Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesdays and Table Reads

So Debbie Pelt will be back (if you had any doubt about it), I hope her plotline follows the books. I'm not a fan of the character, though I like the actress. Here's a look inside the actor's meeting after they get their scripts they do a table read together before filming.

The Truth About Table Reads... from Brit Morgan
By Gianna Sobol

GS: What is your favorite part about table reads?
BM: I love getting to hear all the actors bring the characters to life. Especially the people I never work with. It may seem like just a table read, but everyone is so talented, it ends up being really funny and entertaining.

GS: Any particularly fond memories?
BM: Hmm... None at the top of my head. I'm usually so nervous, I can barely think straight! I sat next to Kristin Bauer last week and she said, "Gosh, aren't these so nerve-wracking?!" And I just took the biggest sigh of relief, knowing I'm not the only one who gets nervous about them!

GS: Do you have a regular seat?
BM: It seems to change a little every week, but I am always across from Alcide and somewhere near Sookie.

GS: Do you prepare for the reads or just go in blindly?
BM: I do prepare a little. I think I'm still so amazed that I'm on this show and I respect the people I'm working with so much, that I always want to do a good job. I don't do a full on "performance," but I definitely have a strong idea of what I'm going in with.
HBO's True Blood Blog
Since we got that big chunk of where the season is going in the production preview, spoilers might dry up for awhile. I'm still checking the usual suspects and coming up empty, I really could care less who ERW screws.

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