Monday, April 18, 2011

New Production Video.

Ooooh Necromancing, spooky stuff! What is that poof on Lafayette's head, a mohawk or a tribute to Little Richard? I havent checked it frame by frame yet but that is Marnie with the deep laugh, I was so hoping it was Russell somehow, someway come back.

Jarett From Popwatch has a bit on this video today also, I like him and his coverage of TB. He's a real fan and not the snooty type of writer who looks down their nose at the show.

'True Blood' sneak peek: The Lyin, The Witch and The Lack of Wardrobe
Jarett Wieselman

We've known for months that "True Blood" was viewing their fourth year as The Season of the Witch but until now fans weren't 100 percent sure exactly how these creepy covens would work their magic on Bon Temps.

But thanks to a new behind-the-scenes video, we have learned the one word that promises to set your mind on fire: necromancing. As in, controlling the dead.

That's the word Alan Ball used to sum up season four in this brand new video, which includes lots of new footage. POPWATCH

screencap from Popwatch, you can see Jesus and Lafayette coming towards the circle in the upper center.

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