Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's FriDay

Season Four's premiere isnt June 12th, as per HBO's twitter-
THIS JUST IN: #TrueBlood Season 4 premieres June 26 at 9/8c, only on HBO.
Just realized the 26 is my ex's birthday, I'll have to tell him it's his present.

Wetpaint has another exclusive interview, this time with Chris Bauer. I will just pick out some spoilers but suggest you read it at the source, Chris is funny.
As far as a sober Andy goes-One day at a time
We'll meet his sister Portia, Chris says she got the looks in that family.
We'll get peeks into his family life and past. Chris is happy we get to see more dimensions to Andy to humanize him. You have to read what he says to their question if Andy gets a nude scene. Like I said, he is a funny guy.

They have part 2 of  Kristin Bauer's interview up also, they work hard as a fansite to get these interviews that you should go there to read it all. Again, just posting the spoilery bits-
We won't be seeing a kinder/gentler Pam, she might be even more blood thirsty!
A vamp has to be even more clever in finding ways to rip one's opponents to pieces in the post Russell Edgington world (since he let it all hang out on the newscast humans are scared and calling for their heads).
As far as Godric's return, whatever Eric loves, Pam loves.

He turns into something?

Yet another Paleyfest vid, this time from IGN-

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