Monday, April 4, 2011

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 Denis O'Hare Talks Return to 'True Blood' as Vampire King Russell Edgington
By Maria Lewis
Bloody Disgusting's Aussie correspondent Maria Lewis just returned from a weekend of mayhem at the Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane where she had the chance to talk with "True Blood" star Denis O'Hare, who played the villainous vampire king, Russell Edgington, in the 3rd season of HBO's vampire drama.

With rumors of Edgington's return to Louisiana, O'Hare caught up with BD to talk about the forthcoming season.
Will he? Won't he? Fangbangers wait no longer, as Denis O'Hare has as good as confirmed he will be back for the fourth season of "True Blood.
In an exclusive chat with Bloody Disgusting O'Hare, who played Russell Edginton, vampire king of Mississippi in season three, said it will be "fun to see his story play out."
"All I can say is that Alan Ball said to me 'well, we didn't kill the character off."

"Which is great, because you can come back as a flashback or whatever, but it's better not to.It's better to come back corporally."

"Alan Ball has created a great character in him and the writing is always great for Russell."
"He's not just a villain – he's a being who has an agenda. He's the King."

O'Hare spoke from the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane, Australia and said he's taken to the character so much he even signs emails to "True Blood" cast members as 'The King'.

"They write for Russell really well", he said.

"The writing is incredibly beautiful for him and he's such a powerful character it's fun to play as an actor."
"But also because he's charming, funny, deadly, destructive; he's all those things and unlike Eric, who's sexy and bold, Russell's got a different thing going on."

The fourth season of True Blood premieres on June 26 and is set to heavily feature witches, like the fourth novel in the Southern Vampire series upon which True Blood is based. O'Hare said he expected this season to be just as popular as the previous three thanks to the fascinating topic.

"I think when people talk about it being campe and funny, it's actually really incredibly mature in the complexities of its passion," he said.

"The very notion of vampire-human-love can be a metaphor for any sort of forbidden love."
"It's classic, like Romeo and Juliet or Othello and Desdemona, these people who aren't supposed to be together."

Fiona Shaw is the show's new series regular, playing Marnie. In its casting call, Marnie is described as a palm reader who is not taken seriously until she is possessed by a witch.
 It would seem like the witch is the one laughing at the end of the last Waiting Sucks teaser, why it sounds like a male's laugh (Russell to me) I can't figure out. Just one more thing to talk about while we wait.

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