Thanks to Loving True Blood in Dallas for pointing it out.
As long as I’m covering odds and ends, let me just insert a fact here. I love the TV show “True Blood.” I don’t write it. So all the complaints about the way the plot lines are different from my books, about the physical differences between Anna Paquin and Sookie Stackhouse, about the direction and future of the show . . . they’re lost on me, and a waste of time to express to me, because I don’t have anything to do with the writing of the show or its casting. While I appreciate reader involvement in both entertainment experiences, I can only affect issues regarding the books. I’m not trying to be ungracious or rude, but realistic. If you have a beef with the way the show is plotted or cast, please send these observations to HBO or to Alan Ball. As I opened my office mail yesterday, I found myself wondering if Alan gets letters about how I write the books.
I think I’ll ask him.
Ryan Kwanten has a movie screening at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
IMDB has the plot synopsis... thinking it's been on the shelf awhile, Mischa Barton?

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