Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Waiting for Waiting Sucks

I (and anyone else who read the books) figured if  Portia Bellfleur was cast for the show, old Bill Compton would be getting busy.

From Wetpaint
 Will Bill Start Dating Around? Stephen Moyer Says He Might!
 by Melinda Taub

Don’t worry, True Blood fans: Though Sookie dumped Bill’s traitorous ass in the books and the TV show, the television version will find a way to keep him in Bon Temps.

“I think book fans are going to be very happy,” Stephen Moyer (Bill) told Bullett. “Bill disappears in book four, so we’ve had to invent a reason for him to stick around.”
Given that Sookie’s moving on, will Bill start dating again too?
"He might.”

Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on Stephen’s part though. He says that if he’s not macking, he’s not happy.
“If I’m not sucking face, I’m really bored! Which is why I’m praying that at some point me and Alex [Skarsgard] or Joe [Manganiello] have some kind of crazy threesome. I mean, Season 27, it’s got to happen...”

Wonder who the preview tonight (fingers crossed they don't change it up) will focus on?
UPDATE: No Waiting Sucks, bitter tears were shed by all.

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