Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hiatus Support Group Laughs

Remember this goofy show, Dracula the Series? It was so stupidfunny, the lead actor Geordie Johnson was in a lot of syndicated shows (Andromeda, Forever Knight) from back in the day so he will be familiar to most of us. Forever Knight fans might remember the star of FK, Geraint Wyn Davies, was in a couple of episodes of this show too. Their Uncle happens to be Gustav Van Helsing, hilarity ensues. Here's their first meeting, Drac likes some hip hop (go to 5:18).

Kim Coates (Tig from SOA) as an actor who becomes a real vamp, reluctantly.

Wetpaint has some thoughts to (v)amp up the Fae plotlines. This is one of them-
Andy’s Fairytale Romance- Not gonna lie: It was kind of disturbing to watch Andy roll around in a pile of dirt and leaves while fornicating with a mythical being. Mostly because we’re almost positive that Sookie and Eric had sex on that same patch of grass, which is just unhygienic. Despite the fact that he’s probably carrying all of Eric’s STIs, no one deserves a relationship more than Andy, who spent the entirety of last season blazed on V and getting his heart broken. Plus, if Andy had a fairy girlfriend, we’d finally learn more about their kind!
Buzzsugar has more on Ryan in his "New Girl" role HERE

New cast member-


Any of my  fans out there? I just booked a role on the show and im really excited!!

The Nest has an interview up from Total TV Guide, more scans at the link-

THR has more on the "7500" movie with Ryan.
Contact Music says this is Stephen's father that he's strolling with.
Thanks to Bookies for this vid from Vimeo, where I find some great short films btw. It's a producton blog I have never seen before, embedding isnt allowed but she has some more TB vids that are very good, here and here.
Inside True Blood Blog, continuing with the laughs-

Overheard in the Concept Meeting… "It's going to be flimsy stuff that they're wearing. Are we going to see some boobs in the brothel?"

The Humane Society of the United States' 26th Annual Genesis Awards will be held in Los Angeles on March 24, 2012 where celebrities in the entertainment world are honored for their contribution in bringing animal issue awareness to the world. So far celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Pauley Perrette, Bill Maher, and Kristin Bauer van Straten are scheduled to present at this fine awards show. You can enter for a chance to win tickets on the Humane Society's Facebook page.

This is from Eonline but seems like the same interviews from youtube that I posted over the weekend.

Happy Birthday Rutina!

Wow, Look at Janina in FHM!
Another FX UK trailer-

Ha! Vanya finally got Parrack to do an interview, she has tried so long and she first had him actually run away from her. She found him in front of a store one night and he seemed afraid of her and just walked away. I think Vanya is Ciera Parrack shhhhh!

Here's the first vid of her's I saw-

More of Janina in FHM- "I used to watch shows with really empowered women who had special powers, and now I’m on one. That stuff marks you, for sure."

  • Janina Gavankar is an Indian-American actress most famous for her roles in True Blood and The L WordAs she plays a shapeshifter in True Blood, she prepares for her role by researching the animals she's going to turn into and talking to experts who've handled them in the past. Thorough! She is, by her own admission, a big geek and a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy. You could probably woo her with a list of your top five elves, if you tried.

MTV's Hollywood Crush has more on Ryan's "New Girl appearance.
Jim Parrack plays a baddie in Monday's (2/6) Alcatraz (needs some Vanya)-

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Hunger for True Blood

"The Hunger" stands out as a vampire film for a few reasons: they have no fangs, Miriam (Deneuve) is the original vamp, and it has David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon as leads, the first scene has Bauhaus singing "Bela Lugosi's Dead", perfection.  
Miriam is an Egyptian vamp, her current lover/progeny is John (Bowie) but it seems like she has a few skeletons in her closet, or in this case her attic. It seems after a few hundred years her children start withering away but not dying, so she just boxes them up and puts them away from her sight. Now it's John's turn and Susan Sarandon's Sarah has become Miriam's new fixation. The movie was written by Whitley Strieber whose tales of UFO abductions and alien encounters (Communion,Transformation) have been a favorite of mine. Now let's move onward with our Hiatus Support Group's meanderings. 

An old Phineas and Ferb, that is Anna and Stephen doing the voices.
Rhoswen7 has new casting spoilers, Thanks as always or as Lucretia might say, Gratitude-
Here are casting notices for episodes #505 AND #506!! 
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #505, "Boot N' Rally Ally"
Director: Michael Lehmann
Writer: Angela Robinson
Start Date: 2/10/12
Location: L.A.
[SCRAWNY MAN (JIMMY)] In his 30s, very skinny, babbling in terror, he's found in a padded cell. RECURRING (Ed.sounds like Renfield)
[KATE] Late 20s-early 30s. Skinny, unconscious, Kate is one of the prisoners with the Scrawny Man in the padded cell. No lines in this episode, RECURRING
[KATHY] 20s. This pretty brunette fangbanger is more friendly than slutty. 4 lines, 2 scenes (10)
[BEVERLY] This plump, good-natured family friend of Luna's has been babysitting for Emma while Emma is out with Sam. CO-STAR
[BURLY VAMPIRE] This burly vampire at the bar asks for a Tru-Blood. CO-STAR

TRUE BLOOD, Episode #506
Director: Dan Attias
Writer: Alan Ball
Start Date Approx. 2/29
Location: L.A.
[VIVIAN] Female, Caucasian, early 20s to late 20s. She is radiantly beautiful and British. RECURRING 

From the urban dictionary- Boot N Rally-The laudable act of binge drinking to the point of vomiting, then coming to and regrouping to drink more and further partake in the festivities of the night. Such a feat is only ever performed by seasoned experts and should not be attempted if one is not endowed with a strong will and/or is not prepared to dread waking up the next morning.
Listen here:Boot N' Rally Ally

True Blood's Joe Manganiello, a die-hard Steelers fan, shows off his Terrible Towel and black and yellow sneaks on the red carpet of the 2012 NFLPA PULSE Awards outside the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live.

Trailer for The Double's coming out on DVD January 31st. 

"True Blood" Star Ryan Kwanten joined the rest of Oakley's Star Family at Oakley Learn to Ride at Sundance Film Festival 2012.
From the Belfast Telegraph, it's actually part of the SciFiNow article-

Anna Paquin is careful of the "outlandish" things she says around the True Blood writers as they sometimes end up in the show.The actress is famed for her role as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series. True Blood follows the co-existence of vampires and humans in a fictional town in Louisiana. Because of the fantasy content, Anna has to bite her tongue with discussing far-fetched ideas around the production team, as they sometimes end up working them into the script. "Sometimes I pitch things that are a joke. There was a scene in episode nine [of season four] with me Steve [Moyer] and Alex [SkarsgĂ„rd] that I pitched, which I can't you about, but was sort of a joke, but not really," she explained in an interview with SciFi Now.
"Sometimes I wonder if I say things that are really outlandish and because of the nature of our show, they actually end up in the show." Anna's character Sookie has a complicated relationship with vampire Bill. The star likes to get her teeth stuck into the intricate romantic storylines. "I'm totally happy for our characters to be as sad, distraught, messed up and hating each other as they like," she said.
"We don't really have everything be perfect or happy for too long. It's not interesting television if everything works out for Bill and Sookie, and then they adopt five babies and live happily ever after."
Undead, undead, undead.
Actress Deborah Ann Woll arrives at the 64th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards held at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland on January 28, 2012 in Hollywood, California. - Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America) ZIMBIO
Happy Birthday to new dad Sam Trammell.

FYI Andrew McCarthy former Brat Packer/John Hughes favorite, is directing.
Wetpaint has some speculations about the Scott Foley character's motives, what do y'all think? I think maybe Terry saw them shift and maul civilians and he has been damaged ever since. You can post your thoughts there or here in comments.
This was my first TB community, http://truebloodwiki.wetpaint.com/  as well as http://true-blood.net/  they are still rocking and deserve a view.
Buried -Season 5 Promo!

from Eonline's Kristin
While the new True Blood promo gave us no new (or shirtless) footage, it did offer us this awesome tease: "In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried forever." Yeah, we're guessing this has to do with the death of Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan), which is definitely going to cause problems for Sookie (Anna Paquin). 
OK, in Anne Rice's novels Older Vamps will go to ground for years, sometimes hundreds till something sparks them awake and then they'll return to the world, why does this have to be about Debbie? We didnt even see how she is disposed of last season. I hope this isnt about her, really.
TVLine's Ausiello's column is more to my thinking, or hoping-True Blood is heralding the return of the king.The first teaser for the HBO drama’s upcoming fifth season warns, “In Bon Temps, Nothing Stays Buried Forever,” a reference to the exhumation of Russell Edgington in the Season 4 finale.
THR also weighs in with their thoughts on the preview at the link.
The background music from the teaser is from metal band Lamb of God, as per Skullsnbones site-
How about this! The mighty Lamb Of God not only just released the amazing "Resolution" album, but they are also taking over television! The fifth season of "True Blood" is about to begin on HBO and guess who is on a teaser for the upcoming season! Yes, LAMB OF GOD! Watch the "Buried"teaser below and in the background you will hear the song"King Me", which is the last, and my personal favorite, track on "Resolution." This is amazing! I've never seen this show, or watched HBO (I'm poor), but I think this is just awesome for the band. From Randy's tweets last night, he is just as excited: "YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!! GET SOME!!!!!! TOP RATED SHOW ON HBO & they used OUR MUSIC as a promo!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being Inhuman

Aidan Turner, look at him, now picture him as the most handsome dwarf in the Hobbit. Yeah I can't do it either. The UK show "Being Human" is pretty good, even if the premise of a ghost, a werewolf and a vamp (Aidan's Mitchell) sharing a flat is goofy as hell. Aidan left the show to try his hand at film roles and you know he will succeed in spades. The last post was getting too long and full of goodies that I decided Aiden should host our Hiatus Support Group for this new bunch of updates.

New Inside True Blood Blog, Setting up the Sets by Gianna Sobol
It's that time of year again! Mike Wells, our trusty Construction Coordinator, is helping unpack everything that was put into storage for the hiatus. This was a nice surprise on my walk across the lot this morning.
More Inside True Blood Blog, Wolfies for this Casting Call.
By Gianna Sobol-The roles we're casting this week? The WOLVES of Season 5! This photo was taken by Alan Ball himself at the first official wolf meeting of the season. The trainers distracted the wolves with chicken treats while Alan and several others -- producers, directors, ADs, cinematographers -- looked on and discussed which wolves to cast as which characters.
B-Sleuth has more pics of the film set up on Skarsgardfans, including this one-
Speculation of the scene from Skarsgardfans, based on the call sheet-
According to the production call sheet, the filming at the market had Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten)  running into Miss Steeler (played by Melissa Page Hamilton). Their meeting led them to go to Miss Steeler’s home to “rekindle” a romance perhaps. The images below are from the filming today 1/24/12. Waiting sucks but the little bits of news help make the wait less painful!
THR has info on Alan Ball's new show, will it be good or bad he isn't only doing TB? Whole article at the link.
The premium cabler's sibling network, Cinemax, has given a series order to Ball's crime drama Banshee, ordering 10 episodes of the project that will be executive produced by theTrue Blood showrunner.
Jonathan Tropper andDavid Schicker will pen the drama, which revolves around a criminal who steps into the identity of the Banshee, Penn., where he continues his shady ways while being hunted by gangsters he crossed in his past.

TVGuide's Megabuzz had the same spoiler as Kristin had, yeah for consistency! -Got anything on True Blood? — Simon 
NATALIE: Now that Terry's old army buddy (Scott Foley's Patrick) is in town, we'll finally discover what happened in Iraq that caused the Merlotte's chef to come back with such a severe case of PTSD. In a flashback to 2003, we'll see his squad head out for a night of partying and mischief that goes tragically awry.
From EW's interview with Carrie Preston, more is at the link as is Part 2 .

Q&A with Rutina Wesley at Jones Magazine, you can read it at the link.
This commercial!
Joe's "White Collar" appearance will be on Jan. 31st, titled "Neighborhood Watch", Buddytv has a slideshow of stills (all at the link).
Ausiello has a sneak peak up HERE
From ZimbioActor Chris Bauer arrives to the premiere of HBO's new series "Luck" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on January 25, 2012 in Hollywood, California.(January 24, 2012 - Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)
Joe's "White Collar"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Support For High Blood Pressure

The "Fright Night" remake with added Tennant was very enjoyable for Urno. The original was featured here so since the newer version was so good I figured let's do it and really it was just an excuse to post a David Tennant in Underworld's Lucien leather hotness. It doesn't mean I don't have love for Roddy McDowall's version of Peter Vincent but this is Tennant, c'mon.

I'm so happy that someone I have been a fan of is on TB, Heyerdahl is so different from his roles. 

This is Claude? Really? EW has the goods. Maybe I can find a better pic of him,
Meet the new Claude. Sure, his name isn’t exactly the coolest. 
But this True Bloodcharacter is described as a smooth charmer who might shake things up in season 5.Newcomer Giles Matthey has landed the multi-episode role of a hot and mysterious British fairy. One report has said that Claude will catch Jessica’s interest and attention in the upcoming season, but that’s not confirmed. Claude was previously played (briefly) by Neil Hopkins (Lost) on the show.In the books, Claude is described as “the nephew of Sookie’s half-human/half-fairy grandfather, Fintan, and cousin to Sookie’s father … He makes an impact on all women and is described as being absolutely breathtaking … He started out as a stripper at Hooligans, a club in Monroe, which he later becomes owner of, and has branched out to print and runway modeling … Women usually say ‘wow’ when they see him, but his interest is men.”
This is another pic, hmmm, reminds me of Orlando Bloom when he was young and skinny, not male stripper looking.
From Eonline's Kristin, more at the link.
Relative newcomer Giles Matthey is set to recur on True Blood's upcoming season in the role of Claude, a very attractive and mysterious young man, HBO confirms to us. And yes ladies, the British actor will be putting that accent to good use when he shows up in Bon Temps. Seems like even vampires can't resist a sexy accent!
Described as "omni-sexual," Claude catches the attention and curiosity of Jessica and will first appear in episode three of the new season. But is it a romantic interest that Jessica takes in Claude? That remains to be seen. Oh, and something tells us Claude is going to have the same allergy to shirts that most of True Blood's men seem to have. We don't hate it!
Valentina Cervi goes apartment hunting in her latest Hollywood Diary, welcome to America! 

January 20, 2012
Find seventy square meters to rent in West Hollywood: deceptively simple, except that it is ... Los Angeles. "Friendly" is the watchword: they're all extremely kind and available to any request for the visit to an apartment in the area of the Studios. Until you decide to take it. When you have to discuss the terms of the contract, suddenly, that odd and charming courtesy turns into listing countless rules that make you think of the old Soviet Union. The list that includes everything, leaves nothing to uncertainty: Mrs. Politeness, that shortly before had opened her heart, telling you of family and child studies, begins to list the contract provisions, a series of guarantees easily remedied by paying the rent for the whole period of stay,. UPFRONT (in advance) and cash. 
In this wonderful and liberal America, courtesy is first and everything else is business. Trust in men and women leaves no room for personalization (fortunately it's not always the case). I get back in the car feeling under pressure but after a little bit the nature and light of Los Angeles are stronger and more vital than anything else and wipe away any hostilities.
Kristin's Spoiler Chat has Terry Bellefleur news which we knew after reading the casting calls.
nathalia004: Anything more on True Blood?
Fact: We love us a good flashback, but we love 'em even more when they answer questions that we've been pondering for years. In episode four we're finally going to learn what happened to Terry (Todd Lowe) back in '03 when he was serving in Iraq—and believe us when we say it's going to be intense.

Sleuth is back! Our friend at Skarsgardfans has some pics at the link from filming and they are of chestelicious himself-
TB was filming in nearby (ok not that close but close enough for me to schlep over there...LOL) got some pix for stuff for 5.03. Oh and yes a shirtless Ryan ! Did not know who it was at first since I was far but when I saw the person was shirtless I just knew it had to be Ryan!!

Ryan in Park City for Sundance, more photos of him skiing at Just Jared
Kicking back at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, "True Blood" star Ryan Kwanten said hello to "Extra" from the Oakley "Learn to Ride" event, powered by AT&T and the League of Super Fast Things.
Read more: http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2012/01/video_ryan_kwanten_gives_a_shout-out_to_extra_at_sundance.php#ixzz1kQJxE72o
More award nominations for Anna's 6 year old film "Margaret", seems this film should not have been treated so shabbily. http://icsfilm.org/index.php Has anyone seen it yet and what did you think?
MTV's Hollywood Crush has been a good source for TB last season, looks like they'll be this one too. The text interview with Carrie from Sundance is at the link.

The Nest has several scans of the SFX Mag's Vamp edition HERE, here's one-
Top 50 Vampires 2012, I have to read to see who they picked, with 50 you can include many. Kind peoples don't I do that every week here? Bela better be #1. 

Deborah Ann Woll will present at Saturday's Director Guild Awards, via THR. That's pretty impressive for our Jessica.