Thursday, April 14, 2011

None, Zilch, Bupkiss, Nada, Zero Spoiler Thursday

April 14, 2011

Letter to True Blood Fans


Loyal True Blood fans,

I am opening up the floor for questions! Throw them at me, and I'll pick 5 and do my best to answer. And if I can't, I'll try to find someone who can. Alan's desk isn't that far from mine, and I think I just saw Ryan Kwanten walk by my door...

Yours truly,
HBO's Inside True Blood Blog

Send in those questions, please be creative, I'm sure Gianna is sick of queries asking if Eric has a shower scene or (even though the Maenad is long dead) if Eric will wear tired 1980's pink spandex.

I just can't picture Somerhalder as Jason, he doesnt seem the type to be so physical and fit (naked) as the part requires or as naive. Ryan is the perfect fit for Jason as re-imagined by Alan Ball.

This is from Vampirechick at Freeblogit, it's actually a retread from a casting call and IMDB but when you need a spoiler fix, this is what we do.

With just a couple of months to go for the season four premiere, more and more news about new characters and season’s spoilers are getting out! Sources have it that three new male characters are being added to the upcoming season (although playing only minor characters) and they will all be making their appearance in episode three, titled “If You Love Me Why Am I Dying?” (Interesting!)

Actor Sam Horrigan who is well known for his work as Spike in Little Giants, Val in the Disney movie Brink and Quentin on the Hit TV show ‘Grace Under Fire’ will now be joining the True Blood team as a fangbanger! His character on the show is described as being really hot (I guess I can see that) but really stupid too! He is one that really enjoys being bitten by vamp chick Pam!

Another actor set to join the True Blood team is Aubrey Deeker. Deecker will join the cast as a new vampire who is caught leering into the camera while feeding on a woman. He of course is desperate to escape the ramifications of his actions later on in the episode.
Deeker was also seen on other TV series such as The Wire
IMDB  Bookies Love True Blood  Vampire chick

Some more info about the Blu-ray extras-
Exploring the ‘True Blood’ Lines

John Latchem

True Blood: The Complete Third Season
HBO Home Entertainment is promising an immersive fan experience with its Blu-ray Disc version of True Blood: The Complete Third Season, offering nearly double the bonus content found with the second season.
New to the third season is “True Blood Lines,” an interactive on-screen guide that highlights the connections between the many worlds in the series.
These Blu-ray extras come in addition to the standard-DVD extras, which include a featurette about the show’s use of werewolves; "True Blood" Post Mortem vignettes; end-of-episode guides for bonus helpings of “True Blood”; Snoop Dogg’s “Oh Sookie” music video; and seven audio commentaries.

The five-disc set is due May 31 at $79.98 (the DVD version is $59.99).

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